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  1. Reveal : Grendel deluxe skin, and signature weapon
  2. What about removing all riven challenges ? replace it by a simple 50 void trace expense. Add "riven challenges" if you want, but it should be the same as mechanic as nighwave and it should reward some kuva
  3. A la base c'était un clan créé avec quelques potes IRL, je suis le seul restant. Je joue le matin au petit dej, un peu en soirée et pas mal le week-end (heure Française) Si vous êtes même bas MR mais que vous êtes motivés je vous aiderai à passer les quelques trucs pénibles (Interception, Archwing, etc), et on ira farmer ensemble un peu plus sérieusement quand vous pourrez. Je cherche des joueurs qui ont apprécient le jeu, et pour monter une équipe pour la sortie prochaine de RailJack. Mes valeurs: - respect et courtoisie : on dit bonjour, et on n'est pas méchant même avec les PU (taquin oui pourquoi pas mais pas méchant) - le sens de l'effort : ne venez pas si vous voulez "tout tout de suite". essayez d'abord avant de demander les stratégies qui permettent de cheeser les niveaux, etc Autres points notables: - voc' fortement recommandé - avoir débloqué au moins Uranus - avoir envie de jouer en groupe, et privilégier de jouer avec les joueurs de l'alliance corporation tenno - ne pas être réfractaire à l'humour absurde (pour l'alliance voir : Corporation Tenno)
  4. Endgame in a game crippled with powercreep meta won't be easy to implement. Because "hard" depends on how you're geared, and once people get their shiny stuff they don't want DE to nerf it. Good "content" : pick-up a Prime Mag and solo mot (without adaptation). between 15min and 20min is the sweet spot : you have to care about the damage NPC deal (they almost 1-shot you), you do huge damage output, the reward is OK (Void high tier relics). Before 15min it's kinda easy, after 20min start the nullifier spam that make it tedious. "Bad" content : the Profit taker, the heavy weapon mini-game is meh, the damage cycling is meh, and the overall meta for it is just tankiness and DPS (akka bring Chroma, and maybe Inaros) Eidolon. It's time gated. The easy one is... easy. The rest almost impossibru to do it with PUG not because it require a good team but because the meta is too narrow and the focus school pre-requisite are too high : shards are the almost only way to have a correct operator build, but to have them you have to do tridolon but you can't because you don't have shards... --> And both of them are eye cancer, huge NPC AoE spam, knockdown and "magic" energy drain
  5. I want a dramatic scene with Natah, Ballas, our operator and the man in the hole. something like : In a railway leading to the Void. The operator wielding the Paracesis possessed by the man in the wall struggling to resist the possession to not kill Natah. Ballas appearing behind pushing the sword hilt to wound Natah mortally. Hearing a sardonic laugh of the man in the wall. Ballas taking Natah in his arms jumping in the void portal a shadowy silhouette crossing the portal, the man in wall voice becoming loud and clear with a sarcastic talk "thank you Tenno for freeing me from my prison, blablabla" a flash from the portal just before it closes, the Tenno being teleported back to his orbiter with a visual FX looking as a Lotus flower It would obviously be a bit "cliché" but that would do the trick.
  6. the shield / overshield mechanics don't work that much (even Mag who can easily have overshield is very "squishy"). I have no issues at have shields and HP having different mechanics, but eHP on health are obviously way higher due to armor. shields could be "expendable" HP with no DR, but then the values have to be increased by a decent number. Then "overshield" should be easier to get, perhaps shield regen should work on overshield (unless it's depleted). Another point is how many mods do you need : only Hildryn can survive with 300 HP (300 armor, shield gating and 4500 shield), other frames "needs" HP increase (and shield increase), even those without much armor. perhaps HP/shield increase from leveling and HP/shield increase from vitality/redirection should be swapped : this way you could have redirection for the +200% shield increase and skip vitality.
  7. Before any "damage 3.0" is done, imho one way to have every weapons used in "end-game" is that Rivens could give a native bonus damage based on NPC health, scaled with disposition (reaching around 50% for max disposition, 15% for min, and with specific computation when used with other mods such as acid shell)
  8. the meta is biased toward health : Many effects for health regen, armor that drastically increase eHP (even at ~100 armor), damages ignoring shields, effect removing / reducing shields (mag proc, operator death). And very few "buff" to shields (spectres only changing shield type to a slightly better version, few overshields) having huge values of shield is OK, +30% to +50% to base shield values, and having a slight shield regen' under fire would help (even if it's with the mean of a mod or an arcane)
  9. I agree that kitgun/zaw are already "best in class" without arcane, so why not. Pax Charge with twin grakatas will make them more appealing (i.e. 2 hours of fun before switching back to catchmoon I guess)
  10. The meta is not really good tbh, and I don't feel that the devs are going to change this. Shields are useless (appart from Hildryn niche) (usually frames run Vitality, no shield buff, and armor bonus and/or adaptation), and overriden to easily even for NPCs (slash, toxin) NPC armor values are way too high at high level, so only % base armor reduction are useful, and many "cheap" methods totally remove armors (Kavats, 4x corrosive projections) About primary/secondary weapons, a few choice between spamming corrosive proc', critical hit damage with rad (and hunter munitions), and gaz limited to high damage per shot, any other damage type are basically ignored or "leftover" from maxing status chance. Many boss are immune to status effects, so go for rad crit. Nobody wants "impact". You reach high damages maxing multishots. And "efficient" weapons hardly require to aim (catchmoon, Ignis) Melee is worse, you basically whipe everything using poor mechanics (sliding with memeing strike). after a good amount of hours once you've grabbed your ignis wraith, rubico prime, catchmoon, Inaros, Chroma prime, Saryn prime, all the 60/60 mods, hunter munitions, all the good corrupted mods, adaptation, and the few good primed mods (pistol crit, flow, duration), you can do harder content but feel limited in your choice....
  11. tbh when I play Saryn in Hydron, I really don't care about "leechers", and tbh all other frames are "leeching" as per mission stats 😊
  12. I don't like auto-aim, I don't like it at all. But IMHO Regulators should have tremendous headshot damages, but not overall high damage.
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