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  1. Thanks for the info YUNoJump, I'll be eagerly awaiting the rework then. Good excuse to put more time in other frames and builds I suppose.
  2. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but ah well. So the new melee flow system is really nice, and for the most part I like how smooth it is and combos are fun. The issue is channeling was locked to O on my PS4. As a preface I mucked with my controls a while ago when i first started playing because I liked being able to melee on the go, didn't like that with melee on O I had to choose between being able to look around and melee. So I setup R1 as melee R3 was use selected power and I relied on swiping the touchpad to change abilities, O was just weapon secondary fire. When I first messed with the update I found channel melee was set to O along with alt fire, which actually worked well, channel when melee was out, secondary fire when gun was out. However I was back to the old issue of being unable to look around while channeling, which makes my Inaros Life Strike build a bit hard to use. I tried to set channel back to L2 to share with Aim, hoping it would differentiate based on what mode I was in but it wouldn't let me. The message I got when I tried was "Melee Channel cannot be moved to a different button" So I reset to default to see if I could move things and then secondary fire and melee channel are locked on R3 and I can't for the life of me move them anywhere. O right now has no action set on it, and if I try to put Secondary fire there it gives me "you can't bind Secondary Fire to a button that has a melee stance action bound to it." One game restart later and I've got Secondary fire and Melee channel back on O which I will work with for the time being, but may I please be allowed to have it share L2 again. If the Secondary fire was able to share with channel, one would think it would work with Aim weapon. I would have to use triangle or R2 to switch back to shooting mode, but that would be a self imposed handicap. This is a petty complaint to be sure but it makes my favorite frame/build awkward or unusable and I would appreciate the ability to set my controls back if possible.
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