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  1. I found over the last two weeks of doing lots of invasion missions, I find myself allying with Grineer just because. The more I did it, however, the more I liked it. It feels like I've done 20 to 30 recently and the only time I fought on the side of the Corpus was during a couple of infestations. Will that come back to haunt me at any point? Have you "picked a side" or is it only ever about loot?
  2. U.S. based, Central time zone (-5 or -6 GMT depending on time of year) I'm an old hand at MMOs who enjoys playing support classes. Given that, I've been solo in Warframe since Day 1 and have yet to have been in a team at all. At this point I feel like I wouldn't be effective in a team because you play differently when you're solo. I'm pretty independent (means I don't ask for much) but would be happy to help out where I can. So what I'm looking for is a bunch of folks who wouldn't mind a filthy casual joining the ranks to play this game with and teach me how to team correctly.
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