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  1. Just now, Dragmod said:

    It's not political though, it's always been a matter of social acceptance, perceived morality, and personal beliefs extruded from religious teachings and practices. It's only in politics because both sides are so stubborn and hard headed.

    The LGBT community is a political group and they advertise themselves as such.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Dragmod said:

    Personally, it doesnt matter who or what you are, just aid in completing the objective and you're gold in my book.

    My clan leader runs an Equinox done up in Trans-Pride colors, he identifies as such and enjoys Equinox for that fact. Yes, her theme is Yin and Yang, but I'm not going to tell another player they're wrong if they say she is a trans frame. It's a game, enjoy it how you like. We're all here to play, enjoy, and for a moment, escape.


    Its a political thing and no one wants a belief force feed to them by a platform they like using. I have no problems with gay sh!t and like you said "We're all here to play, enjoy, and for a moment, escape." so with that sentiment dont you agree that its wrong to bring political opinions and signals into our escape from it all?

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  3. See ^ Its a war of the haves and the have nots. 

    55 minutes ago, Xenox_Ilz-ot said:

    You just asked a question that already had an answer

    I answered my own question it was rhetorical. with the next sentence if ya read it youd know what i was talking about. Next time read the whole thing.

  4. why do ppl not want it tradable? because there are these elitists wanting new gamers to not get them. they want vet rights over something and dont want ppl to pay to win. dont sugar coat things ya know im right. Not that i dont get it, when i earn my victory when i win my clan wager i will lord it over my friends head till she beats me the NEXT wager! Its how we are as gamers- buttholes amoung buttholes! If you ask me tho i think they should be tradable, i mean most things you can either earn or buy anyways so why should it bother them if someone wanted to buy it and screw off? Its the brag they want something to lord over everyone who does have it.

  5. I think this might take a while. I dont have khora but i think shed be smart to farm off of your answers. Thanks for the suggestions. For my bet with her ever since i met her weve made our wagers on everything. Its a friendship thing thats all. Our bet with this is from us having similar goals with differing methods on how we think things should and could be done. We talked a littlewhile ago and i thought you could get all of the research done in like a couple od days but shes talking weeks and weeks of time. She actually wanted to call of our bet because she felt her "experience" would give her more of an unfair advantage. I shot her down but she gifted me 30 day boosters for everything said this would even us out a bit since i couldnt afford plat and i dont wanna waste anytime farming for it. I guess i dont mind to much im just gonna win faster now. I dont know much about kubros and kavats but aren't they more of a liability then help?


  6. Me and a friend started clans at the same time, and shes been talking about that weapon that needs 5000 mutagen samples and how hard it is to get them. I made a wager with her that i could get everything done faster than her and i want to know fast ways to do it or maybe someone might want a trade for em. All shed tell me is a warframe called nekros is good for collecting them and to follow a guide where this guy made a build for atterax. I dont got either. So beside them what else works and is it possible to get it done in a day?

  7. Sup, so I met this girl and her friend and now we're all friends, but they both turned down my invite to my clan. The girl, lets call her PlayerGirl said shes part of a small clan already with some close friends. Her friend lets call Racheal she sounds like she could be a racheal said shed join only if Playergirl would. which she wont. We met in a mission, playergirl was Octavia, and Racheal was excalibur and playergirl had an awesome beat. and racheal was racheal...what can i say racheal is racheal. Player girl ended up carrying us through 40 waves of defense doing 97% of the damage, but shes lvl21 and im lvl2 and racheal is racheal and shes only lvl2. so ofcourse she'd carry. afterwards we started talking in the endscreen and we live in the same area, so does racheal but racheal is racheal so who cares.

    Anyways so we're also the same age and I ask what she looks like but she felt weird about that so no go answer. Racheal said shes "a princess" which gave both me and playergirl a lot of confusion. Racheal is racheal what do you except... I go for it and ask out playergirl but she said she'd rather get to know me as friends and if we feel it then we can talk so close now cuz were friends on here. Racheal say something like its creepy to ask someone out over a game, what do you think? Creepy not creepy? Whatever racheal is racheal.

    We talk about hobbies and she likes playing games and designing clothes and hanging out with friends. So i ask her to hangout but she stopped talking for a while, was I too persistent? After we talked Racheal said I need to lighten up cuz shes shy and reserved like a princess, probs why Racheal calls her that, but Racheal is Racheal.

    She does start talking again when racheal brings up cakes and birthdays. She wants to try making a...Opera cake, don't know the song it sings but sounds difficult from what she said about it. Racheal then brings up clothes and im bored outta my mind listening to her, but she asks my style. I told her I wear normal cali wear with some heavy added it. Playergirl asked for more info, so I told her I like wearing heavy snow jackets when its hot and snowsuits. They were confused but it makes sense cause I like the materials and sweat. Playergirl then said that im appearently weird but she can respect me for me. Racheal on the other hand was like you do you, then talking about some luis guy's bags and how pricey they are, but a bags a bag so whatever racheal. Playergirl likes to keep herstyle casual and i told her to try my thing and she said she would.

    Playergirl offered to help me tomorrow get through someof the 'starchart' i think she means the map thing. so I said yea.

    I think i have a shot,but I gotta know if yall think im doing anything wrong? and what can i do to reel her in? What can i do to be her Beefcake? Also I wanna know if anyone else does what i do and wears heavy jackets and snowgear in hot weather?

    oh I also know shes too shy to come on here so im in da cleeeaaar.

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