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  1. On the contrary i think raids should only be available for coordinated squads, much how in the original destiny they didn't have matchmaking, it made them much better as the level designers don't have to design them for one person and then scale up the stuff to fit everyone else. The puzzles should be designed to only be completed with the right amount of players and in good coordination, sure it makes them only available to people who go through the trouble of using the recruit chat (or having friends) and learning how to complete them, but they are made much better because of that. At most i'd accept if they were designed for 4 people but with the Tenno it could be completed by 2 very skillful and coordinated players, but even accounting for that would limit the possibilities when designing them. Edit: There's a reason the raids in Destiny are designed for 6 people but can be completed by a very skilled team of 3, and it's part of why they're (mostly) so good. Also i am aware some can be solo'd but that's through exploits and bugs
  2. I honestly would make them every 2 weeks or even monthtly, the other kind of harder, more detailed missions (similar to destiny assaults) I suggested would fill the weekly spot and normal missions like the ones we have can fit the daily spot.
  3. That's why raids are important, they'd be designed in a very special way, if (for example) a raid involves 2 people solving a puzzle while 2 others have to fight a boss that can only be killed if some parts of the bossfight are synchronized with some part of the puzzle, there's no cheesing that, you have to do it the way it's designed. I'd say the best example is Destiny The Taken King, you could cheese through a lot of the content, you couldn't cheese through the content that was designed for you to not be able to cheese through it, there's more than enough tools in warframe to make it work, even challenges/fights that can only be completed using certain weapons or abilities synchronized, needing teamwork. There's so many layers of complexity you could add. Anyone with some knowledge of game design and a lot of experience playing and looking at the bts of games with raids could easily design an endgame raid for warframe, it's just that there's only a few people in change of designing stuff for warframe, so we gotta accept what they design.
  4. I'll check some video9s and check your post, it should help me give better feedback, tho tbh from what i'm seeing those raids seemed to be somewhere between the kind of quests I suggest the game needs for progression (which would be per planet, starting at Earth) and the actual raids that I think should be endgame
  5. That's interesting, I've only been playing since December last year so I didn't know of it. I guess I thought that by now they should be able to implement raids without much problem, I mean they have open worlds and (soon) space GTA, how hard can raids be?
  6. I hate to be that girl, but Destiny hit it pretty well here and Warframe has a problem with it: content, particularly interesting content, content that can be repeated for daily and weekly challenges, and ENDGAME content. Rather than go on for ages and try to explain and compare, i'm going to just go ahead with the suggestions I have, i'd love to hear from a dev about whether this is even doable or if it will even be considered, but I assume it will go ignored, still, worth a try. I love Warframe, and I love it's structure, but it's flawed. The game needs a rework on certain areas regarding how missions are established and how players are supposed to progress. To this end I suggest several design changes to the base game that I assume would be doable given the big size of Digital Extremes and big amount of assets that could be repurposed to make this: 1 - Assassinations should be more fleshed out. There should be 3 missions for every boss, all 3 non-procedural. There should be a mission, probably spy or rescue or capture, designed to obtain information about the target, here the boss is presented to the player but we don't engage, it is a story mission with some dialogue and other forms of storytelling, it teaches us what the target is. Similar to this first one, a second mission gets us closer to the target, maybe, in the case of a Corpus boss like the Jackal, make it so we found the coordinates to an storage facility or an abandoned maintenance facility, we fight a damaged/depowered/prototype version of the enemy that is easier to destroy but teaches the player through gameplay how to fight the boss, and throughs tory gives information on where to actually find the boss and what its weakpoints are. Then comes the boss mission, which shouldn't be very different. The important thing is these sets of missions that are structured like quests, advancing a single plot with each mission being an specific thing, should be hand-crafted, they shouldn't be randomized, they'd be an opportunity to expose the player to the world a lot more, to introduce new players, to help with progression as they'd be the main progression lines through planets. It'd give a reason for the players to care about the bosses (or other targets if this questline setup was applied to, for example, the capture of some special target or retrieval of tech), it'd make the setting much more immersive, create tension, teach the player about the world of warframe, provide a more clear path to the game, and those more detailed missions would play a role in my other suggestions regarding endgame content and repetition. 2 - Dailies, weeklies, monthlies... Warframe lacks missions with complexity. Taking Destiny as an example, there are simple story missions, assaults and raids, all with very different difficulty and complexity levels, used for dailies, and weeklies. Warframe right now can't have that, the best we have is a boring daily repetition of 3 normal procedural missions with some stat changes that provide no challenge and no interesting content, they're not even worth doing most of the time. That's why, even more important then the previous suggestion, I think Warframe needs missions with more complexity, more designed towards coop that involve more puzzles and parkour and bosses that aren't simply "slightly different enemy that has a bigger health bar", you recently brought into WF the Tusk Thumper, which looks like a very uninspired copy of the Destiny fallen tank (oh i'd have a whole post about changing the Tusk Thumper, I hate that thing). Why not more enemies like that, or others already in game like the Lephantis or the Ropalolyst, just a bit more work put into them and non-procedural missions that are a bit harder, and you'll have content that not only makes for special, harder than usual nodes that are played different, you also have content that can be played in weekly challenges, in which you could add some extra loot (that is, different loot from what you get anywhere else), the way destiny does, making it interesting, and the weekly, rather than daily repetition would definitely help keep it fresh. The weekly version of these missions would have modifiers, like the incursions do now, but the modifiers would be applied depending of which mission it is, rather than randomly. Note that, this would be perfect as the 3rd act mission for those quests I suggested earlier. Having explained those 2, I must note that I don't want every planet to have the same 3 mission questline ending in a big complex assassination mission, I used assassinations as an example but the same kind of complexity could be used to make other cool missions that could be used in the weeklies, special unique spy, capture, or rescue missions, where you had some more unique mechanics, maybe some puzzles, would help a lot. Warframe has a very cool parkour system, you could definitely make use of it to make these missions interesting. 3 - I'm sorry, but I have to say it. Actual raids. This game needs them desperately. You have a game with an absurd amount of mechanics, a ton of cool settings, space magic allowing you to do anything, really varied enemy factions, you can even have giant super cool bosses like the Profit Taker, abandoned superstructures, giant space ships... and, barring some one-time quest-only missions that are short and made for one player, the most complex mission is still just run to the enemy and shoot at it. Taking again from Destiny, an inferior game, just the first raid it had, the Vault of Glass, is already incredibly superior to almost any mission in warframe, how is that possible? You have the manpower, the setting, the art talent, the dev time, why aren't you adding raids to the game? A series of missions, made for a full squad, that required actual teamwork, had puzzles, hard parkour, several bosses, culminating in a big climax with a really cool boss that maybe even involves puzzles and parkour in the fight, you could go as far as making it so some raids had stages that only a particular Warframe could complete, you could do almost anything. These raids could be offered as biweekly or even monthly challenges once originally completed, and would provide with a challenge for endgame players that, given how long, complex and hard they'd be, could award unique loot that you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else, no primes or blueprints, just the actual weapons or even parts of frames you can only get from raids. Best thing is, however hard to make these are, you are a really big studio that now has the chance to spend some dev time adding something this complex and beautiful to the game. As a final note, I think the most important out of these suggestions for Warframe on the stage that it is is the first and to a lesser extent the second, it needs a more guidelined progress line with missions that are actual story missions and present the characters and the world of Warframe, and the 2-3 mission setup with a lead up to the final mission of each planet would be a perfect way of slowly introducing players to the game, and a nice way of giving veterans something to go back to. I apologize if it seems arrogant for me to give these kind of suggestions that seem more like i'm trying to tell your design lead how to make the game, but I play warframe every day, it's almost the only game I play, and with thousands of hours in many other games, experience in game development, and a deep love for the particular niche of looter game that warframe is part of, I just need to at least try to give what I can to make it a better game. Either Way keep it up, y'all, I love your game.
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