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  1. Theres no such thing at players hands that wont get abused. Too many games have that kick vote option and they will just kick randoms if they want, flagging your account on too many kicks and maybe you can get banned. So it's a no no from me. The only solution also supported by devs is to play with friends or solo. Or, in worst case, just leave and look for other randoms.
  2. Describing something is not swearing, i only used one word to empathize my point. But yeah maybe was a happy trigger but still no message or something about rules i crossed? :) PS: ok i understood now with mods, thank you mates! Happy farming!
  3. You may be right, but its really a shame, now that some weapons/frames are behind RJ and the missions were improved (except the regular mission innit) is really a downgrade to it. I also miss the pure skirmish missions, they should have added like 300 ships and 20 crewships as target, but leave only the sky battle.
  4. True, there's no trace even on my profile, like i never posted it, it just wanished. But yeah, maybe i touched the sensitive part of the regular missions being a part of a RJ mission... like some of them are really not compatible, like defense and survival ones.
  5. I posted on GD this morning about getting in random squads that were farming Ambassador or other stuff meanwhile i was farming for Holokeys, wasting sometimes even 30 minutes without one Holokey as reward because i cant just host in my RJ. Thread got deleted without any trail, i didn't even read the 2 replies i got, no warnings, no nothing, it says i don't have permission... someone got in this kind of trouble too? Have a great day! ps: hope this one doesn't just disapear. :)
  6. So let me put you this way, to show you that this S#&$ is rigged and "rare" item are flagged as that which will lower even more their shown numbers database as wiki states. Make a wheelspin game board... divide it in those 3 parts where 2 will be 33% area each and one only 22%... spin it 20 times... it will be "imposible" to not hit the 22% once in those 20 spins. Maybe 1 in 1000 will not get it once.
  7. What do you mean? I have mesa since launch... i don't even remember thinking the farm was bad. I have every frame from their launch time and never bought a regular frame... only with some prime access to support the game.... and i can guarantee you, nowadays some regular frames grind is way way way harder than it used to be... since DE doesn't know where and how to insert them in game, so they move old ones in S#&$ missions with S#&$ chance drop.
  8. Protea is way easier. Still farming for mesa and ivara too xD
  9. You fail how procents work mate and it shows.
  10. True words... but i think ill stop at 30 runs... and im close af to the goal.
  11. Nah mate... 22% means in 10 runs to get 2 parts. Cause otherwise you can get infinite times to just skip to other 37% rewards thus making your "22%" part to never drop. Thats why i said it's rigger and the procents are not the real numbers.
  12. Ill up this until i get my system... or DE fix their droprates! a 22% that in 20 runs dont drop is not a 22% its under 5%
  13. So you mean the DE made the frames easier to buy with Plat instead of a rewarding farm? There should be a balance between buying with plat and farming something. It's like they don't want players playing, but at same time cry because no one will play the game after they got newest frames/weapons? Huh?! ...interesting. Edit: yeah i think you're right... i almost forgot about ambassador. xD
  14. Hello, Can DE make equal chances for each frame drop, not make system to be aka "22%" from wiki but in reality be like under 10% for every frame? The chances are not true. I farmed for a week already her parts, with key share or solo , ended up with 8 neuroptics (5 in a row at start) and 6 Chassis, they always come 2 or 3 of one in a row then change to other. Not even to mention that i actually had chassis and neuroptic already, i only farmed for the system. This is rigged! Shame that's the method to keep players farm a non-rewarding mission... locked after 1 run per day. PS: i ran only with open party, me with another clan mate, not even in one run we got a random or beginner player. Nobody in recruiting chat wanted to come along.
  15. Thanks... had a wait like around 5 mins, but finally connected. offtopic PS: Thanks for affinity booster on baro, with anounced Double Affinity Weekend. Really appreaciate it. :)
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