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  1. are You aware, that there is a bug in mission-results. eg. 300 kills = 2% damage and another player: 302 kills = 90% damage, (no bosses) or i made extermination solo with 170 to kill, but in results its says 53 kills made and stuff, it happens all the time
  2. My warframe - octavia in this case - take sometimes the color-scheme from my k-drive when i use it. Octavia is metalic all gray but the k-drive is colorfull, so i can see it very clearly. And it happens very often, that - when i call the K-drive - i fall down underneath the map for many minutes and have to abort mission to get in the game again. It happens only on deimos. And You schould check the hunting mechanics for the birds. it sucks. The birds stuck in the polygons or something. They dont come when u use the baits or their hang somewhere in the sky.
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