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  1. Have not read the thread but after checking that profile of you i guess you are just trolling.
  2. If that is in conflict the design is bad.
  3. Have one on Wukong and i like it. It is not needed and i think no frame has a real need for it. As mentioned i would look at frames you like to play that are prime and really can make good use of all three mods.
  4. Eidolon, Orb, Thumper, Arachne and Sortie are exactly the kind of content you are asking for.
  5. As i am not part of the "we", i appreciate the info. A spoiler tag would be nice.
  6. Do what you like. Personally i am a complitionist, i enjoy getting everything and having seen it all. I played a lot of MMO recently completely solo another thing i enjoy. Have done the slow, clan, community, competitive stuff etc., i think everyone should ask themselves if what they do i fulfilling from time to time no matter in what area of life. Not just games like Warframe evolve players do so too.
  7. Yes Inaros against Infested, i have done multiple 2h runs with him.
  8. Might be my limited experience but at 2h enemy level 400+ is my longest (solo player) Survival run for now. Time running out is certainly no issue at that mark and i have a hard time to imagine this would be much of a problem up to 3h. Is it that the scaling is different for groups or are you talking about Arbitration Survival above 3h?
  9. Most of my Endo comes from Arbitration and as a new player in respect of when i started Warframe, most of my experience is with this sytem. Because of the 10 minute roation i aim for one hour at minimum to get at least some efficiency from Survival. But on runs like i just had getting one Valana one time 1600 Endo two aura Forma Blueprint, Adaptation and a Vigorous Swap my motivation drops drastically. How are you feeling now that the system is in place for some time?
  10. Try Titania with a good evasion build fly somewhat high and refresh Razorwing as soon as the Razorfly go down, you wont ever have problems with these stages again. Sometimes drop ship get stuck in geometry wich include trees, the counter will keep going down but shooting soldiers off the ships without them touching ground wont count for you.
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