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  1. 'cause arbitration drones are like "hey, Pixia is an ability", but then nullifiers are like "nah they're weapons". And i know abilities won't trigger the mod, so...
  2. Not the explosion radius of maggots, but the area covered by the infestation. Range mods don't seem to do it.
  3. I've got Anemic Agility on the pistols. I just really like the potential flexibility of having a rate of fire increase come from a slot on the warframe, rather than a weapon slot. Plus, Razorwing Blitz also gives a lot of extra damage when stacked on top of Anemic Agility. For me, however, the added speed hinders my movement and aim so much that the extra damage isn't worth it, which is a shame. Unless i stay still of course, although that's usually a good way to get killed. Dunno if anyone else can relate. Hitting 4 stacks and firing the pistols feels amazing, and i have zero problems keeping up the stacks. And, i like that something rewards you for casting your abilities. It's just a little sad that such a cool thing is so personally inconvenient that i voluntarily don't use it. Eh, maybe people like the speed and i'm just bad at flying that fast.
  4. It's really hard to control tiny faerie at +100% flight speed, and Titania is already very fast when flying, without any help. I really want to use the mod, but i'm not, solely because i bump into walls and the ceiling way too much. As is, it seems strictly relegated to Plains and Vallis. Would use 100% of the time if it only buffed attack speed.
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