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  1. According to the wiki we should be having the Plague Star Event return on the 12th June, is this still a thing? Operation: Plague Star is a recurring event introduced Update 22.3, where players are tasked to destroy an Infested meteorite that crashes in the Plains of Eidolon, with its passengers threatening to overwhelm both Ostron and Grineeralike. On the PC build, the event originally began on November 15, 2017 and ran until November 27, 2017. Unlike most events in WARFRAME, Operation: Plague Star is a recurring event, with the Infested "boil" regrowing every several months and the Tenno are called on to cull it once more. Its first rerun began on April 5, 2018 and ended April 17, 2018, and its second rerun began on September 19, 2018 and ended on September 30, 2018, and its console rerun started on November 2, 2018 and ended on November 13, 2018. The third rerun for PC is set to run on the week of June 12, 2019. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Operation:_Plague_Star
  2. The #1 auto-correct search term for "warframe helios" is: warframe helios not scanning I've been trying to figure out why both my Helios & Helios Prime don't scan a damn thing anymore, not tones, not frame-fighter data, no items not already in the codex, NOTHING. Apparently this is a widespread issue and not a single one of the top forums posts here or anywhere else on the internet has shown that ahh this has been fixed. It can't possibly be the case that the primary reason anyone would ever us Helios (to automatically scan things) has been broken for years can it? I've tried everything. Sol Battery Widget 100+ codex scanner charges un-equip and re-equip scanner charges un-equip and re-equip only the 'investigator' in top left mod slot nothing works, Helios is completely worthless it seems unless someone has a magical fix for this that I haven't been able to find in the top 50 results on google. Help?
  3. I completely disagree with nearly every presumption you have here, and I often use capitals for EMPHASIS btw. Allow me to demonstrate precisely why your assertions are misguided, what is the BiS {UTILITY} mod if we were to add +1 additional mod slot? +Ammo +Magazine +Reload +Range +Bullet Velocity -Noise +Duration +/- Zoom +Radius -Recoil -Holster Is there a single BiS {UTILITY} mod from that list that applies across the board in every build for the current META? The answer is NO, it depends on the weapon, the use case and the users preference As stated numerous times, I don't believe any additional slots need to be {DAMAGE} based, that would just introduce more power creep. But adding additional slots absolutely would improve the functionality and experience of the weapons or WarFrames tailored to the users preference it just has to be done in a nuanced manner. It's not my objective simply to improve the 'metagame', which btw can change from month to month as newer synergies are discovered, it's to make weapon modding more varied and fun. You can look at games like StarCraft, the meta changes from patch to patch or season to season and even after being available for 15+ years players are still discovering new and interesting meta in professional tournaments, so it very much is a dynamic and unpredictable force that is subject to change. OverWatch is another contradictory example to your assertions, as the current meta that NOBODY predicted is using 3 tanks and 3 supports without any DPS characters; which is different from the meta in 2018, 2017, 2016 and so on. FYI, the current 3/3 meta is H-A-T-E-D by the community and has made the OverWatch League extremely boring both to watch and play as every team always picks the same 6 characters in every match (hmm that sounds like our current modding system). This is why you should never build a game or system around a particular meta especially when it reduces player choice; in fact you should try to get players to move away from the meta as that often locks players into a single build or composition. It's the exact reason why Blizzard is patching that out soon by introducing a 2 DPS - 2 TANK - 2 SUPPORT tournament requirement instead which actually opens up the game, as contradictory as that might seem at first. In actual practice, by introducing a character type limit (affix) into OverWatch the gameplay, variation of matches and overall fun of the game has actually been vastly improved! I predict the same principle applies to modding systems, with the caveat that if you give us 8-12-16 mod slots we'll all be using the same 8-12-16 damage mods because damage is always the underlying drive behind any META, it's boring and predictable. However, by adding {AFFIXES} to mod slots in much the same way OverWatch adds character type limits to their games, you can actually open up the range of possible playstyles rather than reduce them. Finally, it's not my mod disposition idea, it's a mechanic already built into the game for Riven's and already has a proven effect upon weapon viability; it absolutely does everything to change certain weapons. The difference between a Riven disposition of 1 and disposition of 5 can greatly affect whether that riven -and thus weapon- is trash tier, or GOD tier. A 100% status chance build before multi-shot on the KOHM with a Riven disposition of 5 focused on status chance takes the KOHM from being a good mid-tier auto shotgun, to a GOD-TIER endgame top 3 weapon (actually Leyzar, Tactical Potatoe, Brozime and I consider a 100% status chance KOHM to be the best weapon in the game in most scenarios but it requires a high disposition Riven to get there) Apply the same principle to every mod, allowing DE to augment the mod dispositions based on popularity and you might find some current trash tier mods give your weapons or WarFrames some unforeseen god tier abilities.
  4. As mentioned in the OP the main issue I see with modding is that there is no room for build variety unless you are willing to significantly reduce your damage for slight gains in utility. Despite there being thousands of mods available across multiple weapon categories, 95% of players will simply use <1% of the top mods giving +damage +multishot +cc + cd +elemental. DE knows this, and they should be able to see the usage per mod on their backend (could DE please publish the usage by weapon/mods?). So we have access to 1,000's of mods, 90% of them however generally suck and will never be used, 9% of them can be situational, and 1% fit into the essential/mandatory spots. I do agree that many of the {UTILITY} mods are somewhat lacklustre when compared to the %'s you can get out of some primed {DAMAGE} mods and while buffing will help slightly, the ugly truth remains; the most effective builds may give you only 1 single slot to play with without gimping your build massively and most META builds have 0 slots to play with. IMO even buffing all the {UTILITY} mods to take up 1 slot isn't a viable option for 'modding' because you still just have 1 slot to play with. One way or another you HAVE to either put in more mod slots, or else restrict the mod slots based on the AFFIX's which by itself I don't think would work (people would rage so damn hard if you did that retroactively). Thus one approach would be to add additional affix restricted slots, and it wouldn't have to be free as stated above you would have to earn it e.g. if you want +1 additional mod slot you would have to {ENFUSE} a mod into a weapon consuming that very expensive mod, and only gain a {UTILITY} or {CHANCE} slot NO more {DAMAGE} to mitigate the power creep. As Scott has said on stream, they've tried numerous minor iterations and nothing has worked, you need a revision to the system not minor tweaks at this point or else we'll be stuck with the same thing for the next few years with no room for improvement. Even if you buffed every single utility mod by +200%, at most you'll have 1 slot available otherwise you're losing out on too much damage, this is the dilemma players face on EVERY game and the bias is heavily skewed towards damage enhancement over every other mod criteria. On my Arca Plasmor for example, the most fun I have is by adding +Fire Rate (shotgun spazz) +Reload (chilling reload) +Range (Fatal Acceleration) +Punch Through (Seeking Fury). No it's not ideal, I have to use pure damage builds for higher level content but I have the most fun with my 4/10 {UTILITY} mods added. 90% of the other mods unfortunately aren't compelling enough to integrate on their own merits and that's an issue DE will have to address. They actually already have a system that *could* potentially address the weak mods issue which I'd submit as a 4th suggestion: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION 4: {MOD DISPOSITION} All mods minimum/maximum values can be augmented based on their usage much like Rivens, most popular MODS get disposition of 1, weakest and most unused mods get disposition up to 5. A dynamic system for mod power based on popularity could be a very effective way to boost the use of many of the weaker mods that most of us wouldn't even consider putting on except for low level content. By itself, it still won't solve the essential mod issue, or the number of mod slots but together with everything above could help considerably in making modding fun again. Serration, Hells Chamber, Point Blank all get mod dispositions of 1 out the gate those are essential mods, but giving the worst mods a disposition of 5 could buff those values tremendously and if it could be done automatically say every month, after a year or so you would have a very nice balancing effect across the MODS pool.
  5. The biggest issue I have with modding weapons in this game, is that there's not much room for build variety. If you watch iFlynn, TacticalPotatoe, LifeofRio, Leyzar, etc., they all use the exact same mods, as do most players min-maxing or going for "meta", with the only real difference being swapping out 60/60 mods for 90 elemental or using hunter munitions over critical overload depending upon crit/status. If you are lucky, you *MIGHT* have one mod slot free to put in something you like. <<for me, that is the main reason why we need these changes, greater build variety without power creeping. Unfortunately, the current system negates nearly all the 1,000's of other mods in the game as you would never give up +150% crit/damage/multi-shot/elemental for anything less generally. The natural tendency of any gamer will generally be to max out damage; if we only have 8 slots we'll put in 8 damage mods, give us 16 mod slots we'll put in 16 damage mods and now you've only exacerbated the power creep issue that plagues many games (e.g. A max level char in Diablo 3 on release using legendary gear would crit for hundreds of thousands damage xxx,xxx, but after years of powercreep, players are getting crits into the hundreds of billions-trillions damage x,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx and it got so bad you couldn't read the damn numbers coming out!) Adding more mod slots by itself won't help the power creep issue, unless you have an interesting mechanic that limits those additional slots to non damage dealing mods. The fact is we have many essential/mandatory mods that should never under any circumstances be changed no matter what build you are going. This is an issue touched upon across countless threads, streams, rants and tweets, so here are some ideas that may be worth contemplating either on their own merits, or as a combination of reworks to the entire modding system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION 1: Add an additional {AFFIX} to mod slots besides polarity, to differentiate between DAMAGE / CHANCE / UTILITY This step would allow DE to introduce additional slots under the condition that players can't just add all damage dealing mods. Here are some examples under each category: {DAMAGE} mods: All raw +Damage, +Damage to Faction, +60/60 mods, +Impact/+Puncture/+Slash, +Elemental, +Multi-shot, +Fire Rate {CHANCE} mods: All +Crit chance, +Status chance, +Chance on Hit, +Chance on Kill, etc. {UTILITY} mods: +Ammo, +Magazine, +Reload, +Range, +Bullet Velocity, -Noise, +Duration, +/- Zoom, +Radius, -Recoil, -Holster, etc. You could argue that {CHANCE} mods are essentially {DAMAGE} mods so then you'd only need (2) affixes. But in either case, we can have some fun theory crafting some combination of damage / chance / utility slots for each weapon or just across the board. Let's say just for example, maybe all non-prime weapons keep the current 8 slots, prime versions and uniques (vandal, prisma, wraith, etc) could have 10 slots. Would it be too much to ask for the future Opticor Vandal Prime to have 12 slots? :P Could you take the standard issue Braton MK-1 with 8 slots and make 1-2 of those slots retroactively mandatory {UTILITY} mods only without people screaming about nerfs? Maybe not, if so then DE could simply add + 2 slots to the Braton Prime as +1 {CHANCE} and +1 {UTILITY} or just +2 {UTILITY} which would be an overall buff without too much power creep and give players another reason to strive for those Primed/Unique versions of each weapon. Maybe different weapons have different combinations of affixes, just for fun lets say: BRATON MK-1: 4x {DAMAGE} 2x {CHANCE}, 2x {UTILITY} BRATON PRIME: 5x {DAMAGE, 2x {CHANCE}, 3x {UTILITY} BURSTON PRIME: 6x {DAMAGE}, 3x {CHANCE}, 1x {UTILITY} If some/additional slots are polarized/affixed, it could open up the pathway to allowing multiple {UTILITY} mods of the same types as well without breaking the game. Want that super fast reload speed? Want ungodly magazine capacity? Super long range shotgun? If you're willing to swap out some damage for that awesomeness then go ahead and stack some {UTILITY} mods for that ultimate trololol build. If you wanted to add RNG to the mix, then perhaps the same weapons can drop with a different combination of affixes forcing players to ahhhhh nope nevermind, I can already feel the nerdrage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION 2: {ENFUSE} permanently integrates a single maxed rank mod into a weapon, consuming it in the process Don't want to give players free mod slots for all their weapons across the board? Ok, then let us sacrifice for it, by allowing us to {ENFUSE} 1-2 mods permanently into a weapon at the cost of consuming that mod (it's removed from your inventory and can't be used on any other weapons)! Oh you really want that extra {UTILITY} slot on your Braton Prime? Ok, then {ENFUSE} a fully modded Serration into it and start leveling up another one for your other rifles (DE Space Mom can be heard laughing maniacally in the background). I certainly wouldn't do this on just any weapon, but if it mean't getting some extra {CHANCE} or {UTILITY} slot then it would be well worth the effort imo! You could debate as to whether or not Primed mods would be allowed or better yet, ONLY allow primed mods to be Enfused... WEW lads, that hurts just thinking about it,but it's that good kind of hurt, like the first time you uhhh, nevermind This would help us to take some mandatory/essential mods out of rotation and give us more wiggle room for our builds. It would be a pretty big credit/endo/plat dump but there are definitely a few weapons we love that would be worthy to {ENFUSE}. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUGGESTION 3: {FISSION} splits a single mod slot into a 50/50 mod slot allowing players to fit two different mods of the same polarity/affix into a single slot I think most of us enjoy playing around with the 60/60 and Amalgam mods, and this represents the natural logical continuation of that idea dialed to 11. {FISSION} actually solves several problems while adding some fun to the modding process: increases the effective number of mod slots available without actually increasing the quantity of slots allows players to add more mod combinations into their builds with a simple formula (2n mods = 1/2n mod effectiveness) opens up an entirely new aspect to the game, giving Tenno hundreds of combinations to play with according to their play style combining different mod combinations is as simple as dropping different mods of the same polarity/affix into the slot names, oh just think of all the weird and interesting names that we get from different combinations MAGAZINE WARP (30% clip size) + AMMO DRUM (30% ammo max) = AMMOzine WARPdrum (+15% clip size / +15% ammo max) QUICK DRAW (40% reload speed) + TWITCH (200% holster rate) = QUICK TWITCH DRAW (20% reload speed / + 100% holster rate) POINT STRIKE (150% crit chance) + VITAL SENSE (120% crit damage) = VITALpoint STRIKEsense (75% crit chance / 60% crit damage) ARGON SCOPE (135% CC on aim HS 9s) + BLADED ROUNDS (120% CD on aim kill 9s)= ARGONbladed SCOPErounds (+68% CC / +60% CD on aim 9s) SINISTER REACH (12m range) + METAL AUGER (2.1m punch through) = SINISTERmetal AUGERreach (6m range / 1.1m punch through) INFECTED CLIP (90% toxin) + STORMBRINGER (+90% electricity) = INFECTED STORMBRINGER (+90% COROSSIVE) You could theory craft mod combinations for months, especially if you were to allow existing Primed & Multi mods to undergo {FISSION}. The process would be similar to Forma, whereby performing {FISSION} on a mod slot would require re-leveling from 0, and if you wanted to require an inventory item in order to {FISSION} then something like a Fission Cell/Core would keep players grinding engaged. Adding two different mods with different capacities would be pretty simple, just take the average of the two different mods as the total mod capacity used (10 capacity mod + 14 capacity mod = 12 capacity slot). Perhaps every couple months DE could release a Primed or Umbra version of the most popular {FISSION} mod combos! Naturally, these mod revisions could also be extended to Warframes as well. Whatever the solutions, I think it's about time for a rework to the modding system, if you have some ideas/critiques/flames then go ahead and post below
  6. Looks to be widepread issue, posting on here from steam forums as #1 post there is about chat servers down...
  7. Now that we've had a chance to use some of the new weapons, maybe you guys have some constructive first impressions or feedback on how these guns feel. I was personally most interested in the Fulmin as it looks nice, has an interesting gimmick and doesn't need ammo but how does it stack up? Is the Fulmin going to be a top tier weapon or is it underpowered compared to what we already have? Will you swap out your main wep for the fulmin after a week or just stick it in storage and go back to your main? Post your own + and - below: {POSITIVE FIRST IMPRESSIONS} + Nice looks & sound + Cool dual mode shotgun > auto rifle switch + Doesn't need ammo + High crit build potential + Rifle mode has good range + Shotgun mode has good power + Inherent electricity damage {NEGATIVE FIRST IMPRESSIONS} - Rifle mode is far less effective than Amprex - Shotgun mode is far less effective than Arca Plasmor - Shotgun mode range is limited (10m-20m) and can't add Sinister Reach or Shotgun range mods yet - Recharge time of 1 sec is actually 2 sec as you have to wait 1 sec before it will start to recharge - If you fire a single shot before reload is complete you will have to wait another 1-2 seconds to get your clip back up. - Adding reload speed mods only affects the 1 second recharge duration meaning they lose 50% effectiveness e.g. adding fast hands (30% reload speed) will only reduce total reload time by 15%. - Adding magazine mods to boost ammo per mag will require more time to recharge which makes sense, but also makes the weapon far less effective than other ammo types e.g. if you have 90 ammo per mag instead of the 60 base value, your actual reload time is now 3 seconds {FEEDBACK} I personally like the idea of the weapon, but there are a few niggles. Will this replace my Amprex, Glaxion Vandal or Arca Plasmor energy based weapons? At the moment, no. I really love the idea of having energy weapons that have innate recharge as that makes much more sense, even a {MOD} that replaces ammo on existing energy weapons and allows them to recharge over time would be amazing! But I feel like the recharge mechanics are a bit clunky at the moment. The 1 second pause between reloads, making 2 seconds charge time, could be greatly improved by instead giving the weapon a 2 second recharge rate BUT it starts recharging immediately. In both cases it's still going to take 2 seconds to reload, but it would feel vastly better to use if we could start recharging immediately. I'd really like to be able to increase the range of the shotgun mode through sinister reach, and in my current testing it feels like that mode is the far more effective of the two. You can do some nice long range poke damage in rifle mode, but the damage scaling isn't linear between modes. For example, if you empty a full 60 clip in both modes, you will be putting out vastly different damage: SHOTGUN MODE: 500 damage per shot x 6 shots (10 ammo per shot) = 3,000 damage per mag RIFLE MODE: 33 damage per shot x 60 shots (1 ammo per shot) = 1,980 damage per mag Basically, rifle mode is 33% less effective than shotgun mode using the same amount of ammo and that gets worse when you consider TTK (time to kill) and AOE (area of effect) damage, the shotgun mode is hands down better in that regard by +/- 50% imo. Trade offs are understandable, but at the moment the weapon is not compelling enough to compete with the other top tier weapons that can do everything better and modding it in the fashion above can't overcome the inherent limitations in the current iteration. It's definitely a cool weapon with a nice gimmick but I fear it may not be used beyond the honeymoon phase without a few more tweaks. Feel free to post your own feedback and impressions below...
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