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  1. You should have the XORIS(melee) to defeat the frame, it takes 1 minute to craft. If not, got to cephalon simaris and check if you have the weapon. Send a support ticket to fix the issue, and explain it in detail.
  2. sent a ticket around 8-2-2020, still no email to enter into the prompt, nor reward.
  3. It only showed the leaderboard and then disappeared, there was no instream window prompt to enter an email address. I heard in another post, numbers of contestants were duplicated, and I was not fullscreen and did not tab away.
  4. I didn't get a pop-up email, and this is probably the cause 161k 3188th place warframe trivia
  5. Same, I think it's bugged honestly, or it could be a long queue for it to process. It's 30minutes for the drop on any panel, which I suppose is the main warframe channel hosting and warframe partners. I heard some people got the hand cannon, but others are waiting. --edit-- I got the hand cannon, I had to manually open the inbox.
  6. "Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission."
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