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  1. Very nice to have a nightwave mission to complete 5 different bounties when the bounties are bugged. Cant make the part with "retrieve the data" it's always bugged, solo or in squad other mates complained the same that its their third try and still bugged. Weird thing is even when its the mission to hack those 3 panels, there are spawned and make sound 3 big chaces but they are unlocked and only marked on map.... so it's a mix up? Nightwave missions sucks hard time, also 4 deimos bounties really? PS: Not to mention that after last update, infinite loading screen happens
  2. Yeah, but i mean my primary amp shots does dmg meanwhile secondary fire doesn't do damage, like its blocked... i can clear vomalysts too, still no damage...
  3. Thank you for your time mate, yeah i need to learn more... And i don't really know what you meant by "shield is not up yet"... i mean he is walking, i can do damge with primary fire, but not secondary.
  4. I'm trying to do it solo... at least 2 tridolons per night, for damn schools, but solo too, because with other people i always end up on a kind of bugg, can't jump, can't shot, can't use operator or vice-versa, etc... Yeah i was carefull at my distance, i shot even in him and still 0 dmg, if was the falloff it wont show anything, but it says clear that "0" damage floating, i have damage numbers to show on screen enabled...
  5. Can someone explain me why secondary fire sometimes, in some situation almost all the time, secondary fire on a 177 amp does 0 dmg? How people charge that amp dmg so much it one shots shields? i have all tridolon builds and gear from guys that do 5x3 solo tridolons... but i just cant ramp up that secondary fire dmg... max i did was 8k but being cloacked all the time. Thats why everyone just uses operator dashes to travel on maps and dont switch to archwings?
  6. Can you guys put this on baro? or to simaris after you unlock it first time? I sold it years ago and now i want one back... but because of that long period of time not even support would help here.
  7. Use google translate to post in english.... :D Edit: or just post here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/140-français/ The official french forum ....
  8. why not just reroll it? you can get durations on it with some crit damage/damage/element Also btw... why Fury when there's Berserker for crit melee?
  9. Hello guys, sorry for posting this but i really want to see how many think like me here... This event... from my point it's the worst ever made, from all games i have ever played, only good thing is that has the Scarlet Spear event rewards. But to play same 1,4 minutes for a total of 55/60 mins in a session with a nechra robot (which are only 2 right now, and better will remain only them) just to get a 2100 cells is very very... sad, desperate and i think it really is a "insult" for players. I love warframe, i played the entire 2020, putting more money in the game than i invested from 201
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