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  1. YES! My beautiful main and my favorite shotgun get their prime! Oh, and you too, Pangolin.
  2. Ugh, I understand the struggle. I love the Decurions, but the recoil is UNBEARABLE. The strange part is that it is just fine on the ground. No crazy screenshake. I hope they fix this somehow, and soon.
  3. Farming Acolytes burnt me out hard. I can't put into words how happy I am that I have a reason to come back. My hype for Titania Prime cannot be contained!
  4. It's always fun hearing from the sound team. Looks like it'll be a fun stream!
  5. I play Titania more than any other frame, but I don't really have any great ideas for new abilities like a lot of the other people here. Here's my input, though: Spellbind is useful for taking tough or tanky units like Eximii or Noxes off the playing field temporarily. They certainly have a place in her kit besides "Razorwing Blitz Machine". Please don't mess with her 4. Dex Pixia is the most powerful weapon in my entire arsenal, as well as being my favorite kind of weapon (twin automatic pistols). Diwata could use a buff, sure, but all of this discussion about splitting up the ability or making you use normal weapons makes me nervous. Life Strike Diwata and well-modded Dex Pixia is more DPS+Self-Healing than any other weapon combo I've used. There's a lot of content that I would have ragequitted if I didn't have the backup of Razorwing's sheer overwhelming force and maneuverability. I hope whatever changes she gets do her justice in the long run. Titania hooked me immediately and I don't want any reworks to lose sight of what makes her so fun.
  6. I've been playing Solo RJ for a couple days now. For the most part, I love it! Victories feel hard-fought and rewarding. But all of my most frustrating failures have been for the same reason. Not bugs or difficulty, but Cy's refusal to tell me about catastrophic ruptures in the hull. He seems much more intent on complaining about the campfires than the SHIP DESTROYING HOLE. Sometimes I only happen to notice the timer with 20 seconds left by pure chance when I see how I'm doing on the objective. I should be panicking from flashing red lights all around me, not saying "Oh, I guess I should fix that... eventually". Cy should be yelling about it 2-3 times, even if I'm not on the ship. This is my biggest complaint with all of Empyrean.
  7. This was really fun to write. I'm no poet, but I think it turned out well. In the days of the Orokin, gold and yore, We sailed upon this Void-cold shore We charge once more into the fray, Dodging waves of bullets and shrapnel spray Put vessel to gear, to combat we fly, Today won't be the day we die Awoken from our frozen rest, We'll overcome every test Speeding trails on metal wings, The cannons roar and engine sings And when we're done we'll own the sky, Today won't be the day we die When they come knocking at our door We respond with might a thousand more We've brought our wrath, your end is near, Our song will be the last thing you hear Four noble Tenno and Cephalon Cy Today won't be the day we die!
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