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  1. Or just let us rename it (and the rest of exalted weapons) like we can already do with melee and secondaries ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. It would be amazing but not for the reasons you listed. Core mechanics should be consistent between PvE and PvP in order to make skills transfer between modes, by adding stamina -a brand new resource to manage that doesn't exist in PvE- you're adding a new reason for players to avoid it. Let's not turn warframes into "asthmatic ninjas" just because people can't be bothered to learn how to aim (in a shooter) at anything moving faster than a flameblade under the effects of any crowd control power (with something that isn't ignis, plasmor, fulmin, catchmoon or sometimes amprex) while moving everywhere as fast as their sprint speed allows them to. In the first place, keep in mind that there is a PvE event going on, so many players are farming it as hard as they can before it ends, that nightwave's intermission is live. With that out of the way, it would be better to start by providing tools that help players find each other more easily, something as small as moving from the current RNG matchmaking to a match/server browser to let people see ongoing matches (hopefully with the ping to their host, type of host, region, game mode, player count and RC status for those below rank 3) and join easily instead of going blindly praying to find a match within in the selected region, on the wanted mode, for their matchmaking setting (RC on/off for those who can choose) and within their ping settings. There are some other things needed such as a forced graduation in RC to get rid of players who learn enough to bully newbies but are still afraid of those out of it; a look at balance, which despite being mostly well done, some frames with silly stuff going on with their powers exist and there are also some overtuned weapons after 2018's rebalance that DE hasn't looked back for pvp. I agree with this, and tbh, PvE gets dull quickly to me even before getting everything from new updates or events. Yes, but that usually means learning the game's mechanics and improving at them, not trying to get them changed.
  3. Because these usually feature higher fire rate than their normal counterparts to compensate for their slightly reduced damage, giving both a similar time to kill (TTK) on paper. There are plenty of reasons for both, players who roflstomp on others can be either smurf accounts from experienced players just like they can be actually newcomers who came to warframe and have some degree of experience and skill on other games with similar pace; similar thing for those who get roflstomped, these can either be smurfs from old PvE players trying to learn the ropes of PvP on a different account in order to start playing on their own after learning enough to feel comfident, or they can be players new to both, warframes and pvp shooters as a whole. Either way, some of the reasons why most new players just swing a Mk1-Bo or Skana is because the conclave arsenal doesn't have all of their weapons equipped by default, only the melee weapon chosen during the tutorial, and most players just want to jump to shoot stuff and don't even bother with looking at their PvP arsenal before their very first match along what AlphaPHENIX said about players who want to focus on PvP having no actual way to get gear on a reasonable amount of time unless they decide to buy it with plat.
  4. Iirc, you get a blueprint to craft the ephemera so i'd advice to check your foundry.
  5. Dude, we're all entitled to an opinion, whatever you're openly stating that you'd like the forums to be an echo chamber at least when it comes to PvP which also happens to be the stance of a lot of players in the forums. It's fine not to like something and disagree, but trying to shut down the opinion of others simply because it's different to yours isn't, and believe it or not, just like "you" are sick of players asking for some attention to conclave, there are also players like me who are tired of this whole unjustified toxicity against a mode that you can simply decide not to play and still not be locked out of any meaningful reward.
  6. That part is just subjective, i personally love the pace of conclave and how it encourages deep use of the parkour system developed by DE. Are you trying to tell me that you don't use the walls for strategic positioning even in PvE? I personally don't see the fun in the generic run and gun gameplay that some players seem to expect from pvp games despite being in a game where we are supposed to be space ninjas. It's the same in warframe, yo hone your skills to outplay your enemy in micro plays, either through aim, parkour, positioning, energy management/power usage, or whatever mix you can find between those variables with an endless learning curve. Gear has been mostly balanced already, and even warframe powers have been balanced for PvP and in some cases reworked to not be useless in a PvP environment while keeping them loyal to their theme and mechanics (like shadows of the dead allowing the user to bypass respawn timer if killed, terrify reducing the damage output of afflicted enemies, desecrate giving a health orb from the enemy corpse anf making the desecrated enemy visible through walls for a short time on respawn, or silence turning banshee into a nullifier) Because it would probably be Lunaro all over again: developed by popular demand only to have a small but dedicated playerbase. I completely agree with this, warframe is really neat at its core (it has the potential to blow away several games imo), but fails to exploit its own potential given how no matter what, there is always a tool to trivialize such mechanics. Who needs parkour when tailwind and wormhole do the same for no effort? Who needs energy management when zenurik, EV and energy pads are a thing? Who needs dodging when there are damage reductions and healing tools powerful enough to make us nearly unkillable? Why would anyone learn to aim with guns when there are aoe nukes able to clean hordes of mobs even before they get to become a threat? And perhaps some other similar questions that make warframe feel like a really shallow game despite the depth of its systems.
  7. Because, like it or not, the power fantasy in warframe is so damn big that there's no skill required to beat most of the content, and the parts that require some degree of skill (endurance runs, speed runs and PvP) offer no actual rewards. Fwiw, the main reason of warframe's longevity is how constantly it gives players something new to chase, usually locked behind daily caps and abysmal drop chances to artificially extend the life of both, new and existing content (except PvP which can't have any sort of valuable reward to prevent a community outcry) Barring how warm can "the best and most welcoming community" get to be to players who show an open interest to see PvP improve, having no actual way to progress through PvP with minimal PvE gameplay is another of the reasons why many pvp focused players leave since it's either "buy plat/prime access to get new stuff" or "endure a game without challenge to progress in the thing you like". Based on that chart, investing in dojos is pointless too since these have less activity than conclave, yet DE has done plenty of updates to them regardless, so it doesn't seem like a reliable backup for any sort of argument you're trying to do here.
  8. did you leave mid match? you lose everything if you do, otherwise i have no idea of what might have happened there since you haven't reached neither your rank nor your daily cap. I am, and know plenty of players who are also maxed in conclave. With that out of the way, i don't think that these remarks are needed, specially when you're asking for help.
  9. Check if your matchmaking is set to public, otherwise people won't be able to join without an invite and the match won't reward standing.
  10. It can indeed be made really hard to see despite visual settings. Here's a clip on maxed settings (effects intensity 200): However, since not everyone plays on maxed settings, here's a clip using everything on the minimum possible (effect intensity 10): It would be amazing if the gameplay impact of stuff like visual settings and certain colors was reduced to the minimum in order to make the playing field as even as possible.
  11. You're missing the point: If DE enables conclave mods for PvE then vocal players will complain of having "content that affects our power locked behind PvP" instead of playing conclave (And DEwill most likely deliver since that's what they did with stuff like Mesa's Waltz) like they have already done with other stuff such as the conclave event rewards (forma, catalyst, reactor, etc.). And DE will most likely deliver that way, either responding to the feedback provided or preemtpively to avoid it, so there would be no reason to play PvP to get its mods since these would be available through PvE anyways. I agree with the idea being cool and opening room for some weird setups, but i really doubt that it would magically fix the mess created by DE's lack of attention to the mode.
  12. Not really since, on one hand, PvE builds are kinda cluttered with the so called "mandatory mods" for the average PvE player; while on the other, every single time a conclave mod is been enabled for PvE, its players complain that PvP should not be the only way to obtain it. So even tough i'd personally like to use PvP mods in PvE, i don't think that enabling them for PvE would make things change in a meaningful way.
  13. Because "noob weapons" also have slower fire rate than "normal weapon". Because that would make them no different from unplugging the other player's controller to win. (A viable strat in the good old consoles without online options, perfect to make your brother and friends mad enough to make them not want to play with you in a long time. Because warframe is all about finding the path of least resistance, so any alternative (non-pvp) way to get reputation would completely trivialize the whole mode. We have it because players vocally asked for a pvp mode that didn't involve shooting each other and rocket leage was the biggest game at that moment. About the second question, it's closer to lacross, so neither. If you're talking about raw damage, it makes sense for soma to deal only 20 damage/shot versus Mk1-Braton's 37 if you keep in mind that soma needs a short time of continuous fire before reaching its max fire rate, which is also twice mk1-braton's (17.5 vs soma's 15) A break won't harm anyone if you're getting burnt out by playing it too much Hey! At least you made an effort to translate, and imo the idea is clear enough to be understandable. What isn't really clear to me is the relation between the title and the actual post since i was getting ready for one of those "here we go again" threads after seeing this:
  14. I'd like to have variants back even if these were put on rotation, perhaps make them rotate with Capture the Cephalon. With that out of the way, I wouldn't be opposed to having the oro ornament and quick steel sigil available as conclave syndicate rewards, this would be much better than not having them available at all and than the fate of the eros oro ornament: a season event reward and ended up available in the market... for credits.
  15. Staticor indeed has too much going on for it: >Decent flight speed even with heavy warhead. >Electric damage (which gets increased by the proc and can be increased further by chaining targets) > Damage scaling linearly with charge, but flight speed being reduced only if charge hits 100% > Can hold charge indefinitely. > Knocks down enemies hit while holding the charge. > Doesn't respect line of sight > No self damage (low risk high reward weapon) > Big mag fitting 100% of its ammo pool I'm not sure at all how could it be tweaked, but since it's damage already is different to PvE i'd probably start by either capping electric proc damage (like on the lanka) or straight up changing it to IPS (like Simulors); making its aoe respect line of sight, reducing clip size by half, and the rest might be fixing some unintended behavior like flight speed not decreasing linearly with charge and AoE vfx not reflecting the actual aoe hurtbox size. Telos Boltace's main imbalance is its ability to randomly pull enemies only to then knock them down while also dealing damage, so I agree with F4MouSz_L3op4rD on it being disabled, it would also make it consistent with the rest of syndicate melee weapons that have active effects (Vaykor Sydon's radial blind, Sancti Magistar's heal on charge, etc) that have already been disabled for PvP. Snipetron... snipers as a whole became easier to use with their rework around the release of Plains of Eidolon where their firerate was increased and damage was slightly toned down. However, since DE's balance philosophy seems to be making weapons mechanically consistent between PvE and PvP, these would have to be balanced through mods (+dmg/+recoil/-fire rate for most snipers, +dmg/-firerate/-reload speed for vectis series) quoting an old thread by Triplinster: Arca Titron is really, really slow and doing mistakes with it is also easy to punish due to its long animations and recovery times. Good luck with that, even tough some concerns get addressed (removal of zaws being the most recent example), it takes really long for it to happen and the last dev reply on this subforum was ages ago.
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