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  1. Hey, it's been a while since I posted this kind of list, so I figured it was time for another one. Not sure how many of these are known or not, but we'll go through the list I guess, starting with new stuff. As I have before, I'll try to provide as much info as I can since I know every bit helps, and if anyone else has had these bugs and can provide info I'm not able to, please do. Feel free to add your own bugs too. Railjack bugs Railjack is frequently not visible in the dry dock. The map indicates that there is supposed to be a panel in the center of the dock for summoning the Railjack; this panel currently does not function as such. The workaround for this is complicated and long, and it highlights the desperate need for some redundancy features on the orbiter to check Railjack avionics, weapons, and most importantly, VIEW INTRINSICS. The workaround is to enter the Railjack from the orbiter, fly it to the dry dock, and then you can make any modifications that you need. All the loading screens make this a laborious process. Additionally, if your Railjack isn't visible when trying to get the key for the reliquary drive, you're generally out of luck until it just randomly decides to spawn. This was miserable for me and a friend of mine. If you as host invite a player into your Railjack via inviting them to your orbiter (which I have often done to shortcut the above bug), that player will often be unable to activate their Archwing in mission upon stepping out of the Railjack into space. It will display them running around in space, and often be very difficult to get them back aboard. Nothing fixes this that I know of other than the affected player leaving and reentering the mission. Railjack doors may fail to open for non-host players upon entering the host's dry dock. This issue usually fixes when leaving the dry dock and/or heading to a mission. The Railjack may be invisible to players in a mission when exiting it. The Railjack can still be entered (if you can find the door), but it was not fixable for the rest of the mission I had just swapped to a newly purchased skin for the Railjack so I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Mission was launched via beginning and inviting a player to the mission once in progress. Both the friend I ran with and I restarted our games and had no further issues with this. Swapping gear and exiting space can cause players to appear to be holding Archwing Weapons upon leaving space and entering a Railjack/Cruise Ship. Sorry, I don't really understand any more about this bug. It's visual only, and usually can be removed by going into space and swapping weapons back and forth. Occasionally when leaving a turret a player will inexplicably be snapped back onto the turret forcibly and have to press X a second time. This one is just annoying, and pretty frequent. I don't know how exactly it happens though. The entire Railjack system UI can completely vanish. I think it has something to do with activating the gear wheel or some other menu too quickly after the animation of retracting a foundry menu. ENTIRE UI disappears except for the map, but only if the map is in the expanded mode. Health, Mission objectives, targeting reticles, ship/trajectory indicators, hazards, interaction prompts, boost/ammo meters, Warframe/Archwing abilities etc. I'd like to state that I completed an entire mission flying blind like this. That was...interesting. The tactical menu will shift the position of the ship map depending on where you are standing, often preventing you from teleporting to certain areas due to the markers clipping offscreen. There seems to be some weird crashing issues that can occur as a result of a player disabling an extra cruise ship as the mission finishes. Grey screens and whatnot. Sometimes the game recovers from this...sometimes it doesn't and freezes. Non-Railjack bugs Players can find themselves unable to manually reload their weapon if they are riding a K-Drive and ragdoll via hitting something. Workaround - you have to get back on the K-Drive and get off before it will let you manually reload your weapon again. Ever since the last update, graphics have been a mess on my end, with tons of pink boxes everywhere. The front window of my orbiter, random areas in space, the vallis...heck, even some of the icons in navigation's tabs will display as pink from time to time. None of this is consistent either, as sometimes these things will display normally, sometimes it won't. Orb Vallis and PoE each have multiple caves with these ugly black rectangles obscuring the entrance, as if the graphics for the cave entrance bugged out. They don't have collision or anything, it's just a weird and obtrusive visual bug. Glaives thrown with a secondary in hand can no longer be detonated via re-pressing the button when thrown with the Power Throw mod post-Old Blood. This makes me sad, I really loved Glaive combat with secondary weapons. The physics for the Yamakoto syandana (the one I noticed this on was Prime) seem to no longer be working quite right post-Empyrean update. They seem to be bending around invisible objects, but only the left strand. I noticed this with the Yamakoto Prime syandana on a normal-skin Gara. Post-Old Blood, players will fall through descending elevators in clan dojos and on Uranus sealab tilesets. This has been a 100% consistent issue for me. Downing from a Kuva Lich 3 times without a mercy kill attempt and having them flee will result in a blacked-out transmission that displays the wrong Kuva Lich name. I only attempted this once, so I can't say if it is 100% consistent. Sticky buttons still persist with spoiler mode...any button being held could potentially when swapping in and out of spoiler mode can cause that button to potentially be held down, be it aiming, crouching, or the ability button. So much energy has been needlessly expended over this bug. Baro Ki'teer fails to acknowledge the existence of a prime sentinel. If it is in your loadout and the only primed non-accessory item you have (since prime accessories don't count either), he will continue to poor shame your character. This was tested with Dethcube Prime. Gara bugs (because I love this frame and therefore am way too used to these issues) Mass Vitrify (4th ability) is NOT guaranteed to refresh the duration of Splinter Storm (2nd ability) even though it is supposed to. Lag makes this A LOT worse, but it can still occur in solo missions with smooth connection. My single biggest pet peeve bug. Sometimes doing the hold variant of Mass Vitrify will EVENTUALLY count towards Splinter Storm's duration refresh when in lag, but you don't always have the time for that. If the game had some way to restore splinter storms retroactively that it failed to initially realize were refreshed, that would be amazing. Mass Vitrify will not always successfully cast, even though it will still take your money energy for the attempt. Again, lag makes this more likely, but it can still occur without lag on occasion. When combined with the above bug, it basically means I leave laggy host groups these days when playing her. Oh well. Splinter Storm's remaining duration is not always accurately displayed, and the ability will occasionally expire before it appears to run out. The record for me is it expiring at the 8 second mark. Expiring around 3 to 4 seconds is common too though. I'm not sure if lag makes this worse or not. Gara can cause Corrupted Vor to become unkillable if her crowd control abilities hit him before he becomes vulnerable. As far as I can tell this was caused by Mass Vitrify, but it may have also been caused by her passive. Casting Shattered Lash (1st ability) and rolling immediately after will cause its sound to replay for each roll you do consecutively following the ability's use. Audio bug only The glass components on Gara are lower order background/foreground elements on the orbiter than the floating menus are, meaning that Gara's glass armor components will disappear behind the floating Market/Navigation/Conclave/Syndicate/etc. menus on the orbiter no matter how far away from them she is. Yes, I discovered this while bored, and I'm marking it a bug. To my credit, it is the last bug on the list. Thanks for taking the time to read all this. I may update this list over the next day or two if I can remember anything else I've encountered. Yes, some of these are obviously higher priority than others (although the Gara ones and spoiler mode sticky buttons are high priority to me, it may not be to the devs sadly). Let me know if any more info should be provided! -NSW, Jayron Auron
  2. I'm fine waiting as long as it takes to make this update a functional release. However I do have to ask (though I don't think this is really the place to get a response): Once the craziness is over a month or so from now and everything has been released for the initial Empyrean update, will Switch players be brought back in line with other console players? I get there's little time to do that now and that's fine, I'm just hoping that the console desync won't be permanent. -Jayron
  3. First, I wanna say as a Switch player that I appreciate all the transparency provided through Nintendo's held-up cert process. But related to that, I wanted to ask if you guys knew whether this will be a more frequent thing that Nintendo puts DE through for updates, or if this is a one-time problem that Empyrean won't struggle with. Related more to the Railjacks themselves, I'd love to see if there was a way to synergize Warframe abilities more with the concept. Someone mentioned using frost abilities to out fires which is great (I'd add Hydroid to that list too), but also stuff like ship abilities that can allow for the ship to harness select Warframe powers of those on board. Stuff like shooting off a fireball while ember is piloting and charging the energy cost to her instead of the ship would be sweet.
  4. I'm 90% certain I heard that some of the gift of the lotus alerts include requiem relics as rewards, so there's something that might help. 😃
  5. Are there any plans to return some of the feeling of a dynamic game to Warframe? A lot of that was lost with the removal of alerts, and while I like Nightwave a lot, I was wondering if there was a way to introduce some systems similar to alerts and invasions that could restore some of that feeling of a living, breathing origin system with stuff happening in real-time. The rewards don't have to be huge...heck, I'd be fine with decently large resource caches from the planet, similar to how you get large resource drops from the thumpers, or perhaps credit caches. But something to go after to make it feel like things are happening on the planets. Secondly, I would really like to see about a minor rework to some of the bounty stuff on the Plains of Eidolon, especially with Liberate the camp missions. Certain areas where that mission spawns are nearly impossible due to lack of any sort of mission/enemy markers, and the new bonus system has certain areas/mission types where there is literally no way to fulfill the bonus objective. Thanks, and looking forward to U26!
  6. A few questions I had... 1) Are there any plans to rotate missing Index maps? A lot of people I've run the index with are sad that the other maps no longer show up, myself included. 2) Archwings - Are there any more general plans you can share with us regarding changes to their functionality? Things like ways to make them easier to control, any new tactical maneuvering options, whether this new universal blink will work differently, etc. Also, will any updates to Archwing arrive during or prior to the Empyrean update? 3) Is there any chance for an increased frequency of tactical alerts? They don't all have to be crazy, and don't need to always provide top level rewards, but I've really missed the dynamic feeling the game had with alerts, and wondered if that might be a way to restore a bit of that without over-saturating the to-do list. 4) Thermia fractures were a fun and dynamic reoccurring event, but those fractures (like Ghoul purges) really need a reason to encourage players to continue sealing them (higher than normal credits, special resources, forma, etc.) after the introductory rewards, because after the initial run of them I've never had a good reason to return to them. Any chance something could be added for them? And most importantly... 5) Can we get Combat Laser Roombas or some other sort of mobile defense unit for our Railjack interiors? It was mentioned before that enemies may infiltrate our railjacks on occasion, so I wanted to be prepared.
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