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  1. I'm playing on PC and as the title indicates this three year old quest still bugs out judging from my googling. Is there any solution that doesn't involve aborting the quest?
  2. Not to say the defense of the fissures as they seal isn't fun gameplay, but you have to go through too much contrived garbage to even start it. Events are supposed to draw new players in and retain who's there. We have to wander to the temple and get our nuts blown off to hope to find something with a canister. we are never told what rachnoids look like or where they even are. Not a great way to start and event. Also, on top of that, if someone in your group DC's you are automatically kicked to your ship and you lose any and all progress. Garbage event.
  3. TYPE: In GameDESCRIPTION: At all times I do the event on Venus I DC from my group, I'm taken to the multiplayer menu and I lose all progress and the mission fails. every single time I lose 50 points of progress or more, all loot and come out wiht nothing. The event is convoluted enough to even try and start and simply even play it and now this. Also, my dog permanently disappeared until i returned to my ship.VISUAL: Really bro, it happened.REPRODUCTION: Do the event, watch all your progress disappear all the time for no apparent reason.EXPECTED RESULT: I should not have lost everything like that because someone dropped.OBSERVED RESULT: abrupt mission failure, all loot except for a pittance of credits lost.REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
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