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  1. I guess it could feel like it, it significantly depends on what feature update you are on. The options regarding windows 7 to windows 10..is more like it being displaced.
  2. I mean, the store isn't entirely useless, it's actually used for updating most built-in apps, in which you can uninstall them now(Forgot the list of uninstallable apps). There are some good things in the store, such as QuickLook https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NV4BS3L1H4S or https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBLGGH4PNC7 Game controller tester. Though I can see why most people consider it bloatware, however I just disagree on the reinstall some crapware, that just doesn't hold true for me atleast. I haven't seen a single app get reinstalled for me without my permission. For example when setting up windows 10 it installs the base app, then through the Microsoft Store, it updates those apps, you can unpin all those games, and they won't download. As for other crapware, you can uninstall most of them and use VLC instead of Movies and TV. Just elaborate for the Windows 10 Without permission part, it's something said but isn't explained at all.
  3. They kinda stopped it, I know they have paid support packages, and the support is more of "emergencies" and the antivirus updates...but if you prefer windows 7 I won't stop you, I honestly I find the new updates significantly upgraded the performance and stability of windows 10. I'm waiting for 20H1 to drop, because the build 1909 was focused specially on bug fixes and performance. I can see why people see the other features as spyware, but I take it seriously and modify the settings in privacy for it. I also find that gaming, on windows 7 may die out, but that will be for a while, since Directx12 still isn't used in everything yet, like warframe obviously, but it will probably be in around 3 years maybe. Following the end of its extended support period, ESUs will be available to all Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise customers with volume licensing through January 2023. Microsoft is charging on a per-device basis, with Windows 7 Pro users paying more than Windows 7 Enterprise customers—the company aims to move more businesses onto the latter platform. From https://www.techspot.com/news/78629-microsoft-reveals-how-much-windows-7-extended-support.html Thanks for your input.
  4. How do you guys feel about this? I'm using windows 10, and I like it a lot. The fixed pretty much everything for me tbh, I'm just wondering about other players, since sometimes their setup won't change. In my point of view I find that windows 10 is much better than windows 7 with a SSD. and I don't want to start flame wars against me or you so I'll just keep it brief. I like windows 10, do not hate me. If you do have questions, please do not "attack" question like say "Windows 10 is ugliest OS out there, your opinion sucks" I find that this is the quickest way to derail this conversation. Keep it concise pls. Relevance to Warframe: Just in general how you feel Microsoft Edge Is replacing their EDGE HTML BROWSER with a CHROMIUM on the Jan 15th Honestly, I find this to be a great change, but they nuked their epub features.
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