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  1. So, much time has passed. No Melee fixes yet... To the licences owners of this game that we the gamer's have paid, time, money and promotional energy too. I would ask again that the Melee sys is fixed in a way that we can use the old system Melee. I would think that would sever to benefit your franchise greatly. I would like to play the game again like I did months ago.
  2. Still an issue. I've been gone for some time and see they have still not fixed Melee yet? I dont know what it will take as they would have more to gain to add a fix for this issue. So much potential seems held back.
  3. Yes, Yes you speak of truth. Much truth. Take my money.
  4. The new content is out and this controller Melee junk was launched. Its like making a new car that looks sexy, but you have to do calculus to make it start and turn off.
  5. If you change something core related you must start changing other things. Issue with this will be bugs, lots of them. Dont fix it if it ant broken is what i live by. This game was not broken so I wonder what other angle could of been taken. Melee in Melee mode still no good as I could see if it allowed glide and channeling as normal but its the same as gun mode with no gun. Mods is getting in-depth saying that the controls are fine and how does this mod work now? that a full over haul of problems to come. the bugs will pop up vastly in number while change goes on. It was a long wait for the game to get this stable. I play and pay to support this game not to be a Debugger forever.
  6. No insulting you in any way but it is a mod (Reflex guard) i think its been 500 days I have so meany mods i forget. its just now on all the time when in melee... Good sir.
  7. Well hello to you too, Add the full post next time good sir. Love warframe cant play with friend at this time though and its a bad thing. I cant use this new melee sys and news in from one of my warlords as they have moved on to TERA now. "This game feels wonky" everyone says this now its odd. Or more like the game feels like we're five year old's playing. I wonder what you think can help other people who cant now play this game happily like they did before the update.
  8. I Disagee with the last two post as they do understand the issue other's are having. If, I speak how they did I would say let's please get rid of this new sys for good and allow the true player race to press forward. There are people whom payed a great amount to this game to enjoy it. Now that they dont, what do you say to the face of these REAL people. I fear more an more the future, as people dont see the needs of people only companies and animals. You dont understand who your pleasing any more. DE has done a good job design/ graphic wise and world build wise, but this MELEE set up is not working to the point meany cant play the game. I run high/ hard levels theres no time for not seeing where you going or gun gliding where you cant see. Spy missions are dont for cant do them now in melee or new sys mode. I would use melee to glide when you get to the spy area to hack. High missions got rage quite I try hard not to do that but I did as well. Time fezzes in survival. Bug are normal when you change data so now is it more important to clean up the bugs or make some kind of sys dual (play style) to help us out. If I heard this it would be and issue and one that I cant have. I care not to side hard on it as you have people who like the new style so you cant and dont want to just re gut it. Now there is a host of people who plays one day spent REAL not pretend money and helped others grow in game, who now cant play due to this change. I can say the new sys sucks but wont and cant say just get rid of it. Now remember who are you appeasing when you talk DE or the people. DE needs people to be happy and are not your boss its the other way around they need to know what we want and will PAY for in future. You all just stated cut your revenue by going a new way with no regard to real people issues. We need a solution DE soon as I cant play with this style installed. All i do is log in every other day to see when my Clan LOGO will be delivered that I promised the people. DEEP MOON.
  9. Bit rude lol, No is there a nice way to kill a human... No. A lie is a lie and your right its affected the way we all love to play this game. I dont remember ever complaining or seeing that that controller where an issue to great to comprehend. So DE this phase is not the best and would of been better if this was I think its been said an OPTION for you fans and life blood of players. Everything else is great little hi tone on SLAMS and lots of other bugs now but besides MELEE being 80% destroyed for no reason all is a work of art. Can we get and im just repeating what more and more are saying now, a quick fix to this issue I would like to play the game again... Thank You.
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