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  1. Overall the update is good but the function of Lich is very limited and kinda useless too also sometimes when travelling to other missions the screen gets stuck to rewards page. The rewards are underwhelming the amount of Endo earned in 18 mins in railjack = amount of Endo earned solo in Steel Path Sedna Arena, Also the amount of Endo needed to max the mods is not justified dirac : endo can never be 1:1
  2. Enemies don't spawn in certain missions as can be seen in veil skirmish type, sometimes when waiting for other tennos ( aftr entering corpus ships ) the crew members count provided am running crew+real player squad,There should be a mission abort system without effecting previos mission results and when aborting the fps falls IMMENSELY. Kindly address these issues.
  3. The simaris scans are super bugged 1. Team mates don't get standing for someone else's target getting scanned 2. The trail of target gets lost if we unequip the scanner (which gets unequipped during void dash)
  4. The UI is severly broken ..... cannot make different loadouts of mechs and so for operator equipment
  5. If you have maxed naromon use it......ping me ingame to know why....i wont say it on forum
  6. I have no idea how to paste an screen shot..........but i have it as evidence incase needed Anyways My warframe died in zone because i parked it there and grinner killed it, my team mate revived me and then i got stuck there. As solo dps of the team we were at orphix number 34 i could not move thus inevitably we lost just by 3 orphix. They left squad i still couldn't be force extracted so as a result i had to abort lost all weapon xp and ofc around 1.5k+ phasic cells,
  7. extracted with necramech all xp gone.........1 hour waste
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