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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Whenever I try to close the game it apparently closes, but the icon remains on my taskbar (as if it were running in background, but actually no) consuming all my memory and I need to close it by the task administrator VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I know this happens on my computer after the release of the new railjack update (more or less), I don't know if anyone else has this same problem EXPECTED RESULT: Warframe closes successfully without consuming all my computer resources OBSERVED RESULT: The process softlocks and I need to force the clos
  2. As you can see here I put all the colors in black but the diriga still has the default ones
  3. Ok, the system is completely broke, it's not only a bad design decision
  4. The rewards for having your Railjack before the update reward the tennos who has been playing Railjack a lot and, for some reason, the tier you deserve is calculated via the improvements in your network matrix. I have the maximum of avionic capacity and I maxed almost the entire net (except two slots), that's because I didn't have enough capacity to put one avionic in the third tactic slot and in the first combat slot, and maxing that network nodes would be a wasting of dirac due obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean I haven't played enough Railjack to deserve the tier 3. I had
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