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  1. I make a big difference between farming necessary to get weapons / amp / frame / mods / pets, and cosmetics. While it seems that overall the grind to get everything ain't that bad in deimos, getting the pets require "hunting", ranking require hunting, and grandma tokens require more than just doing the bounties. So to me overall it really felt like a chore, and less fun than trying to reach level cap in temple of profit
  2. have you tried to play more than 20min in Mot (void) in steel path ? or disruptions in steel path ?
  3. If you mean that people who doesn't farm relics and sell prime parts for plats to buy booster to then farm steel essence for kuva will never get top notch rivens ? Yes. Looters are sometimes even worse than a full time job.
  4. The first question is "what for" ? Is it a solo / pub build for <1h endless ? Or a build within a team for endurance farming in steel path ? For endurance farming vitality and adaptation may eventually become useless so there is no need to make nekros "tankier", rolling guard and tenno void mode will be your bread and butter, you should favor either team buff or CC that doesn't "slow" the pace (for example larva Is faster than ensnare, pull with augment can be good but be careful of the ragdoll...)
  5. I understand that having to put "damage buff + multishot" on every ranged weapon is kinda meh. Melee 3.0 is a good step forward about "mandatory mods", with clear separation between status and crit (i.e. you don't need base damage buff when you have condition overload because it's just an adder not a multiplier). They could / should work on equivalent for ranged.
  6. I did the same, ensnare ain't bad, but it's too "slow" to be really efficient. Nekros Larva is good, but I've heard team mate talking about Nekros + pull + pull augment, in a team with a DPS it would be even better
  7. rename it "XP farming 101", or "me and my buddy Saryn"
  8. It was already boring to get the hunt requirement to reach lvl 3 of entrati standing... just to figure out that you need to do even more to gild your new pets, and that many grand'ma tokens require son tokens too... It's not that the token system is bad, it's just that the whole farming imply boring activities that doesn't even reward anything but tokens (not even Endo, relics, credits, etc).
  9. My quickfix for our beloved kitty make ripline not cost energy when you aim at walls / ceiling, and open NPC to finishers when you grab them, also make it have a fixed >100m range. remove the slow from warcry and add it to paralysis make warcry have a fixed armor buff to be better as team buff (keep the same value as valkyr prime current buff).
  10. yes, you need "true immunity" such as Revenant or rolling guard
  11. Unfortunately, even with nova null star the necramech 1HKO Inaros prime, you can't facetank it 🤷‍♂️
  12. Loki + Lull : no brainer stealth scan and stealth kills Banshee + breach surge : 6 digits rad damage proc' is always fun Protea + radial blind (with radiant finish) : if you ever wondered what protea 4th was made for Nekros + ensnare (will prolly try also larva) : usefull Currently digesting a nova, I can't wait to play Inaros Prime with nova 1st on sorties, true endgame
  13. Loki with baruuk lull infused instead of decoy is perfect for me to do stealth scans and stealth kills. Yes it doesn't replace a rework, but the only thing I'd do is changing decoy health to either be pure duration or scale with ennemy level, and his need some qol to ease its use (like wisp does)
  14. So far I managed to use it on steel path with duration, primed flow and range. Constantly under her 4th and 1st, the dodge make you feel you're invulnerable intil you get 1hkoed which happens quite fast. I used quickthinking and rolling guard (and not vitality / adaptation) to avoid this
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