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  1. I was gonna post these at the end of the week, but then I started bouncing between prompts and subjects and figured I'd just post the WF stuff here. My full week 1 can be found here on DA. Day 1: The one true Mother (kinda cheated here, but that statue is too good) Day 2: Orokin Daughter (the real reason I didn't draw Mother) Day 5: Corpus OC, Lin, who escaped from Jupiter with my Operator and became a sort of adoptive mother Day 6: Stealthy Drekar Ivara Day 7: Zephyr inspired by Native American Warriors for my new PC Operator Day 11: An Infested An
  2. If that's the way you blow it off, you're not going to get the chance. I'm leaving this RP.
  3. I call him Casper Tal because he's invisible and doesn't like taking damage. I just played Cervantes, Earth as a Kuva Lich node when the Grustag Three showed up just before the first objective. I dispatched them quickly with Mesa, getting loot from all three, and carried on doing the objectives anyway. However, a few rooms down, Vem Tabook's laser fire started coming out of nowhere, shoving me around and giving me electric procs. An arrow did appear on my enemy radar, and I could hear his various grunts, but he was invisible and intangible for the most part; occasionally I could get some
  4. Can I just clarify that Andrea is 16? This whole interaction with Shard has been extremely uncomfortable
  5. Can confirm, not working for me either.
  6. The release of Deimos, a new open world with new bounties, has given us a new example of the gameplay and difficulty that DE expects of its open worlds. I think the bounties are fantastic (though not without fault either), showcasing new, unique methods of play mixed with Infested spins on the old. But they also show how dated the original missions on the Plains of Eidolon are. A key difference between bounties on Deimos and PoE is that Deimos really requires very little defense, weighing abilities that can quickly dispatch hordes of enemies while also staying alive yourself. DPS frames l
  7. A lot has been said, but I wanted to throw my two cents in too. I really hope Xaku's rework comes with a void damage rework, preferably something that can help with and/or bypass armor with a new status effect. It'd make Operators feel so much better too, like the void demons they're supposed to be. Grasp of Lohk is my favorite ability in their kit, but it does really suffer without range and duration. Being able to recast to get more guns would be a huge QoL improvement. The Vast Untime is a really cool ability that works well as a part of the kit. Of course, it does need the abilit
  8. "I'm fine!" she quickly snapped, looking around in panic at the room around her. Then she took a breath, and repeated, much more calmly. "I'm fine, thank you." Maybe she could clean up before the staff finds out...
  9. Andrea just seethed in her room for a few moments, until she started looking around. Charred rags of the sheet lay around her feet, the beautiful covers pockmarked by stray embers. Father would have to pay for that too... She's interrupted by a knock at the door. Not really in the mood to be accepting visitors, she snapped, "What?" without making any move toward it.
  10. “Hey!” A sheet from the bed suddenly flew up to cover her eyes, but as she was reaching up to pull it off, something grabbed her flaming hands and tried to wrap them in the blanket too. The fire quickly spread, making it easy to tear the blanket off and drop it in smoldering piles at her feet. But by then, the door was swinging shut again. Andrea extinguished her hands and huffed. Some service they’ve got here.
  11. But Andrea didn't hear him beneath the wooshing flames and her own screams. She just kept swinging wildly through the air, hoping to hit something.
  12. Then, quick as a flash, her fireball poofed out as if in a vacuum. She was spooked, but more than anything it just made her mad. She swung her flaming fists wildly, screaming in rage, “Show yourself!”
  13. Quick as a flash, Andrea twisted and let loose a fireball right into where she imagined the voice’s gut to be.
  14. @(XB1)shadowhedgehogk Andrea was slowly making her way back to the bed when she felt something touch her. "Aya!" she squeaked, quickly turning around with fists ignited. She didn't see anything, but this time she knew something was there. "Alright, real funny," she growled, trying to get her cracking voice back under control. "But you better come out now before you're cinders."
  15. @(XB1)shadowhedgehogk Andrea stiffened for a moment. She thought she heard someone... wait, she left the door open. She shrugged to herself as she walked over and closed it. It was probably someone outside... as fun as it would be to have a haunted room. She needed to just relax...
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