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  1. this happened while i was NOT the host, tho i am unsure if it can also effect the host
  2. during the first part of the "rescue the hostages" stage in the fortuna bounty, where you scan the 4 dead bodies. if you enter operator mode and than go into void mode before scanning the bodies, followed by void dashing while doing the body scan animation. the game will occasionally teleport you underneath the map to below the entrance to fortuna
  3. oh yeah im more than aware of just not playing on public and i can more than pull my own in a mission, its just that with the new fissures i still want to do those pub for more rewards than just mine but still be host.
  4. i want to continue playing railjack on public, but i keep on having issues on trying to connect to someone else as a host in public missions. is there a way to force it to start a new mission with me as host?
  5. seems as though the robot banned you cause it saw attempts to log in followed by a successful login somewhere completely different. just contact support and cross your fingers they get back to you soon.
  6. it really depends. best case is they change the name and give your account a warning, worst case is your banned till 2035. just dont do it man. not worth it
  7. additionally, the steel essence dropped isnt from a loot table. its a set amount of 3 each time, so nekros rerolling the loot table would not give more steel essence
  8. you have to go on public, but also almost noone ever plays any conclave so even if you were on public i wouldnt be surprised if noone joined for 6 hours.
  9. the switch version was released after it was discontinued. im not sure if it would remove it from the account if you did a transfer, but its currently unobtainable in game. even on PC, where it was obtainable for a long time, they are very rare legacy items. if some do exist on switch, it is unlikely that a person plans on selling it.
  10. are you sure its not the sum of the best scores? im pretty sure thats what it was. it was spot on for my clan. at least.
  11. if you feel it necessary, there are plenty of small but active clans that try their best to be fun and engaging. if you want, i can even invite you to my small clan. we are somewhat active and you can do whatever you want!
  12. Virtual Valentine. I felt that for this to be a proper card it needed a pun.
  13. plague star is a retired event. all of the arcanes from it and the plague zaws are available from the naberus event in october from the entrati, and the remaining exclusive items will be from the star days event coming soon
  14. i see both a +status and a -status. is one status duration and the other status chance? please specify witch
  15. yes all loot drops will dissapear after some amount of time. its not actually a set time, tho. the game has a max limit on how many loot items it can keep track of at once. whenever a new one spawns, it will delete teh oldest one to keep rendering frame drops away
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