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  1. Empyrean releases on the first day of my vacation!!! THANK YOU DE!
  2. @[DE]Danielle You previously responded to my post about frame rate issues that came with The Old Blood update for PS4. The patch notes for the last update said you were still working on a fix, and then with Rising Tide notes... nothing? Would love to know what is up. Thanks!
  3. I was the one who Danielle responded to about this in the forums. The new patch notes for the update that is currently in cert says they're working on a fix.
  4. In the patch notes for the new update that is in cert right now, it says they are still working on tracking down the issue. So good news: they are working on it. Bad news: not fixed yet. For now I am using a lower resolution, no particle effects, turned off melee elemental effects, and am mainly playing solo. It is not optimal, but it is better than getting 10 fps.
  5. Agree. It is VERY bad. Starting to play other games instead of warframe until this gets a fix.
  6. I don't think trying to coerce them into making a change is going to work. Also, I think the change is great, it allows Inaros to avoid getting locked into a melee finisher when using his 1 to cc enemies, allowing him to groups faster.
  7. Really wish we could get some more info from DE on this. @[DE]Danielle any word on if the console team has found a fix for this issue? It is extremely frustrating to play the game right now!
  8. Same, except regular PS4. @[DE]Danielleresponded to my post in this thread earlier on the topic.
  9. You need to switch to melee mode (hold Triangle). Then you can use L2 to manually block.
  10. I continue to experience this same issue. The game is basically broken for me, which is really unfortunate. A fix or workaround would be great, but hell, I would take a simply update on the progress of fixing it. @[DE]Danielle
  11. Just wondering if there is any movement on this issue. The game remains basically unplayable in public missions, as well as solo in open worlds. It is really unfortunate that many of us seem to be experiencing this game breaking problem. @[DE]Danielle
  12. Sure! When I was in my orbiter the frame rate was stable, and basically normal, the exception being navigating menus. I first tried an arbitration in a public group, and was there for about 30 minutes and from the very beginning experienced extreme frame rate drops as well as just overall bad frame rates. I also have GPU particles disabled, as well as FX intensity turned way down, motion blur off, depth of field off, bloom off, dynamic res. to auto, and ambient occlusion off. The frame rate issues continued across all pub missions including another attempt at arbitration, with drops so bad I couldn't accurately aim my weapons at all. Seemed slightly better when in solo missions (didn't have the extreme drops, still felt rather sluggish overall, definitely lower than what I am used to getting). Thanks for working on this [DE]Danielle and the rest of the team! I really hope this issue gets sorted soon so that I can get back to Lich hunting. EDIT: forgot to add that the issues also were happening in Orb Vallis when in a party and in pub groups.
  13. Same exact experience with me. All settings on lowest, my FPS was noticeably lower all around than before the update, to the point where I shut the game off.
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