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  1. I started experiencing this just after the latest patch "Tekelu Collections". My game freezes ingame (even just in orbiter) then forces my PC to restart. It's not temp issues, my GPU was at 52-55c, CPU at 60-62c. Been playing for months without issue then only now after patch the problem occured. Stress tested with other games with no problems, only with Warframe. At first maybe b/c my drivers were still 2018 (intended for BDO's borderless fullscreen performance) but even after updating to latest drivers, i still freeze then restart. Quick google search shows there are multiple articles about this but no fix. The sticky on this forums doesnt help either. Game is telling us to quit and move on. 😧
  2. Praise you, kind Tenno. I dont have to make children for now.
  3. Its like Half-Life 3. Im starting to think I wont be getting Tennogen Round 16 in my lifetime. I hope my children will.
  4. Some Warframe/Weapon/Accessories (Including Tennogen skins) energy color does not work or if changes are applied, it will go back to default color.
  5. It doesnt matter if they delay it next week to "fix" and "polish" the coming update, it will still be the very players who are waiting now who will find bugs and mechanics that need changes/improvements. Why? Because the update isnt tested by mass players and no one to give feedback. This is why MMO's or other Multi games have Public Test Servers (eg. Black Desert, Archeage) who releases updates big or small weeks prior in their PTS so they can apply proper changes ON release.
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