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I played warframe for about 12 minutes on ps4 back in 2016 and didnt think much of it. Back then "free to play" meant "garbage funded by microtransactions" to me so I didnt want to spend much time there. The only reason i tried it in the first place was the warframe designs. The art was fantastic. Fast forward to 2019 and I'm just getting off of a fallout 76 month long binge and I needed another immersive rpg fix. I always wanted to love mass effect and destiny but there was something that just felt wrong with those games. Mass effect wouldnt let me have enough "me" and destiny felt like a disjointed mess. The ships were literally just loading screen gimmicks, you couldn't even go inside. Giving myself a little more time to digest a larger chunk of warframe made me realize the limitless potential of this universe. I have my staRV and can wander the solar system writing my own story (as fallout 76 promised but failed to deliver). 

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