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  1. Grendel has issues, but he can tank as long as you don't plan to reach levelcap, he benefits from shieldgating, gives (energy) buffs to the team while consistently healing himself, and his 1st has scaling damage and if you nom nom a dozen of corpus and vomit them they're dead whatever level and shield they have. While yareli have inconsistent abilities. Her 1st is cheap and is an ok CC (for a first ability), the K-drive has pathing issues, but ain't even good at making her tanky, the efficient range of her 3rd makes it not practical to use, and the damage is too low, her 4th has a lot of issues. A great frame for captura but that's all about her
  2. "On kill" is a bad trigger, and yes galvanized mods promotes meta AoE weapons. It does work, no it's not fun past the 5 first minutes you laugh hard with "Bramma goes boom"
  3. Khal have to be dubbed by Chuck Norris
  4. In the meantime the Mausolon which is a default weapon given for free with necramech still outshine all other prisma / kuva weapons (perhaps except if you manage to get a 60% ayanga kuva). before the nerf the grattler was OK but wasn't OP, after it's back to the middle ground of MR fodders, but that requires 2h of farming and 5 formas. P.S.: and remember that if the Mausolon would get nerfed, it would mean that Heavy guns would be lighter than pistols...
  5. Grendel can also swallow battalyst. Grendel with umbra forma, infused ensnare (replacing his 3rd) and a corrosive / crit Paracesis is a nice sentient hunter (1h in steel path survival in lua and no issues killing the battalyst / conculyst)
  6. My nightmare of a future Devstream : "we've gathered data on lich creation, and it seems that most liches / sisters are created on capture mission. Our envision of lich / sister is not consistent with spamming a single short mission but rather make them appear in a more immersive way, so we decided to change it and make them spawn in a unique random mission per eligible planet, the name of the mission will be flashing the same way as sentient anomaly" this is content /s
  7. Thx DE now the sailor moon cosplay is complete
  8. I guess that Loli fashionframe is what she's meant to be : a cute character for community managers "hometime" or other streamers who like to chill in Fortuna with their Kdrive. It reminds me pokemons that have bad stats except for beauty contests. They exist.
  9. Yes sure it works for the wukong bandwagon who nuke everything in public with a kuva bramma. "What did you expect ?"
  10. Just a friendly reminder that "on kill" as sole condition to trigger all ranged weapon buffs is bad if it was meant for high level, and is bad if it was meant to add weapon diversity.
  11. "The quest wasn't bad except the Kdrive part" "Before I ignored it, thanks to the quest now I hate it" Loli kawaï frame locked behind 5 buggy and tedious series of achievement of a useless minigame. It feels like a sort of Cringe fan service for Vtubers who don't know how to play the game but "just chat" doing fashionframe and Kdrive tricks.
  12. Nay It was aweful. No way to track your progression in mission so you have to write everything on a paper to check if you've finished You have to go back to the orbiter each time, while you do everything in orbvallis and then "exit" to fortuna, so it lead to a huge amount of useless loading time The "grind" detection is bad, so that part is just randomly jump in the pipe and wish to get the achievements. Appart from getting vent kids standing you don't gain anything relevant. Learning the Kdrive tricks are useless. You never use Kdrive as tenno dash / archwing are faster. And even as a part of the Kdrive mini-game you never do more than 2/3 tricks as you don't need them for the race and don't need more to get standing grinding from the vallis pipes. And it was 5 series of tricks, whereas 3 would have been enough. I you disliked kdrive, thx to DE now you hate it, and it didn't add anything useful to the game. Make the Kdrive worth it and perhaps I'll change my mind. Damage scaling with trick points, trick points scaling better when you perform different trick, a less strict collision detection (it's a hover board... the mere stone makes you fall, which makes Deimos races a real chore). And having secondary weapons useable was a bad idea, melee would have been better, but I guess it's too late now.
  13. Wisp 300%str, infused protea dispensary instead of her 4th. cast speed and HP mote, cast dispensary, and breach surge whenever you have some energy left. You may even find randos who thank you.
  14. I play since 2018 and there never was balance. Endless was all about smeeta for the loot (with pack leader and link health / armor), or Djinn for the respawn. Now you have a "better djinn" with panzer vulpaphyla : respawn, can revive you (i.e. same as djinn), but also is a viral status spammer. Recently DE is starting releasing bandaids for other pets : protea dispensary augment, and the new parazon mod to come, but panzer will still be better (it still proc viral status even dead, and the respawn doesn't specific conditions / actions)
  15. "On kill" even with the ability to pack mobs and kill them quickly wasn't effective. Nidus wasn't exactly meta and DE had to give him some stack in multiplayer...
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