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  1. And what better way to end it than my (horrifically pink) Ember Prime and Operator that's carried me through most of this game's story. If you want to click the link for more info/back view, I've also got a bit on what inspired these guys.
  2. Well, I hate to say this is going to be one of the last of these I post. I'm kind of losing interest in Warframe and in finishing these guys. But I wrapped up the last one I was working on just to get it posted. But for more on that just click the pic. Here's a recent favorite of mine, Mesa:
  3. Thought this was fixed, but my Orbiter’s showing those buggy textures again.
  4. As a deluxe concept showcase, this doesn’t provide a lot of information. What I can see is Ivara with a corroded hood and swirling armor. Something like that would probably work as Tennogen. As an art piece though, absolutely beautiful. The gritty style conveys the dark Grineer corridor well, and Ivara there does steal the show as she readies her strike.
  5. Armanos, Europa was my best farm for them, though Derelict Capture is great too if you want to get some Orokin Vault unlocks at the same time (you'll need Dragon Keys from a Dojo). Armanos also sits behind the Raptors boss fight, so keep that in mind if you want to go there.
  6. And then there are things like getting stuck in the ground when transferring to and from Archwing on Uranus, a bug that typically means restarting the mission, that I've seen no feedback on. I may not have been able to articulate it well, getting wrapped up in other smaller gripes and specific complaints, but overall Avienas described my feelings perfectly. This game is sick, and not in a good way. DE insists on releasing new content that, for a majority of players, will take a handful of hours to beat, and most of the rest just haven't unlocked it yet. But they turn a blind eye to the thousands of hours of older content that is either 1. Required to access new content, 2. Forced to relevance by Nightwave, and/or 3. Still frequented for rewards, much of the content is fraught with balance problems and bugs. You don't need to be playing the game for years to see that either. And looking at DE's track record, they don't have a clear idea of what would make it fun, fair, and rewarding. But at least some aspects of the community do. When I refer to feedback, I don't mean the new frame or mode ideas (though there was a time DE listened to those too), I mean those people who put hundreds of hours into testing modes, hours more into thought, and then share and defend their ideas to improve said modes, all of which is wasted because DE doesn't acknowledge it. If you'd like a specific example, Ancients have been on my mind with all the Infested missions I'm doing between a Mesa grind and Nightwave. According to the lore, these are implied to be Infested remnants of a specific subset of Orokin, and you'd think their numbers would be low. And yet even at the level 40-50 missions where I spend most of my time, these guys come in groups of 2-3, applying stacking buffs to everything from basic Leapers to Phorid to Zealots, making huge masses of them virtually unkillable until the Ancients are picked out of the mess. Not to mention the Toxic Ancients that are able to kill you with zero warning by sneaking up behind or hiding in packs of grunts.
  7. If you say "deserves," Gara definitely. What other Frame can boast killing a Sentient the size of a skyscraper? Plus her default look is just kind of... unfortunate. And she's my second most played.
  8. I've been feeling it ever since I started looking around the bug reports forum, and it's certainly come to a head with medallion and arbitration changes. I really tried to not be another alarmist idiot, but it seems like I came across that way anyway. I'm aware they post here, but it seems like they pick a random handful of topics to cater to and leave the vast majority to rot, especially important ones. If you read my post, I specifically dismissed endgame as something I know nothing about, and I am just talking about patterns I've seen in this time. I also spoke about how the good feedback should be acknowledged and some of the more broken ones explained. There's a lot of gold mines here, ideas certainly better than K-Drives or Archwings as others have insisted. After what I've been seeing, I'm just doubting DE has a solid idea of where the game should go, and some select members of the playerbase do. And again, I specifically addressed this. Much of this does come from the forums yes, but it's also my experience in the forums. I try to make a distinction between what I've heard and what I've seen, and I included several examples from my own experience. I've tried reporting specific issues in the bug reports and feedback forums, and they're never heard. When DE can actually acknowledge them, even just a "looking into it" or something in the update notes, I will give those specific issues.
  9. INTRO I want to preface this by firstly saying I am a veteran by no definition. I picked this game up last September, MR9, just unlocked Sedna, only on my 250th login. This is all just opinions, bit of hearsay, and to be taken with a grain of salt. But I just gotta get it off my chest. Also, lots of reading. Feel free to skip to whatever relevant section you want. PROBLEMS THE WHY THE COMMUNITY TL;DR I love this game, but as time goes on I'm noticing more and more problems that all draw back to my feeling that DE isn't listening to the community as they say they are. And I personally feel that this connection to the community is what is required for the game to thrive in the future. There's so much knowledge and love here that is being trodden on rather than utilized. I'm sorry for my rambling. Just know all of this is my personal feelings, in no way indicative of the wider community, and all out of my own love for the game and desire for it to be better. Thank you.
  10. Oh, I’m rocking Ember in all those levels still (but I’m a stubborn Ember main)... just wish she did a bit more against the Zealots.
  11. Really? Because the UI looks smaller than I remember now...
  12. Yep, can confirm I’m getting green triangles and orange emissives on mine too. The orange seems to be a similar problem as what happened on release where the chosen emissive would be blended with another color, but the green triangles are unconnected to anything.
  13. Trying (and failing) to get back on track with my weekly releases. This week I've got the two new gals on the block, Hildryn and Wisp. I've had Hildryn sitting around since her release, so I'm glad I finally got a chance to post her.
  14. I've experienced this a couple times, but only ever in multiplayer when I'm not the host. Sometimes hopping on my K-Drive or Archwing fixes it, but usually you have to just leave and come back.
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