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  1. I'm super excited for this. I love the Wukong myth and have always been disappointed with how ineffective Wukong was compared to other frames. Passive: I think the passive is fine. No complaints. I think the random nature suits Wukong. I totally understand it's limitation, and it feels on flavor. Wuclone: my only feedback here is that i wish pressing 1 again while he was out switch teleported you with him instead of made him focus. I'm never not 1-Shotting things so a targeted damage ability isn't useful against 99% of enemies and my guess is the 1% it would be useful against (stalker/wolf) it won't work on. A switch teleport would be a lot more fun and more on flavor. Defy: looks perfect. I saw that it taunts, that's the only thing i was worried about but that's perfect. I love that your clone does it to. Cloudwalker: I love the changes to Cloudwalker the only thing i think should change is that shooting shouldn't break the augment. That makes it almost useless. Cloaking a team who are actively engaging means 99% of the time they will break the cloak instantly on accident just by having been pressing the trigger when it activated. I just don't see how that augment is supposed to be useful in any circumstance. Ult: Love the 4. Feels on flavor. Combos look good. Love that your clone gets the weapon too. I do have a couple of questions. 1. Will the Wuclone deal normal damage to Stalker/Wolf and other "ability damage immune" enemies? 2. Is it possible to get the Wuclone to use your secondary while you use your primary? 3. How does Wuclone decide which fire mode to use on things like the Fulmin? 4. Is the Wuclone affected by Dragon Keys the player is carrying? 5. Will the Wuclone Target weakspots like the Lephantis heads while they are targetable? 6. Can Wuclone receive buffs like Rhino Roar and the like, and does it copy your buffs when you cast it?
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