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  1. Thanks for the update. May I suggest something tho ? I'm not satisfied with the controller key binding for Meruline dash. It's cool and all but we can't do a proper vertical slam attack anymore (by double tapping LB), wich is super useful for mobility. I think it would be better if we trigger it by holding LB + jump to be the same like a normal bullet jump.
  2. Xbox series S controller/ steam user here Unlike you all, I can use my abilities and gear wheel but I get weird joystick imputs after getting on my k-drive ( especially after using the gear wheel, or going in operator mode) I verified my controller : no joysitck drift in sight
  3. It may sound stupid but... how do we use Yareli's new dash on a controller ? Shouldn't it be LB+Jump like a normal bullet jump ?
  4. No Merulina speed is K-Drive base speed. some surfaces and the slipery nature of merulina might increase it a bit but not much. It doesn't make a difference in races. And some tileset doors already struggle with that speed. So I think they took that decision to avoid some player frustration. Don't get me wrong, I wish we had the choice, but the speed demon in me knows what would happen : you would bump in every door because they can't handle your speed, which isn't very agreable and fluid. So I get it why they made such a choice. plus some dudes were complaining there were too much exalted stuff to forma after Sevagoth, so two bird one stone I guess. As far as poppin vert, I always use the maxed version so I didn't mind that much. It's more a habit matters, in some areas with big gaps to skip, the extra height is worth it imo.
  5. We learned during devstreams before the release that the question was heavily discussed. Merulina was leveling during the demo so, it's not stupid to say it was supposed to be an actual modable exalted K-drive at first. Juice and Quick escape may had a role in this change, maybe Bomb the landing too. I doubt a lot of people would have been able to exploit Juice in narrow tilesets tho. So my bet is the main problem devs encountered is speed. Looking how people already struggle with base speed what would it be with all speed mods equiped ? with Magus Drive ?? Also, doors. It's not the fact that some are too low the main problem -a little grind do the trick most of the time- no, they are too slow to open even for vanilla K-drive speed. So understantably, they choose a compromise in a Merulina with a built in Poppin' Vert, essential for mobility. Most offensive K-drive mods are near useless anyway, the only one I regret is bomb the landin'...we still have the slam mechanic to control our air time at least. well, for now. we will see the 8th if the new bullet-dash will change that or not.
  6. You can, you have to double tap (and hold the second one).
  7. Yareli's movements were far from horrible to be honest. You had to relearn the tilesets a little and that bother some dudes. The main issue is doors. They open to slow or we are to high to pass smoothly. But a dash is a nice addition. I'm still a bit disappointed that we can't mod Merulina or use Magus Drive with her, but I did a lot of K-driving so I kinda understand it's not modable. If people -and doors- already struggle with the current speed... However It would be nice if we had a buit-in Bomb the Landin', or a better slam area at least. Something that would be nice too is to include tricks into her kit. Maybe certain tricks -like the ones we learn in the quest- could give us certain buffs, slam damage or else scaling with points (while keeping in mind it's difficult for most to score big in normal tilesets.) Overall I already like Yareli a lot so, I'm impatient to test it again when I'll be back home.
  8. Thoses races are not that hard. harder than most Fortuna's, but not as much as people say. Since checkpoints are far from each other, the first part of those are a bit less forgiving if you don't have speed mods, but it's doable, even with a bondi K-drive. Stay simple, don't try too be too fancy, tricks don't count in the final score. Collisions on invisible stuff are way rarer now since Sister of Parvos update tho, so maybe there is something else here. maybe you hit your grab button by mistake. It can be a consequence of inconsistant framerate too. If you have trouble seeing the gates, increase effects intensity in the option menu.
  9. He's not a troll I'm afraid. Only a very obtuse person . Don't argue with him. It doesn't worth your time and energy.
  10. My bad then. But what was that weird word suposed to mean then ? Did you applied typo to it or something ? I'm on my phone and it looked like you wrote smp in a weird way. Regardless, I think we can all agree that when you don't like brocoli, you say «I don't like brocoli», not «brocolis are trash» That is the problem with this sad individual I'm quoting here, so unable to understand someone else enjoy something they don't they accuse this someone of bootlicking. Kdrives are great once you master it. Full speed races are a blast. Yareli movement is manageable once you get the rythme to it. Not enjoying k-drives or Yareli is fine, but scaring new players or saying to someone proposing fixes to make it more accessible that it is trash and the only fix needed is the removal -1 isn't helping -2 is a bad attitude. If you think k-drive are this worthless, just scroll by.
  11. You were certainly talking about gameplay there he ? I am not the one bringing this to the table dear, read the thread better please. Also this not the only one complaining on this subject, a lot of dudes saying Warframe is becoming genshin impact because of Yareli (and calling every one defending her gamelay a s1mp ) But yeah tru3 g4mers, they care only about the meta, they can't stand that a thing aren't created for them specifically. They prefer to see the content removed than to see other people than them having fun. As a k-drive player, I like Yareli. She is very fun and have potential. And this have to do with Merulina I don't like lavos that much, but I'll never scream everywhere there is no point to play him because I don't like cooldowns, that would be stupid, so don' t do it, especially on stuff you oviously bearly even tried.
  12. And ? They're still faster than gauss, that was my point. I'm sorry but if you see underage or underage looking characters as waifu materials its time to ask yourself a few questions. Beside, Yareli is only a younger warframe like Nezha is. Nothing more. Not something to attract a certain audience. Yes, we get it, you hate K-drive to the core, to the point to say it everywhere. Like I said earlier : there is other frames to play. If K-drive was so horrible, why leaderboards aren't empty like conclave is ? So much for abandonned content 👀. But it required a little bit of time and practice so it bugs people like you. In the your main argument is the same as everyone else : Archwings are better than k-drive, therefore k-drives are pointless. so why bother ? 🗻 BECAUSE IT'S THERE 🗻
  13. Well kids and teens kinda are. And they have their own slang. I agree Boon overplays sometimes but it didn't bother me much, but english isn't my first language No. At this time, only archwing can beat a k-drive full speed build + magus drive at this moment. I compared it to a video with Gauss and Volt max build racing. Maybe you can if you get buffs from your teammate but it's highly impractical. Your taste here. I like the jets. I like going full Nausicaa mode and ride my little flying omu even more. They kinda are. You have to be in a clan or build your own to get the archwing launcher. K-drive helps the time you still lack the ressources to build it. Bringing nuance isn't bootlicking. Nobody said everything they do is perfect. Also if you see such a character in Yareli, maybe you should get some help asap. But you probably didn't raise a finger with wisp or the daughter. Or for lOrE bReaKiNg idLe aNimAtiOn like limbo's hat, Inaros doing the mummy thing, Gara clapping, Excal smoking ect. Like this is the first time there is cute or silly stuff in this game. I think the clown rewards is to these guys edgelording around saying this is to «anime» In a game about kids in mechas of flesh and metal Sure, she still needs polish, but people overeacted on this one. The only true problem with Merulina right now is doors. They don' t open fast enough and other are too low. Other than that it is fine. But learning new stuff is to much to handle I see... Oh and yeah they tested it for sure. Everything has been made to not fall of merulina easily. Also the fact that we can't mod it is probably because they realise most people wouldn't handle moded/magus drived speed on normal nodes (also because of juice maybe) They even improve normal k-drives. If you choke on invisible stuff now, it's more likely to be linked to ping or framerate Come on. We know what would happen. Whining. «no one likes archwing missions» «who asked for this ??» stuff like that
  14. There is 46 other warframes pal And yeah the k-drive warframe is linked to k-drive what a surprise... You should thank DE for putting the parts in the dojo at the last minute instead of ventkids store because you all whined so much about k-drives. Poor Yareli bashed as soon as the youtube game saw she will use a k-drive.
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