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  1. Zoey_Corredan

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    True, got some friends that have W10 and each has their way of what to turn off or keep on, and I'll probably go to W10 eventually, but for the time being I'm fine with W7
  2. Zoey_Corredan

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    The main thing I do hope, is that Windows 7 won't be dumped any time soon. The game runs perfectly fine with W7 still (and maybe even on some before W7, you just need the hardware for the game and whatnot), I just personally chose it because I cba to deal with the "ego-stick-up-arse" shoddy updates that are forced on Windows 10.. Because when you work with editing software and such, you don't need microsoft screwing you over so to speak.. Did hear they changed something with this recently, but still don't need any of their ego "we know better" forced horror torture that is Windows 10.. Or any W10 updates really.. one moment you're fine, the next they release something horrible and tag it as required, tested, etc.. (After all those horror stories of W10 problems.. I just don't want to have to deal with it.. yet.. will gladly move over to it once they get to a proper stable period so to speak, or another non-greedy-scam-advertising / forced-shoddy-updates OS (but it's microsoft.. the chance for that is really low as we've seen with the released features of W8 and then W10.. ))
  3. Zoey_Corredan

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    Pity-pats and gives a hug and a cookie to all those out there with ancient flintstones-nasa potato pc's. (Hug emote from AdmiralBahroo) On an added bit of advice; Should someone advice you to like, upgrade your pc. Don't directly go like "but I don't have the money for the latest pc". You don't even need one of those, you can save up money for say, a pc or gaming laptop that's what.. 4-6 years old (or was made back then), that's not expensive at all.. Like, the latest pc's can be what.. $1500-2500 or more easily, the few years older ones can go for a good.. $250-750 depending on what you get ofcourse. And just so you understand how old Dx9 actually is... DX9 Release Year [wiki] or for those who don't want to click the link "DirectX 9 was released in 2002", so in a sense it might as well be kinda ancient by now. I do understand that there are people who really can't get a better pc any time soon, but do try to find a way to get something a decent bit better at some point, it'll help in the long run.
  4. Zoey_Corredan

    Strict Nat

    Bit of advice for some, if you tried the known fixes, don't waste any more time if it's still not working. Me and others had problems that suddenly fixed themselves after some hotfixes or what I had after a router software update, or there is no known way to fix it unless you're some super nerd, so it's just no use. Like I got StrictNAT long before the router needed an update, then suddenly it was gone, came back, over and over... so if you tried several fixes it's either somewhere you don't know or it's from the game's end and needs some good (hot)fix. Also why not edit the main post with a list of possible fixes? And not just the standard notepad copy-paste *cough* "stuff", but everything, what can be found through google, on random threads/posts, etc, would really help.
  5. Zoey_Corredan

    Update 11.6.0

    u.u StrictNAT is the killer of Clans and pretty much the game in general.. any info on this yet? Posts/threads seem to be un answered for a fix and stuff alot...
  6. Zoey_Corredan

    Hotfix 11.5.6

    @_@ UPnP/StrictNAT fix next pwease..
  7. Zoey_Corredan

    Update 11.1.0

    Wait.. not even harder is it? like if a survival node shows level 13-15 that they suddenly become 40+ after 10 minutes.. x.x so much for damage 2.0.. now need 3.0 with some serious weapon buffing or enemy debuffs.. c.c
  8. Zoey_Corredan

    Update 10.8.0

    Why all the statless helmets all of a sudden?.. u.u
  9. Zoey_Corredan

    Hotfix 8.0.4: Hit Me With Your Best Hot(Fix).

    Hotfix for the patcher failing to update should be next and actually should've been first!
  10. Zoey_Corredan

    Update 7.10.0: Weekend Extermination Event!

    As in what? 1. We can unlock every mission then get poor credits again, making the credit reward update from a long time ago useless? Or 2. Replaying a mission twice without another mission in between will make the credits reduce? If it's option 1 then >_> is all I'm going to say.. you'll know what it means..