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  1. The Steel path was boring and tedious. I'm surprised someone green lit this project. Laziest way to create content was to create a star chart with enemies with slighly higher lvl, armor and shields.
  2. I hate this one, I recently just finished the terrible Kuva weapon grind. Definitely not starting another lich for a mere 1k nighwave.
  3. Hi tennos, I am wondering if someone can explain how elemental mods work with ips weapons. when a mod says increase by 90% does it increase damage on top of the base damage or convert it to that element? For example the soma prime with base 12 damage with a 90% elemental mod, does it do 12 ips damage and 10.8 elemental damage on top of it? When I shot someone with one bullet does it do both damage types at the same time? I see a lot of builds using prime elemental mods. Are they worth it? Why are they more preferred than vilante armaments with 60% multi shot? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello fellow tennos, Anyone know how many weeks of nightwave are left?I started a bit late at rank 26 now, thanks!
  5. Thanks for the responses guys! Am I "behind" at rank 7?
  6. Hi =), Just came back to the game and trying to catch up in nightwave during recovered missions. Does anyone know how recovered missions work, like how far they go back and how many you can recover? Also can someone tell me the max current rank for nightwave is, I am at rank 7 for this week. Please and thank you!
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