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  1. Even if the camera was stabilized so its not spinning 24/7 the first person experience would feel very floaty and awkward. It'd have to be one of those things where you can't see your own body because imagine shooting backwards while in an aim glide... Yeah, it wouldn't work.
  2. I like my Sybaris Prime. It fires fast, has 20 shots in the magazine, and can hit things from pretty far away! Only issues are hordes unless I mod it with punch through and the reload time which isn't bad but when I'm in chaos I end up switching to my Akstilleto Prime or my melee weapon.
  3. I name all my Amps after interstellar phenomenon. Like Magentar, Pulsar, Quasar, etc..
  4. I thought her 3rd and 4th were her signature abilities. Honestly close to nobody actually uses her first ability unless they really, REALLY, need to mind control something like an Ancient healer to get healed or a frost eximus for the shield.
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