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  1. This currently not working need to redo the iso vaults every single time you reload the map. Hoping somebody else has reported it
  2. Not sure the new bounties are working right. Complete ISO vault once you can skip that stage and go straight to new bounties. Problem is not saving you done the iso vaults need to redo whatever tier you want to do. Pretty sure it was talked about could log off and would save.
  3. I noticed that the other day no idea if anybody has reported it. Only noticed it after doing PT
  4. Need to wait and see, looks like big nerf to kuva farming. SE per hour could now be limited. Acolytes Loads of unanswered questions around this. Dozen on Acolytes alone, how often do they spawn and drops? Happy DE are not leaving steel path alone, weekly shop could be useful.
  5. Sounds promising I can't help but feel more changes are needed.
  6. Appears to be plans to replace all AW missions with RJ missions, no details yet. Devstream talked about this happening. My concern is we just get the same problem but with RJ. Issue here is RJ feels like an island not connected to the base game. Now say for example early on you borrowed RJ, acted as your base until cleared every node. Better yet you had temp RJ until you could build one. I would like to see RJ expanded having more of an impact on base game. Barrier to entry needs to be lowered or some sort of gateway. Right now very few people play RJ or AW missions. Also that big quest
  7. Same issue appears to impact both pet types from deimos only. Tested it on warframes and weapons plus other pets no problem at all.
  8. From same rather brief testing it would appear both cats and dogs are impacted from deimos. Not sure how long it has been going on for...
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