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  1. tbh a bigger player base increase was to be expected for such a big and hyped patch, in that way it's a "failure" compared to expectations.
  2. People who start now with raimjack shouldn't try to ise their stuff, but be carried by others. It's kinda the same as Eidolons / Quills, you first have to grind for decent gear for hours with barely useable items. Tbh it's not appealing, and may make people quit. Farm for hull and armor avionics, unlock "feats" with intrinsics (archwing launcher, teleport back to railjack, railjack boost / dodge), farm for mk3 everything (and ressources to craft them) lower tiers are totally a waste of time and ressources. Farm for tactical / battle avionics to have some "abilities" with your railjack. And then after being carried for 40h, you my take your railjack out of the dock... and farm for more intrinsics / optimised mk3 gears and ressources to craft them / shedu / battle avionics. Should they have removed mk1 and mk2 gears, make the railjack start with 2000 hull and 1500 armors, have feats corresponding to "5" level of each intrinsic branch, railjack would have had a smoother start
  3. I have over 2k hours in tom clancy the division, and my experience is that pvpve will mostly bring mostly toxicity. I'm ok with it as long as it's just another conclave mode with no exclusive rewards appart from a few cosmetics
  4. Corrosive / fire proc' are still good, gas is ok too, and viral / rad not too bad
  5. I agree with this. It's literally doing the same sabotage mission (i.e. kill, infiltrate, hack, destroy) for a tremendous amount of hour against tedious bullet sponge just to be able to change a weapon or have another "power" (whether it's a passive from intrinsincs or an active as a battle or tactical avionics). Add to it a time gated mission that make player misbehave to optimize their very own drop chance. And conclude with punishing rng for same items as an additionnal layer of grind. There should have more variety in missions and least an equivalent of "hydron" in terms of farming intrinsincs, mk1 and mk2 weapons should be cheaper and faster to craft, their should be less rng in components, all archwing should be viable as fighter killer, and front gun should be a viable way to destroy a crewship...
  6. Djinn because it has infinite respawn, it can vacuum and has ennemy radar / loot radar. The only reliable companion past lvl 90 mobs.
  7. Replaying the startchart with lvl90+ ennemies is not a bad idea, having a kind or kingpin system is not a bad idea... but the way it was implemented turn it into tedious grind, without proper rewards, and the instakill is definitely a bad idea
  8. Damage reduction make shields somehow better, and Hildryn can be a bit tanky with her shields. But appart from these niche use, shields are mostly useless for the majority of the frames used and contents played
  9. Magnetic is a joke because too many damage types bypass armor (slash, toxin, gas). The only ennemies for which magnetic is not bad are high level kyta raknoid, but even then you have to switch to corrosive when the shield is down...
  10. Being forced to trade for archweapons parts is what make it terribad to me, they are not even prime/vandal/wraith/prisma, just "normal" ones...
  11. As other said CP is good against armored ennemies, most other mods buffs are too low (even energy siphon... using blue pizza is better tbh). Then for current games : liches are grineer, railjack ennemies are grineer, most of the the toughest corpus ennemies have armors (bursa, jackalq, hyena, raknoids), the toughest corrupted ennemies have armor (bombard, heavy weapon) And also tbf I'm lazy enough to almost never change my build, so I end up having corrosive projection by default on most builds.
  12. Hildryn passive work on archwing, her 2 lower armor not sure it really works but I use it for my shield, and her 4th is a good cc that also provide blue orbs for teammates when defending the ship. Also due to mods on weapons randomly disappearing when boarding crewship, casting her 4 allow you to destroy the reactor with your operator. She's my go to frame for railjack.
  13. Corrosive + fire seems to be the best elements combo to reach high status chances. Both lower armor, and fire is ok against flesh. Even against infested corrosive is good (increased damage against ancient), and not bad against corpus (bursa, hyena, raknoid armor).
  14. The mods are not useless, but the way you can proc' mercy kill is too restricted : HP value too low --> so it's "hard to proc" before killing the mob, and even when you see it proc' the mob is usually dead before you can mercy kill it even if the mercy kill is triggered you often can't to it because it seems that some animations / status prevent it (jammed weapons, magus lockdown; etc) IMHO when an ennemies with the parazon symbol lose all its health, it should kneel (like thralls) for a few sec' before "dying" so that you could more easily "finish him"
  15. I agree that flux vs avionics capacity is not an "optimisation choice" with current system. the fact that flux ain't restored over time and has to be crafted doesn't help... (perhaps a slow Flux regen on MK2 and MK3 reactors could help for example no Flux regen for Vidar, +2/s Flux regen rate for Lavan and Sigma, +5/s Flux regen rate for Zekti) Artillery cannon don't hit hard enough, except for the above post, but it overall require too much efforts even compared to archwing slingshot / teleport back with omni (for which Amesha ain't required). My opinion is that it should 1HKO Crewship on a direct hit. add punchthrough and keep its damage value when hitting ennemy fighters, make it not 1HKO if it hits something before the Crewship, but make it 1HKO Crewships without any other special effect than managing to aim for a direct hit. (change the avionics to something else, passive regen, or reduced crafting cost of ammo)
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