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  1. I agree that critical damage scaling is an issue, and that it's further emphasized with critical damage from rivens. But without rivens, arcane or other specific buffs (for example flat CHC from kavat) it's not that imbalanced. And DE proved to don't care about balance, and won't change stuff as long as it's "usuable" (see invigoration buffs, and the current state of Yareli compared to Xaku)
  2. Viral + slash proc' is a biased tool against biased eHP due to armor scaling. Cap armor at lvl 50~60 values (keep sortie and steel path modifiers), then we could discuss about nerfing viral and slash. Like making viral half efficient than it actually is and slash dealing slash procs and not true damage, or slash true damage procs not being affected by viral, or whatever the nerf hammer will be. But let's be honest, once you nerf what's meta, you just create another meta. The question is whether the meta is somewhat intended (corrosive + fire are meant to be good against armors) or a side effect / semi glitch (viral buffing true damage from slash proc')
  3. Paracesis is now less useful, everybody with take their typical viral / slash melee mindlessly
  4. Sevagoth damage output comes from either 1+2, or shadow melee heavy attack, the shadow 1st is a good CC (pull and pack everything). So yes, it's kinda static, but not as much as Nidus or Vauban, much more like a Nekros with Nidus Larva. Yareli is... clunky. Without Merulina she's static, and with Merulina you have to move slowly and be cautious to avoid hitting your head in the wall, and the range of her spell aren't even that good. The worst being trying to deal damage with aquablades and having to run arround ennemies at the approriate range, with merulina it's a chore. The seashore frame was in fact a sea chore 😎
  5. Valkyr kit is outdated but : - she's still OK for steel path and Umbra forma are not that rare these days - you can infuse abilities with Helminth (bandaid) - Pablo said No rework (disappointment)
  6. Any status primer as primary or seconday with arcane dexterity and condition overload on your melee. Any ranged weapon that pack mobs, then melee into them (probocis cernos, ferrox)
  7. The ranged weapon buffs were made for steel path and aimed at making ranged closer than melee in term or efficiency. With that in mind, and due to how Steel path reward playing, survival is meant to be one of the main game mode (endless acolyte spawn, no issues as defense has with the "waves", void has 2 survival nodes to farm unvaulted relics in addition to acolyte spawn). In survival you have to make around 80 kills per minutes just to maintain survival %. With that in mind, the current AoE weapons are efficient but I don't feel that they are that much overkill in terms of kills per minute when using a random fun frame. It may be overkill if you find a good spot with Vauban, etc, but as melee are.
  8. Riven dispo shouldn't get lower than 0.75 Below this value it's worse than a 60/60 element mod About the OP imho the main "issue" with rivens is crit chance / crit damage which scales badly.
  9. What do you mean by making shields matter ? The current state of the game : only shieldgating matters for late game content, except if you have a big shield pool in addition with RD. What changed with protea is that you have an easy way to make everybody have maxed overshield (even easier/faster than mag 4th or hildryn 3rd), making base shield values even less relevant. Making shield better with the need of a mod that doesn't fit in our current builds will have to prove itself to be worth it. Making shields better without being totally OP due to how easy to get overshield, or making Hildryn unkillable will also not be easy. So I think that making shield gating duration scaling with base shield (and get negative numbers if shield is below base value) would be more fair than current value. RD can be a way to make shields count, but it needs to be looked at closely to avoid immortal hildryn, or protea. Imho a warframe arcane that gives RD on shield after casting an ability, with a cooldown and a duration based on energy spent would be a good way. For example for a warframe arcane maxed : 90% RD on shield after casting an ability last for "energy/10 seconds", 3 seconds cooldown. For Hildryn : energy is replaced by shield spent divided by 2.5 Has no effect on energy drain. But even this way I'm not sure that I'll use redirection except for Hildryn
  10. I don't want Assault rifle to do AoE, but I do want to kill mobs with a few shots with some headshots from an assault rifle and not to take a full magazine (if not more). Take the baza as an example, with hunter munition and a viral build you can do an Adaro in steel path, but it's not enough for Selkie. (High rof still has its use as a tool but not a weapon in Mot or against corpus because how nullies bubble works)
  11. Take rof into account, and it's not that hard to have full auto guns as deadly as launchers in terms or kills per minutes, semi auto single target I agree that they will be less desirable.
  12. My concern is the kill per minute in SP survival. I managed to make my twin grakata deadly enough but it implied a good Riven, Galvanized mods, arcane, and either Harrow with infused the 75% ammo efficiency (or more obviously Banshee) It also apply to Baza prime, Kuva karak, kuva quatrakk, etc. In the mean time the Stropha with 1 forma is a better ranged weapon...
  13. "Focus on new content" feels bad when new content is randomly either crap (yareli, deimos arcane) or so OP that it get nerfed if it get noticed (insert meta weapon nerf). "we're releasing stuff that is barely tested but seemed cool during the meeting, the art team made a great work, we don't know if it'll be useful appart for captura, but be sure that post release we'll do minimal effort because another cool idea popped during last meeting and you'll have new good looking stuff coming in 3 months" Tbh at this point they almost should release new stuff as skins.
  14. Single target weapons don't do enough damage compared to meta AoE weapons. And meta AoE weapons barely do enough damage compared to melee. You can use them with banshee or Harrow but a straight damage buff for most of them would be welcome.
  15. My issues with the nullies is more the amount of them than the game mechanics. Kinda the same with ancient disruptor or parasitic eximus. I don't know if the spawn type and rates are documented somewhere.
  16. As expected.... Thank you for the advice that reflect your deep knowledge of the game, I main Mag and did most steel path with her. With 2~3 nullies in each corridor you can't rely on pull, you can't rely on your bubble, even the augment of her 3rd doesn't work that much, and her 4 is almost useless. The only thing to do is to go brr with a high rof weapon while being invincible with rolling guard or spamming 3 for shieldgating
  17. They are scary, past 20min in survival there will be a tons of ancient disruptors, parasitic eximus, toxin clouds. And you're starting to struggle with energy. Past lvl 250, toxin ancient 1HKO a wisp with over 2000HP if you get hit by the autoaim hook Past 80min in steelpath 1700HP / 1000+ armor (+some shield) ain't enough to yolo carelessly in melee. Infested are far more scarier than grineers.
  18. Now I can play world of tank in warframe with my gloom prime sure footed grendel with my kuva bramma. Slow and purposeful
  19. Bring back the old Zenistar and old gas, at least we used to have a good tool against corpus. Jupiter SP survival is a test to see how long you can deal with nullies without getting filled with rage : regular nullies, flying nullies, melee nullies... Of course I'm expecting some 1337 edgy veteran to answer something like "learn to play the game", "Octavia EzPz" or "git gud", with the addition of "back in those days nullies were harder to kill", "[high rof weapon] goes brrr" Tbh it doesn't change the fact that nullies makes most caster frames useless, even those supposed to deal magnetic damage which is supposed to be less bad against corpus. Selkie on sedna is one of the most populated SP mission for a good reason : grineers
  20. There are different categories of augments : bandaids, useless and good stuff. For "new frames" I prefer changes than bandaids, and I don't expect good stuff soon as the frame is quite new. And useless augments... are useless.
  21. Liches / sisters should lock the door the same as Stalker and defeating the Lich should reward the same amount of murmur to other players (the lich/sister owner should only get murmurs if he try to stab her) This way you would less avoid her and the only one who would be impacted would be the lich owner.
  22. Which sortie modifier ? A random one at each mission ? You really want to double deep the "increased armor" of grineer ? I really don't want anything that feels like the crappy mayhem from bl3. But specific modifiers from nightmare or sortie, set for specific missions could be ok, such as eximus stronghold and timed for capture, health vampire for exterminate. But imagine what would be the result of "radiation defense" ? Limbo to make it EzPz Oh and +100 ain't enough and endless spawn starting at rotation A ain't great either. +250 lvl would be better (damage wise) and enemy units spawing as if it was at least the equivalent of "rotation c" in endless would be better.
  23. I farmed 3 grendel so far and I don't regret. 1 for the exilus augment of his 4th, 1 for the helminth and 1 umbra / primed sure-footed. He's great at tanking and dealing damage (on corpus, if you can get rid of the nullies), and you can replace his 3rd for something else : gloom, ensnare, etc. He's good enough for 1h of "casual" steelpath survival against any faction. (You don't have to pay much attention to his HP, you don't have to do a spell rotation of his powers every 20s, you don't have to spam powers for shieldgating, but you can). The only drawback is that the best use of him is to use his 1st : get ~10 corpus crewmen in your gut then use his 2 for the energy buff then vomit. And vomiting dozen of people 3 times per minutes is a bit boring for long runs.
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