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  1. Important sound / audio question for me: When will we get a repressing of the fantastic soundtrack on vinyl? Maybe now including We All Lift Together. Would be really nice. Good job sound design team in general. I find Warframe to sound really good on my soundsystem. Thank you.
  2. A crewship started to spawn exactly the moment I returned to Dojo after finished mission. Which caused the crewship to spawn in the dry dock. It actually shoots and can kill you, which is bad as in the Dojo you can't klick on revive. You have to leave it. https://imgur.com/a/pUv0Rh2
  3. This sounds all like reasonable changes. Thank you!
  4. How to finish Railjack mission if host is out of revives and nobody can access navigation? Love Railjack so far.
  5. It also broke Larkspur. See video here: https://imgur.com/sksQT9b
  6. Did you guys just nerf Larkspur recharge rate into a bottomless pit? Look at that recharge speed in the video after the hotfix: https://imgur.com/sksQT9b
  7. you can actually do that. Press ESC while in your orbiter and select Instrinsic. (Might be under Profile)
  8. No, I really like that this is mostly cosmetic. I love Warframe and I like to support it without getting to much paid to win. If it would be a weapon pack for the Railjack I would not buy it as it spoils the fun. So here DE, take my money. Thanks for being awesome.
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