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  1. Rendering bugs in the far distance, only occur in DirextX 12
  2. Same here! I restarted it like 4 times and I didn't receive them. Also I checked if the account was linked and is all correct
  3. A jet set Excalibur Umbra enjoying the fresh smoke of a pipe
  4. En verdad la evasión (la probabilidad de que un disparo te de de lleno o no) se mantiene con disparos y golpes normales, pero los ataques AdE (Area de efecto) en vez de tener evasión lo que tienen es reducción de daño (ya que el daño de área no funciona bien con la evasión porque es un área de daño continuado en el tiempo, lo que hace que la evasión sea prácticamente inútil porque sí o sí te va a dar en algún momento) así que el área de efecto te va a hacer un 25% menos de daño, que es mejor que esquivar un 25% de daño entrante continuado.
  5. It's have a proper proc: bullet attractor, that's the green bubble you can see sometimes in enemies when you're attacking with the operator. That's the viral effect actually.
  6. I was hunting an Eidolon with friends in Cetus, then I used Voidrig's ult to kill one of the parts of the eidolon, my necramech was killed and then my tenno, I enter in bleedout in tenno mode, a friend resurrect me but I couldn't use the transference, so my tenno dies permanently, and I had all resurrect charges. The problem was that I had all the lures that also get bugged, following my corpse, so they became useless. Edit: I didn't get any resource from the mission, even the ones before of the bug.
  7. You can autohack unlimited consoles with a necramech (in Plains of Eidolon for example) and the console remains active, so you can farm affinity very easily
  8. I main a lot of bullets hose weapons (like Imperator Vandal) and I hate when I don't make almost damage because I have FPS drops (in open worlds that happens like 95% of the times) because the fire rate drops with them. I know that having a good frame rate in open worlds is hard to achieve, but it will be cool if, for example, this type of weapons increase their damage with the time between frames or something like that, maybe it won't be the same but at least we could make damage.
  9. Sly vulpaphyla is useless right now, why would I need evasion if I'll lose it whenever I hit an enemy? Someone said to me that is useful for running away, but if I want to run away I prefer to enter in void mode and start to dashing like hell It's a pitty because I was very hyped with this foxy
  10. The first fox in the game and is kinda useless, I love it ¬_¬
  11. I'm creating my first vulpaphyla and I was going to buy the plagen antigen (because the "fluffy" mane looks cool to me) and I realized that antigen will put a naramon polarity (the dash) in the vulpaphyla. There's only one naramon mod for companions, animal instinct, and is not a mod you can find useful in certain builds (as defensive or offensive builds, only is useful in a farm build or something), and I think this is a problem because no one will use the ibexean and the plagen antigens because is kinda useless due to the lack of naramon companion mods. Naramon mods are mods focuss
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