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  1. I would rather (F) be used to switch between Pilot position and Forward Artillery position, should the destination be available and not occupied by another player or crew member. In fact, I would have preferred this to be the Rank 10 Gunner bonus, instead of a +20% heat accruement demerit for a 3 second aimbot behavior that I do not want.
  2. Fishing Bait Wheel displays bait at the end of the wheel, not a the beginning of the wheel.
  3. I notice that wreckage for new components are scrapped for 25 Endo for MKII and MKIII tiers, per the UI. The components in question are: Glazio Laith Talyn Vort It does not matter whether it's a Lavan, Vidar or Zekti.
  4. I heartily agree with this! Or maybe have the order of the echo lures and pheromones show up in the same spot order, which is the syndicates standing cost.
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