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  1. it's called a quick seller, if he has too much quantity, prices will drop due to demand. If you don't want to quick sell, don't go for that price. "this player is selling "nonexistent" and "unavailable" pieces on the market devaluing really "existing" and "available" pieces on market" Welp, that's something to report on their site isn't it?
  2. While Less is sometimes more, like the removal of the sentinel quest. Which is eh idk, and how good some short quests are they aren't bad. The problem is they introduce something, and it takes like 1-2 years to *complete* or maybe 3 months to get in a satisfying state.
  3. Changed from Dev ring to stable, game boots up properly
  4. Still crashing on DX12 loading into login, anyone have an idea on how to fix? Fullscreen RTX2060 super Ryzen 5 1600 AB350-Gaming 3 24GB of ram, 3 slots used. 2133mhz (underclocked.) WAR-2975574 Windows 10 Dev Ring 20262.1010
  5. WAR-2975574 Crashed at login after disabiling fullscreen from the launcher. RTX2060 super Ryzen 5 1600 AB350-Gaming 3
  6. I don't really know if I agree, on the high speed target lock seems interesting, but warframe doesn't have bullet magentism to my knowledge as a aim assist. So it could be like the railjack main weapon/gun temp lock. Also that would make the pursuit mission too easy. Lastly you have to aim the Projectory of bullets to the canisters.
  7. Everything is good except for the Viral and Radiation. Viral is good enough as is, and Radiation already stacks on inflicted-to-inflicted damage. As for corrosive, I really don't know if that's a good idea.
  8. You disable the main thruster, aka the one engine at the back. Then you destroy the 4x Canisters Exposed on the Pursuit Target. This is similar to the outrider targets that allow you to destroy them quickly if you shoot their exposed canisters. They are called engines I think, but they are yellow in the purisuit mission. You destroy all 4 yellow thingies then protect it for a minute for extraction.
  9. I can agree onto the invisible objects, they are typically around pillars towers. Invisible asteroids? idk anymore but about the hull ruptures, it's been the same for me though I haven't played it much after deimos dropped.
  10. I can't even boot into the game, with Directx12 enabled CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 Super 24gb of ram AB350-gaming-3 Using a ultrawide monitor 2560x1080 resolution.
  11. The corpus black seed made the juggernaut behemoth, so no. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Seed Nvm they just released the behemoth. But still I don't like it.
  12. Well, I removed my first response since it was getting too long. I don't like the first suggestion because of the archwing flight model idea, I think it's terrible in general, and charging while sprinting sounds nice, but I prefer it to be just separate, and remove the charge altogether. Mastering momentum with Zehpyr is what I prefer, not changing ability usage. Turbulence damage reduction is redundant, that's my issue, having two damage reducing abilties on one ability? that's not a good idea for the balance team. Tornado, no. Tornado is used when there are enemies nearby, they in
  13. As a zephyr player, I do not agree on the first ability changes and the other changes are subjective, when I want to use tailwind, I just tap. Chargeable while running sounds interesting, but you have to realize it's just not practical, when you release it, you have to move with it. Archwing model? Are you kidding me? no. Archwing is literally designed for a complete moveset swap, I think you want a curve for tailwind, but my problem with is that, when you have a high duration build, the tailwind animation goes on forvever, and you can't melee slam out of it, or control momentum in midair. I
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