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  1. it's called a quick seller, if he has too much quantity, prices will drop due to demand. If you don't want to quick sell, don't go for that price.

    • "this player is selling "nonexistent" and "unavailable" pieces on the market devaluing really "existing" and "available" pieces on market"

    Welp, that's something to report on their site isn't it?

  2. While Less is sometimes more, like the removal of the sentinel quest. Which is eh idk, and how good some short quests are they aren't bad.

    The problem is they introduce something, and it takes like 1-2 years to *complete* or maybe 3 months to get in a satisfying state.

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  3. I don't really know if I agree, on the high speed target lock seems interesting, but warframe doesn't have bullet magentism to my knowledge as a aim assist. So it could be like the railjack main weapon/gun temp lock.

    Also that would make the pursuit mission too easy.

    Lastly you have to aim the Projectory of bullets to the canisters.

  4. 12 minutes ago, (XBOX)V4L4KH said:

    Seriously, did your team beta tested this before release?, because the hit defs on that damn ship are waaaaaaaaay off and I mean off like shooting-them-at-point-blank-causes-no-damage off, and melee is utterly useless, so can you explain me exaclty how am I supposed to destroy the damn thing if I can´t damage it?


    You disable the main thruster, aka the one engine at the back.

    Then you destroy the 4x Canisters Exposed on the Pursuit Target.

    This is similar to the outrider targets that allow you to destroy them quickly if you shoot their exposed canisters.

    They are called engines I think, but they are yellow in the purisuit mission.

    You destroy all 4 yellow thingies then protect it for a minute for extraction.

  5. 1 hour ago, (NSW)WesFX said:

    To be honest, I'm not even sure we're understanding each other, because your comments about Tailwind sounds cryptic to me. These are all additions to the current kit, not replacement really, which I will update and clarify in the original post in a moment.

    Tailwind already has three function. The dash in the direction of your aim, the slam to the ground, and this hover state I was mentioning. That state doesn't have a practical use, so I was offering changes to it to add some use. Archwing's flight model is only about movement, and you can melee slam out of it, which is a nice idea :)

    The Turbulence suggestion is only an additional layer of damage reduction, under the wind redirection sphere. This is definitely in need of clarification.

    The addition to Tornado is not about the function of an individual tornado. I assume Tornado gets criticized frequently, and it seemed like your response was being leveled at these collective criticisms. I like Tornado, but as my suggestion offered, it falters greatly with a range build since the Tornados easily spawn far away from you for important CC. "Don't build for range" would be an understandable response, but with the introduction of Helminth and ability replacement, I don't think it's relevant to suggest we only build frames in one or two ways.


    Well, I removed my first response since it was getting too long. I don't like the first suggestion because of the archwing flight model idea, I think it's terrible in general, and charging while sprinting sounds nice, but I prefer it to be just separate, and remove the charge altogether. Mastering momentum with Zehpyr is what I prefer, not changing ability usage.

    Turbulence  damage reduction is redundant, that's my issue, having two damage reducing abilties on one ability? that's not a good idea for the balance team.

    Tornado, no. Tornado is used when there are enemies nearby, they instantly spawn right below them, you don't use tornado ever when they enimies are far away, 

    Arguably they aren't standalone turrets but they can be guided to bundle up enemies if used correctly.

    I didn't say build for range, I'm saying to use the ability as it's intended, the Torandos form up on reticle I have never been in your issue where tornado's don't actually spawn in front of a threatning group in front of you. that's more of of how the abiltiy works.

    "I don't think it's relevant to suggest we only build frames in one or two ways." wtf does this even mean, please elaborate. You can mod and use helemith abilties. 

    Or is this a complaint for Steel Path? 

    My problem is that these suggestions feel so out of place for a frame like zephyr, no-one builds for strenght on zephyr, why damage reduction? Range is also somewhat of a factor, but that's pretty much relegated to tailwind. It just feels like an instead of using the helemith to adjust the frame to your liking, you want to just give buffs to improve one particular playstyle, and while I like buffs. I feel like this is just too much.


    Again I don't want to sound mean, I just really don't like how these suggestions to really fit into the playstyle that zephyr players use.

    This sounds more like you want to cut gravity in half on a frame (via a mod) and use helemith to copy a ability to another frame.

    If it was a change to promote the playstyle of airborne damage reduction, like staying in mid-air gives passive evasive effect, with turbulence, then maybe.

    Otherwise I really find these changes to feel so shafted to replacing abilties with the helemith.

  6. As a zephyr player, I do not agree on the first ability changes and the other changes are subjective, when I want to use tailwind, I just tap. Chargeable while running sounds interesting, but you have to realize it's just not practical, when you release it, you have to move with it.  Archwing model? Are you kidding me? no. Archwing is literally designed for a complete moveset swap, I think you want a curve for tailwind, but my problem with is that, when you have a high duration build, the tailwind animation goes on forvever, and you can't melee slam out of it, or control momentum in midair. I would prefer if the animation for gaining speed was shortend, and was only decreased by casting speed. I also would like a bit more control in midair.

    Airburst- I don't really care for damage to me it's more of how you move the enemies either toward you, or away.

    Turbulence, just read the ability and it's stats. it doesn't do it completely for hitscan when standing still, redirects non-hitscan projectiles. and doesn't do a thing for melee obviously.

    Changing it to Damage Reduction is a bad idea, it's already designed to redirect projectiles, making it feel less interesting to mod for, you can just use DR and Turbulence. For BOTH of them on, no. I really think it's WAY to much for a ability to have redirection of most projectiles, and damage reduction. it's not like Gara were you have to use it in tandem with abilities, it's something separate.

    Tornado, just don't do anything to it. If you use it smartly you can quickly charge up the Entrai's Weapon set, Speculcrum Trumma ETC.

    Damage Transfers as if it's hitting one Target, to each target, without a split. This is FAR better than hydroid's puddle, and unlike the puddle, Status Effects Transfer and spread without split to my knowledge, I still have to test, played valkyr too much.


    The problem with many reworks suggested is that they intend to change mechanics entirely and how a playstyle works.

    Zephyr is a tricky frame to change since it runs on the line of "Simple" and "Bird"

    However, if you know how to balance CC with this frame, it can work wonders in missions. It's just not a DPS Frame, nor does it need more "Charging" mechanics tied to it.


    I really don't want to sound like I'm mean, but I really do not like these suggestions, they don't do much to improve the playstyle, and they just feel like complaints instead.

  7. 1 hour ago, 3mptylord said:

    Sorry, I swear your reply wasn't here yesterday. This is exactly why I want to make the change on Titania, specifically - because nullifers break the flow. 

    Your counter-concerns are fair, and it's why I proposed that an exilus mod could function as an opt-in alternative. I appreciate that different people will have different opinions on what will constitute as breaking their momentum. 

    Another way to make it opt-in would be a toggle in the options. "Transformed frames are prevented from entering nullifiers: On / Off"

    Opt in is well, a bad idea. It changes the active punishment to something toggleable. It's better to not do that in general.

    Exilus on the other hand sounds like a good idea.

  8. Because it would break the flow of gameplay and consistency? I just don't like it either since even if you get out of razorwing you can melee them quickly down anyway. 

    Also I feel the same way for other frames, having a bubble stop you is far worse than just having the abiltiy disabled or weakened(Saryn spores) and the one-shotting the guy.

    I'm not a titania main, but as a zephyr and valkyr player I would dread if tailwind and hysteria simply bounced on a nullifier bubble.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Letter13 said:

    The popup was an in-stream window (not a browser popup) that prompted you for your e-mail address. 

    It only showed the leaderboard and then disappeared, there was no instream window prompt to enter an email address.

    I heard in another post, numbers of contestants were duplicated, and I was not fullscreen and did not tab away.




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  10. Same, I think it's bugged honestly, or it could be a long queue for it to process.

    It's 30minutes for the drop on any panel, which I suppose is the main warframe channel hosting and warframe partners.

    I heard some people got the hand cannon, but others are waiting.


    I got the hand cannon, I had to manually open the inbox.

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