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  1. Her vanilla kit is not bad except her 3rd which should be toggle debuff ennemies or buff allies. Her augments are bad. Balefire augment is doesn't resplenish shield significantly, and cancelling nullies bubble with fully charged is just slower than killing the nullies with melee. The complicated 2nd while 3rd then proc burn and resplenish some shield... is a fake tool to fight against infested, too slow to use and too few shield regen. But against grineer it's rather good as it proc' the 50% armor reduction. Missed opportunities. I'd rather have her augment for her first to be a rof increase / charge time decrease when using her 4, and if the augment of her 2nd made it usueable while using her 4th. It would have been worth a mod slot.
  2. Some of the sortie modifiers would be great. For example : eximus stronghold in dark sector
  3. Agreed. Infested, corpus and corrupted should reward more xp. Keep it less than grineer if they want it that way, but make a good place to level for each faction
  4. At lvl 150+ toxic ancient ~1hko Wisp with health boosted by a mote, and at lvl 200+ moa yellow carpet have to be avoided at all cost. Past the first rotation C usually multiple parasitic eximus spawn within a short timeframe The issue with infested is not the damage or how they can limit warframe powers, but their HP or their number
  5. Corrosive+heat is slighly better than viral+heat against heavy gunner, and better against infested (but killing them ain't an issue tbh) But the real problem is that the rock / paper / stone is still almost inexistant due to shield scaling and the base modifiers. Appart from heavy gunner / bombard, you should also check how to efficiently kill a lvl 150+ kyta raknoid, which is another bullet sponge but with huge shield (and immune to magnetic proc', wild lvl 125 can appear if you farm toroids)
  6. I'm not a fan of the 2nd / 3rd / 4th fake synergy. The energy drain of her 2nd and the energy cost of her 3rd make it not really fun to play. If you mod for efficiency and energy pool and strength and range you don't really have mod slot left for an augment I like to play with growing power, and use her 4 first to proc it, then use her 1st with augment to get a massive damage boost and use a weapon.
  7. I don't like nullifiers : the nullfiying effect apply to all powers (compared to the Comba abilities), the bubble size increase is often ridiculous and go through walls / floors, you way to often just don't have a line of sight on the drone, and they promote "spray and pray" weapons to destroy them and "passive tanks" (i.e. not relying on warframe powers : Inaros and Hildryn). I would really like to have the "nullifiers" removed as troop, and keeping them as eximus guardian would make sense.
  8. Thanks for sharing. So Tigris prime, kuva dragkoon, strun wraith and board prime need a stat chance increase around x2.5 to match their former values. Taking into account that those weapons were not game breaking before rework, this "quick-fix" looks reasonable and should be done
  9. Clem would be awesome for like 90% of the missions in which you don't need any kind of relevant info, at least as a limited "cosmetic" for april fool. Then "serious choices" for starmap missions would be Tenshin, little duck or ordis as other NPC are too specific. Konzu and Eudico take care of their respective people. Onkko probably prefers to stay hidden and read his books. Darvo, Maroo and Baro are only interested in their own business, Alad V is not really an ally... syndicate have their own missions too.
  10. Oops I didn't notice this one and made another topic https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195872-add-incentive-to-fight-something-else-than-grineer/
  11. I started playing a few months before fortuna, currently have 2k hours on steam (with little idle time as I don't trade and exit the game when not playing), and I farmed a second broken war in Lua survival, I farmed my strain mod set in fortuna, and I like messing in temple of profit to raise the alert level, but even then my very own kill stats are like those above. I usually play arbitration when it's interception or survival against grineer, because arbitration drones are enough of an annoyance
  12. I'm not surprised about this stat Infested have fewer maps on starchart, no open world. Orokin also only have 1 planet and on fissure you usually fight another faction. Now grineer / Corpus : grineer have fast XP maps (Helen, Hydron, Adaro), and have less annoying ennemies (no nullifiers, bursa), and even recently grineer armor have been nerfed while Corpus got shield gating, and gas (and zenistar) were nerfed. Also grineer got Kuva survival, Kuva liches, and railjack As long as Corpus are a chore to fight, XP less than grineer, don't even provide "end-game rewards" (i.e. Kuva and Bramma equivalent), there will be no reason to play against them when you are not forced to do it. So things will probably change with OP primary kitguns, but without RNG double dip / valence, it'll be a "do once" activity. with "hard / very hard" mode I hope that you will be able to level guns / warframe as fast as hydron / adaro with any map (yes I know ESO is faster for weapons, but we found recently that railjack was even faster and also give intrinsics) ... and to be honest : check arbitration stats, you'll get even more precise data. I really think that it's time to lower the parasitic eximus spam for infested and nullifier spam for corpus... or add an equivalent chore when fighting against grineer (a parasitic eximus Nox with nullifier bubble who spam those grenades multiple times and knockdown.... spawning by bunch of 6 past 15min of survival / wave 10 of defense... true end-game...)
  13. With 200% strength valkyr kills everything so fast with that mod, you can switch it off and get a lower cooldown, and with arcane energize, energy ain't much an issue. I don't even felt the need of boosting melee speed with warcry. And i use warcry just before switching off hysteria, and benefit from the slow effect + armor bonus (+ melee speed) while waiting for the cooldown. It was ok enough to solo Mot for 1h (nothing exceptional but her 4 was really killing everything really fast, i quit after 1h because I had maxed the weapons I was leveling)
  14. Her 2 is worse than wisp 1st, her 4 doesn't really deal that much damage and vazarin dash / arcane can be used to heal almost as easily. So she has 2 "ok" skills, but way from being OP. The new augment make her talons kinda dps but I didn't find yet a good built to benefit from her 2 at the same time (compared to eternal war with which you don't have to really care for warcry duration)
  15. The only concern is that it takes a slot just to make her exalted melee worth it. Appart from that the cost is high but you don't really need warcry, and the cooldown is ok if you turn off the skill unless necessary
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