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  1. Does this mean "Make sure your Warframe account is only linked to *either* Twitch *or* Mixer"? Or just don't link your streaming accounts to multiple warframe accounts?
  2. Mixer links are "expiring", here's the link to the screenshot http://imgur.com/gallery/oZ01A7w
  3. No, everyone is supposed to get the stream drop if you watch for thirty minutes. Dear DE, Did you not mention mixer on purpose? Either way, the mixer link is constantly breaking for people. Turns out you have to repeatedly link your accounts, and even then stream drops don't seem to work much at all. Edit: well, will you look at this. Went to check my linked accounts, and... http://imgur.com/gallery/oZ01A7w (Can't seem to insert image from URL, sorry, somebody let me know if there's a way to fix that)
  4. Alerts are gone, and they're not coming back. GotL is all you're going to get. The alert system made it easier to get items (when they would actually spawn), and Nightwave makes it more reliable. It's an intermission. Can't figure out for the life of me why people expect the same rewards as a full episode. Not currently, but DE has repeatedly said the wolf is not gone forever. Also, the prices are bottomed out from the alert before he left. Great time to buy.
  5. Why would they give a 15 rank intermission the same end reward as a 30 rank episode?
  6. That's why they have GotL alerts through the weekend
  7. I think it's worded that way to mean a pack of animals doesn't count, and I'm assuming the bounty one means you can't spam the same one over and over, it needs to refresh like you said.
  8. It's... it's an intermission. What theme armor and syandana do you want? Refreshments? A bio break?
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