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  1. yeah i just saw the video from Aznvasions but nontheless a good chunk of the ones from the leaderboard still use it cause it makes it so that you dont have to spend 300+ tries to get the god tileset
  2. are you looking for the set of skins that were released with warframe added to epic games launcher? cause if so you need to go to the warframe page in the store and scroll down and it should be there. if not, than i think it might have expired. if your looking for something else please specify.
  3. hey we all start somewhere! id love to have more peeps to play with. im online a good chunk of the time, but if not you can contact me on discord at ||Dark_Zuckerberg#0365||
  4. there are certain mods that are really helpful with speeding you up. these include fury, primed fury, quickening, and berserker. berserker is the biggest speed buff, so if you can get your hands on one of those thats a good thing. id also suggest the guandao as a nice melee, tho you need to rank youself up one more time to use it. the guanao should pretty easily get you through most of the early game.
  5. acceltra isnt that great after about lvl 70 (lvl 80/90 with a riven). its mainly fun for casual use. id suggest things like the phantasma (especially if built for elec) or the proboscis cernos. both can easily chew through crowds of SP enemies.
  6. The three way points are gained are: a certain amount is gained for every second that you don't have an orphix on a map, A predetermined amount whenever you kill an orphix (scales with each wave) Killing sentients.
  7. there is no ability to trade between platforms. all platforms are seperate. you cant even join squad with someone on a different platform
  8. well... it was coded as such and if they ban those peeps than ther will just be more. it is done by having the host force their game into 1-2fps. this slows down the progression like crazy and allows the rest of the team to run around killing sentients for points.
  9. people get the 40k scores by using framerate manipulation. those are indeed the best individual score each person has achieved. it only shows the top 1400, so thats why the bottom are at 30k. indeed killed sentinents DO increase the score by a miniscule amount, so thats how they get those scores. i hope this helps!
  10. the only way to get under there is through out of bounds manipulation using something like hydroid, nova, or titania. it sucks yeah
  11. once you hit mr16 you can acess the entire game. there is nothing in the game that requires past mr16 (including rivens, weapons, quests, events...). you dont need to heavily grind past 10 but its good to just casually maybe level a thing or two while playing and youll make it to 16 in no time
  12. Doing nothing wrong. Ur just really unlucky. Keep churning and you'll get It eventually.
  13. which prime gaming event? cause they just drop a in game item from prime gaming every moth or so, to be available for a predetermined amount of time. just try to claim it as soon as possible
  14. gram prime is still one of the best melees (especially for heavy attack builds) and its about 40p
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