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  1. Either I was unlucky, or you were lucky, or we don't have the same definition of Yolo. I just got killed by him when I was playing with my Grendel 3.9kHP / 1k armor, I was benchmarking tox damage with weeping wounds in a Corpus extermination, he spawned I decided to stay close to him punching him (with a not that efficient melee against him : kogage prime tox weeping wound, condition overload, blood rush, organ shatter, shattered impact). he hit me once, made my shield go, proc'ed slash, and 2sec later I was dead. I watched the record, it just took 1 hit + 2 dot of slash, a single proc
  2. if he hits you his slash procs are ~3000 damage per hit, and I don't remember how much damage does his blue waves of death. so yes you can kill him (I did it with mag), but he's dangerous (and he also kills me easily even with a "tank" frame). Compared to most enemies, you can't just yolo him.
  3. You should play steel path solo with a caster ftame if you want some thrilling fights against the Stalker.
  4. One of the question is what is the purpose of rebalance. If you plan to stay in survival in steel path for more than 15min, you'll have to face AoE spam, energy drain, nullies, etc. You have to use shield gating with augur mods (or the aura), have primed reach on your melee, recast invisibility after acolyte spawn. Stealth frame are good but you need to be more cautious than when you go full HP with Inaros
  5. Ok then farm the seargent to receive the stalker e-mail, then play steel path survival with a frame that ain't inaros, wukong (+clone), grendel full HP / armor, nezha or the like I'm not saying that you can't kill him, but that he easily kills you.
  6. In steel path his invulnerable phase with blue waves of death are already annoying, I'm not sure that I want him to be more "dangerous". The memories of the wolf appearing in solo while being equipped with all the 4 dragon keys for the "open the vault" weekly challenges still leave a sour taste.
  7. I agree. Guns need some love. You wont be able to compete with melee, even if you use crit chance, crit damage, multishots, damage buff, and 2~3 elemental mods that should be good against the faction you're fighting (be it 90 for crit or 60/60 for status), and hunter munition for a crit weapon. On the other hand base melee damage is high because of the cedo + condition overload, and gets even higher with blood rush or weeping wounds and a few combo multiplier. (And I'm not even talking about heavy attacks with forced slash proc)
  8. Steel path should have more mutators and secondary objective. It also should have better rewards. Some sorties or nightmare modifiers could be great, or even some riven "challenges", additionnal steel essence would be a good reward : Capture : eximus stronghold, less than 90s. spy : 3 perfect hack, not raising alarm. extermination : (nightmare) timer defense / survival : enemy types should be consistent with rotation C from the beginning. etc. also we should be able to select the ennemy level (+100, +200, ...)
  9. I don't feel the need of modding amps, but rather a damage scaling with ennemy level (like grendel or vauban abilities) Dmg = base_Dmg × max(1, ceil((enemy lvl - 60)/10))) This way it won't change eidolon hunts or starchart, but would make it more useful in endurance and steel path, and it would make the nickname "void demon" deserved.
  10. The resonator also has a good duration, is invincible, has a good aggro range. So I don't really think that invincible decoy would be op
  11. Also crit chance are usually really high when you use berzerk, so the trigger condition is barely a limit, it's just "too good" for its drain cost. Either make it a 12 drain mod, or nerf the attack speed it provides (more than 40%, but less than 60%)
  12. Slash damage is a balance problem. This problem is even worse with viral, and even more with melee. Imho they should first deal with slash (and viral) and then look at melee vs guns. Capping melee speed, why not, removing "stagger" why not, but also make "lifted" status worthy (ankyros prime native stance is trash).
  13. He still have some good niche use and helminth can also help. I have a loki with infused baruuk lull : invisibility + sleep that includes removing alerted state is great to level melee weapons with stealth finishers and get stealth scan for simaris (steel path, adaro) What "kills" him are AoE spam that makes invisibility less relevant (and make melee a bit dangerous), forced high kills per minutes in survival that makes disarm not that efficient and acolytes in steelpath for which you need to be careful and recast invisibility. His 2nd is awesome, his 4th is good, his 3rd is "fu
  14. Try playing in steel path, he's more challenging. The only thing I would change is make him drop 2 steel essence in steel path.
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