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  1. Could PAGO Kuva fortress get a little attention please ? Or could we farm Harrow's neuroptics from another place ? it's been 5 days that no one can play this mission nor farm Harrow, just move his component on another node please or just fix the mission already
  2. PAGO on Kuva Fortress is unplayable, we just get stuck on blackscreen after the countdown. We can't farm Harrow and this is really annoying it's been 2 days like this..
  3. Fix. Pago. On. Kuva. Fortress for Clem's sake we can't farm Harrow, if you can't fix the damn node just put Harrow neuroptics on another one already seriously. Oh and there's also a bug on nikana SFX when you hit no enemies with your attacks there is no sound I'm using the mithra skin, don't know about other skins. And btw could you fix the fact that heavy attack trigger by itself when you have an high attack speed and you smash E it's kind of annoying
  4. Hello, thanks for the update but I think you forgot about PAGO on Kuva fortress it is not playable, I'd like to farm Harrow neuroptics, this is the only place where it drops please DE :):) after that I have to wait 12 hours :):) and then 3 days, please :):):)
  5. Having the same issue, really frustrating I need my last Harrow piece x:
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