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  1. In the past hour I went to the Plains of Eidolon and on two separate trips I opened two different Kitgun Rivens. * One required catching one fish, mining one gem, and killing one enemy while having an Extinguished Dragon Key equipped * One required catching one fish, mining one gem, and killing one enemy while undetected I opened them in that order and with both the game stated they awarded 5,000 XP. When going back to my Orbiter and checking my profile, my experience did not change. I still have just over 18,000 XP remaining before I can go for MR 10. I restarted the game and the XP still has not been applied to my account. How do I go about getting the XP for these? 🙂
  2. So I did some further testing as I saw that the Warframe process in my Task Manager wasn't the only thing using the GPU. I did some searching around online for this process/service - "Service Host: GameDVR and Broadcast User Service" - and discovered it's a Windows 10 service for recording audio/video while in games.. Though I've never used this (knowingly), it appears to have been turning itself on whenever I turned on Warframe, ever since the latest rounds of updates/hotfixes. I did a bit more digging and found this page which shows how to easily turn it off under Window Settings (nothing technical required): https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-high-cpu-disk-usage-by-broadcast-dvr-server-bcastdvr-exe/ I've since tried an Exterminate and a Defense mission and both played smoothly without any lag at all. So, at least for me, this appears to be the culprit. I hope this maybe helps some others. 🙂
  3. I attempted to test further. I put the game in DirectX 10 mode and I disabled the "Superfetch" Windows Service. This seemed to speed up the game some and it didn't freeze up in the mission so quickly, but it still lagged at random places. With this attempt I managed to make it through the lowest level Exterminate mission on Earth, though partway through it did freeze up. It didn't take down my whole system this time, but it did lock it up for at least 3 minutes or so. After this I checked the Task Manager and the GPU usage by the Warframe process was over 80%. I switched the Display Setting in the game to "Medium" and that dropped it to around 75-77%, so I switched it to the "Low" setting and it dropped it down to around 60-65%. I attempted the same Exterminate mission again and experienced the same locking up, but made it through the mission. After this, I attempted a Defense mission on Earth and the game locked up very quickly. When it locked up I managed to bring up the Task Manager and it showed GPU, RAM, and Disk usage for the Warframe process had flat-lined, but the whole system was lagging/locked up. After a few minutes, when it started showing signs of activity again, I managed to exit the mission and I monitor the Task Manager. After recovering from locking up the GPU usage by Warframe kept spiking to 99% one second, down to 49% the next second - and that kept repeating until I managed to end the process through the Task Manager. Before trying any of this out I explored other posts here in the forum and one member, in several topics, suggested that it may be related to a recent Microsoft Update. I looked up the specific update he had provided reference too and checked my system for that update. The update isn't on my system, which rules out the possibility of that being the cause - at least, in my case. This issue specifically started right after the hotfix I mentioned in my original post here, so all signs appear to point towards the update itself.
  4. Looking through the forums I'm seeing vague hints that some others are experiencing similar or the same as my issue, but the mentions are tucked away in comments where people seem focused on other matters, so it seems to be overlooked. Ever since the hotfix to resolve the issue of controllers no longer functioning properly, I have been experiencing an issue where the game will freeze up (along with my whole system) in several situations: - While on my ship and accessing my Arsenal the game will randomly (not always) freeze up when changing a weapon, Warframe, mod, etc. - When opening the Navigation on the ship the game will randomly freeze up. - No matter what mission (or type) I select, the game will progressively begin to stall before completely freezing up and this always occurs within less than -3- minutes of starting the mission. I am running the following: Dell XPS 8700 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (x64-based processor) Installed RAM: 16.0 GB OS: Windows 10 Home (ver. 1803) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 Before the hotfixes I never experienced the game freezing to the point of crashing the game and my system. Before this the most I experienced was the occasional lag at times when other players exited Defense missions, or when the action and/or number of enemies in the game became quite intense (very rare), or when first entering Orb Vallis or The Plains. At this point it is proving impossible for me to play the game. I am not able to completely even the lowest level Exterminate mission on Earth without the game freezing up my whole system. One thing of note that I did discover in Task Manager when I was able to exit out of the game one time before it completely crashed my system is that the "Superfetch" process had spiked on it's Disk Usage - hitting 50%. Since noticing this I have made an effort to check for the same in future attempts to play missions and I have found that this occurs every single time. If I manage to exit the game before it crashes my system, this spike in the "Superfetch" stalls up even my browsers (Chrome and Firefox), for at least 2-4 minutes before they function smoothly again. On Firefox, JavaScript errors end up prompted somehow every time this occurs. * Note: I have tested this out while having Warframe in DirectX 10 mode and DirectX 11 mode - same results in both modes. I hope this helps towards a resolution.. I'd really like to be able to play again. 🙂
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