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  1. Not big fan of Ember and Vaub rework. Ember looks like mixed bag at the moment. Passive better compared to before but power synergy is weird in my eyes. UI needs to show it working. Rather we saw some real synergy with some sort of passive meter linking things together. Don't want nidus like situation but bonus things based on how much you cast. Fireball changes are fine not much to report here. Immolation replacing accelerant, DR is nice but meter based with giant downside is rubbish. I rather this meter was part of the passive, forced to store excess heat to use later for energy. Roll the DR with accelerant together, Here one idea can store the heat use it as shield gate later or ammo or something. keep the quick stun. Don't like the forced synergy between fire blast and immolation. Fire blast being linked to immolation just sucks. When don't want to use forced to use it. I like the rest of the changes, guess they are decent. Not big fan of the massive knockdown. Bye world on fire hello something much better in theory. Overall we get armour reduction, damage reduction with better scaling and one giant downside. Would like to see the passive change how the meter works but good base to work with in terms of design. Some minor changes I can see it working better. Vaub a similar story to Ember just with more waste powers.
  2. You need to look at super terrible low drop rates of certain mods in general.... Good you listened but please don't let the 0.02% mods happen it just sucks.
  3. Need to see the drop rate and time plus the cost. Right now the reward sounds bad. Hoping some other reason to go back...
  4. Gameplay and offerings? Happy changes are coming but no idea what changes are coming.
  5. Event would be fine if just the four missions but Nakak rewards on top just silly. Takes 7 hours to do the whole thing, which frankly for something like this just boring. I would have no problem with it being just 2 hours to get anything. Honestly this just silly DE pricing should be changed, I won't be mad if you did changes.
  6. Neat idea just badly done mainly the rewards cost and how much you need to do it. Reduce the costs by 50% to 75% of current values things. As things stand just 7 hours worth of grind and after one hour gotten sick of it.
  7. Thanks looking forward to testing wukong out, only handful of rare wukong mains who exist
  8. Perfect time to get some zaw parts and forma stockpiling
  9. Only thing endless missions with that passive sounds rubbish
  10. Looking forward to trying out the changes thanks for doing this :)
  11. Wukong rework has me concerned, guess we wait. Defy was the glue holding him together. Main concern the clone AI, poor survival tools with better DPS.
  12. Utility mods just offer more value compared to offensive ones. Poor general offensive stats make matters worse. Barely worth adding still other options which are stronger. I started to ditch shield mods due being weaker.
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