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  1. Most of that list needs to be looked at. Not even sure DE wants the same system I do. 1, Riven system at the moment is deeply flawed, impossible to get the riven you want. Unless DE changes how rivens work which is technically difficult. 2, Outside of some minor changes could use resource system like helminth. a 3, Kuva needs to be changed, again I would look towards less RNG more helminth resource system. 4, Base stats need to increase 5% turns into 15% without any upgrades. Add crit mod and follows the normal rules. So everything increases by set amount which you can i
  2. Once the event is over, how do we get the new mech mods?
  3. Monthly dev stream sounds good, but I have fears we won't have an pulse on issues. Hoping we get much better idea on what is coming less over promising. Warframe big problem is shallow updates that don't keep us around. I not even bothered to farm the new arcanes due how terrible they are.
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