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  1. Giant sponge nature of the wolf not very fun when using certain gear. Forced to always have one decent weapon to deal with him. Takes ages to defeat him, you removed his headshot weakness. After 13 appearances I rather the wolf not spawn. I hate to see how badly any new player finds him. After weeks one spawn a week, now seen him 6 times in two weeks.
  2. What sort of debuff Does debuff hurt your survivable I can't see this working out in public lobbies with friends maybe. Should be some sort of pay off for players to do it. Problem with this change only forces high survival frames even more. Meta right now for arb is inaros or chroma or gara because how easy / random you can die. Not even worth bringing other frames even with the bonus. Whole mission takes way to long on average. Combined with certain modes being super slow compared to others. Even with revive changes still won't be doing arb because just how long it takes. Drones need to be changed so they are less frustrating and more interesting. Right now they counter way to many frames. Damage immunity but should be less often. Good that you decided to review this mode again.
  3. Problem is most of the content, time gated and well not explained. Loads of basic things linked together or not. What DE needs to do is streamlining various bits making it easier. Good example would be Amps required for one bit of content. So much of the game is gated away, rather difficult to jump into. Other problem is creating end game content or content that everybody can enjoy. Good example is the wolf being so annoying.
  4. Bit concerned life steal going to suck now. First impressions the melee seem good but certain stances which concern me.
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