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  1. I do also agree that the rank 10 Intrinsics need to have a better pay-off. I also understand that the grind is part of the fun, but yeah, I would still play Railjack just because it is the easiest way to farm affinity in general and also fun and rewarding in its own right. There are also unique mods and equipment to farm for, the Shedu is one of the things that will keep you coming back. I don't think that making higher ranks either way better or easier to obtain would deter from wanting to come back, because I am still farming for spectra vandal and Shedu; Shedu being the hardest to get,
  2. Dear DE, I do really enjoy Railjack as a concept and what future prospects it has in store; It is in many ways the logical follow-up to archwing missions. But I do have one small feedback though, and it is regarding the intrinsics ranking system. I do agree that doubling the amount required from rank 0-7 makes sense, but doubling from rank 7 and beyond just seems, hmm, less intuitive. With an average of 15-25 intrinsics points per skirmish in Veil Proxima, the grind for the last 3 ranks just gets bothersome, unfortunately. My suggestion is that rank 8 is still 128 instrinsics, but th
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  4. What did the cephalon say, when it was left on the derelict? “Hey, don’t weave me here!” Was that witty or what, Operator? Operator… …? Don’t weave me hanging. Running designation diagnostics… Diagnostics complete, “Operator, I am your… father?” Strange, I am unable to sire kin.
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