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  1. I would like that but I also feel like it would make her bolts meh when using the assimilate child
  2. I use this build already except I wasn’t using hunter adrenaline. I just put it on it doesn’t feel much different. It’s not even the that it’s bad it’s more it doesn’t fit the gore/vampiric queen she’s supposed to be
  3. You are not meant to build around a passive. That’s why it’s a passive. It’s meant to be there to aid but not be built around or it would be an ability.
  4. Whats your build? I’d like to try and see if I agree or not. I do an average build with her and I have to disagree
  5. I love this game and it has a lot of very cool characters. For the most part I would say DE has done an amazing job on making characters different and diverse. However, I think an issue they have had is that a lot of their older Warframes are just kinda meh compared to the newer frames or at the time things seemed they would be op until we entered the current state of Warframe. I think a lot of frames need changes to them to make them not only more interactive but better. If the ability on the character is not listed that means it remains unchanged. Frost: Frost overall is a pretty great frame but he just needs some minor tweaks to his kit. Passive: I think this passive needs to be buffed. Perhaps make it all damage (ranged and melee) and then buff the chance to 20% while reducing the duration down to 10 seconds. Freeze: Freeze will now put cold damage onto Frost's weapons. This will combine with other elements or will increase the damage of elements that have cold in their recipie. An example is if you are using Ignis Wraith with corrosive and heat Freeze will combine with heat to form blast. Or if you have viral increase that damage. Sub Zero: Sub Zero will cause Frost to release his full power. This will create an area around him (the area does not follow him) that will slow enemies by 20% and any allies in the area will gain cold damage on their weapons and take 40% reduced damage (cannot be increased). Snow Globe: This will remain unchanged however Snow Globes Augment is now naturally on the ability. Avalanche: Avalanche will no longer have to have 250% power to strip armor. It will only have to be 150%. Furthermore after it has ended the armor will stay off of enemies. Garuda: I love this character very much. She is one of my faves but she does not feel like the blood queen she is supposed to feel like. Her kit is solid so this will mostly change her animations. General: Garuda will have no shield on her now and her base health will be 1000 at max rank and her armor will be 200 at max rank Passive: Her passive is gone. This passive is very bad since it requires you to be at 2 health to get the most out of it. In a game with high scaling enemies and where health is everything it just does not fit. Garuda will now have a base of 5% life steal on her attacks (gun and abilities). If Garuda is at max health she will gain bonus health. If Garuda life steals too much health from enemies she will begin to rapidly drain her health. There will be a bar on the side showing that she has taken too much so you can keep track of this. This will make her feel like a blood/vampire queen she is supposed to be by literally stealing the life of enemies. Dread Mirror: Dread Mirror will now grant Garuda 2% damage bonus (guns only) based on how much her blood ball has. This damage bonus will stop at 600% bonus damage. On top of that if Garuda takes lethal damage while her ball has 50k points in it the blood ball will be consumed to stop Garuda from dying. It will basically be like Nidus stacks. Rather than dying she will avoid death. Furthermore when Garuda uses her ball to combo with Seeking Talons the radius is much bigger for how many enemies it hits. Garuda's Talons: Garuda's Talons will replace Blood Altar. I think it was cool that they tried to switch it up on Garuda and make it so that you can get a free melee with a character but the talons are not worth losing a melee weapon over. But also I think we all want to use those beautiful babies. Garudas talons will now activate when she uses this ability. The base crit is increased to 25% and the base multiplier is 2.5. These weapons will have a special trait. Whenever Garuda kills an enemy with these talons they will restore 100 (at max rank) to her allies in the area around her (she cannot be healed by this since she has base life steal). This will still allow Garuda to have great healing for her allies to sustain and support them. Bloodletting: This remains unchanged. However she will only drain 20% of her hp per use but she will gain only 35% energy back per use. Overall I feel these changes will make her better while not making her op but also make her feel like the gore vampire queen she is meant to be. Nyx: Nyx is a really weird character because she has good abilities but they just do not perform well. But I think I have some solutions. Passive: Enemies who attack Nyx will have a 20% chance to turn on their allies and join the tenno cause. If they are turned they will be turned for 30 seconds. After the duration ends they will instantly die. She can have a max of 5 on the battlefield and they will naturally follow her. I did this change because I wanted Nyx to feel like the chaos queen she is supposed to be and what better way than to make her enemies fight for her at random moments. Mind Control: This will remain the same but the target will now constantly release a healing pulse around it every 4 seconds healing Nyx and her allies for 100 health every pulse. Psychic Bolts: Psychic Bolts will now shoot 4 bolts out at enemies. If Nyx kills an enemy that has them on the enemy will explode in a psychic blast causing the psychic bolts to fly to all enemies around it. Absorb: Absorb will remain unchanged however Assimilate will be changed. While it will still be the same Nyx will now only be able to move 75% the speed rather than 50% and she can double jump and roll like Ivara in her stealth. I did this because I feel Assimilate while great, is so slow and turns this game that is a fast paced shooter, into a very slow shooter. This will still punish her for using it but just not make it a chore to use it. Valkyr: My darling Valkyr. She is honestly one of my fave characters in the game. But my darling is a bit of a mess. Passive: Valkyr's passive is not really that bad but it should be she should just have a built in handspring. So it will now be 160% recovery however she cannot use handspring on her character. Rip Line: This will remain unchanged however it will now be free of cost, but do no damage. It will also pull her further, faster and more consistent. Paralysis: This ability is cool but it is a mess. Now after activating it she will gain 100% bonus melee damage (cannot be increased). Hysteria: Hysteria is great but also you can forge a good status based melee with healing return and be just as good. Hysteria when activated will add 10 seconds to Warcry's duration and if Warcry is not activated it will activate Warcry for half the cost. Valkyrs Talons also have a base of 20% status chance as well. Zephyr: Oh Zephyr. How you have struggled girl. I enjoy Zephyr. She is a fun character but she really cannot keep up with other characters. Tail Wind: Zephyr's tail wind will now be like Gauss's 1. However when she is on POE and OV the speed at which she flies will be increased to 110m/s. Inside however the speed will always be locked at 40 m/s. Since it will be like Gauss's 1 she will no longer have to spam it and she will no gain so much control over it. Air Burst: This will remain the same but it will be an AOE around her. Rather than pushing enemies away it will simply knock them down. Tornado: Tornado's will now have 6 tornadoes (this will not add more to Funnel Clouds) and they will no longer throw enemies. When an enemy is picked up Tornadoes will hold onto the enemy. They will still go up and down and spin around but they won't drop the enemy/toss them. Furthermore Tornadoes will have better targeting. Rather than just activating it and having them spawn randomly when aiming the targeting is better. I have had so many times where I put them in a place and then there is tornado on the other side of the map. Even further enemies that are killed while being held by a tornado have a 100% chance to drop extra loot. That is all for my changes to characters. I hope you guys enjoy and I look forward to the feedback.
  6. Can the Shedu please be fixed. The bug has been in the game for over a month now. In fact we are approaching a month and a half. Please fix this. If you do not know the gun jams and you literally cannot shoot it again unless you leave the mission. Please fix this. UPDATE: So apparently the bugs will be fixed in the next patch but we do not know when that is coming.
  7. She would still be fast hawk. She can fly fast if she sprints. She will literally fly 95 m/s. (This doesn’t even count her current passive which is staying. Is 95m/s plus the 35% increase. That’s just as fast as Archwings. Hover is optional to use during combat but outside of combat she can fly fast like she does now. I would never let mama Zephyr be a slow bird
  8. This. The only abilities useful in regular missions is her 3 and 4. And her 4 is you know... kinda a mess.
  9. I am changing this because while her passive is not bad it is outclassed. Anyone can travel far in open world now at free of cost with their archwing or bullet jumps/operator dash. Tailwind is here because I feel Tailwind is not a good enough ability to have take up a slot. Passive- TailWind: Zephy'rs passive will remain the same however tailwind will now also be added. Pressing jump 3 times will activate a hover that she can hover around in. While hovering she will gain 100% damage increase to her weapons and 16% damage reduction (Aerodynamic and Aviator will stack with this to 80% if you so choose to put it on and the weapon damage cannot scale with any mods at all). The hover speed will be as fast as Hildryn's and she can hover near the ground or high above. Zephyr can press sprint to launch into a full flight. The flight speed is 95m/s (just as fast any Archwing but with her current passive which still says she will be faster than an Archwing) not affected by any mods at all). This will drain .5 energy per second. This may seem fast especially paired with the part of her passive that is already here but she should be fast. Zephyr should be able to fly as she was meant to do. She will also have a special roll that rather than rolling she will fly forward (also like Hidlryn) and knock over enemies that are in a close radius around her (can be used while hovering). 1- Air Burst: This ability is not bad its just too small. Rather than an airburst in front of her she will release a burst around her that pushes enemies away and makes tornadoes bigger that are in the area of the burst. Damage remains unchanged. Energy cost is now 25. 2- Tornado: Her 4 (with funnel clouds augment) is now her 2. Everything will remain the same except the funnel clouds augment is now part of it naturally (they will have to find something else to change the augment to). As I said there is no changes at all besides the energy cost being 50. 3- Turbulence: I was in a great debate on how I wanted to do this ability. It would be too much saftey with her passive so I decided to rework it. She will now place a big wind wall in front of her it is wide and tall. It will absorb all damage taken and will make allies bullets and projectiles travel 50% faster and do 100% increased damage. Only one can be active at once. This will last for 30 seconds at max rank. Only 1 can be active at once. Energy cost is 80 energy. Augment mod will be available called Turbulence Dome. This will make turbulence a dome instead of a wall and rather than absorbing all damage it will reduce enemy damage by 75%. It will keep all the buffs to guns. The base wind wall not take away from Volt. In reality his wall will still be better as he can stack them and they increase crit chance. The dome wont take away from Forst either. 4- Pickup (name pending): Zephyr will do a quick jump in the air (if she is already hovering or on the ground, she will spin) and a tornado will spawn under every enemy within the area. The tornado will not make them spin around it will just pick them up and put them in a t-pose like Vauban. Each enemy will get their own tornado and the tornadoes do not do damage at all. Enemies picked up will take 25% increased damage from all sources. Any ally that is in the air when this is activated will gain increased fire rate and projectile speed temporarily (Zephyr will not benefit from these buffs). This will cost 25 energy to activate and .5 energy per enemy she picks up and ally she buffs. An Augment mod will be available that will make it so enemies that die while picked up will have a 100% chance to drop extra loot. Zephyr deserves a rework. I enjoy her a lot and she is one of my main frames so I will always play her but she is not a good endgame frame. And she has many wrongs in her kit.
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