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  1. I'd recommend trying the Zarr with the Magnetize Ability. It's considered a Launcher and has alternate fire modes, allowing you to choose between firing a single explosive cannonball or a barrage of projectiles. So you'll have to watch out for shooting too close, otherwise you'll inflict self-damage to yourself. So it's really all about knowing when to switch between firing modes, since only the explosive cannonball can damage you. In my opinion it really synergies well with Magnetize because with the explosive cannonball fire mode it can effectively hit all enemies within the Ability. Hope that helps you.
  2. The best way to get Energy Siphon would be to get it from The Nightwave Offerings. The items in the Offerings are on a 7-day rotation, so you'll have to wait until the Aura Mod you want shows up. Hope that helps you.
  3. If you want to see which mods you're missing then go to the Codex, click Universe at the top, then Click Mods. Once there, sort the Mods by Recent at the top right and there you go. There it will show you all the mods you have and all the ones you are missing. Also, when hovering over a Mod it will tell you where to get it at the bottom. Hope that helps you.
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