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  1. I'd rather see DE fixing conclave and giving it some useful rewards over the current get and forget ones (making it decently efficient way to get steel essence and other resources for conclave standing could be a start, no need to add exclusive stuff) than adding ways to get it bypassed. You know, make finding matches easier (match/server/lobby browser) and encourage people to play it to make its population grow instead of making it smaller by allowing people to entirely bypass a mode that relies on player activity.
  2. I'd argue it doesn't lower the skill gap, but increases it instead since shield gating increases TTK and can be bypassed with headshots. Newer players usuallly aren't as good at movement as older ones, so they can't get to use it as effectively as an older player. That's before we start talking about how it encourages low engagement gameplay over actually staying to fight. There's a reason why most matches have someone runnig around with high burst damage weapons (snipers, karaks, vipers, furis, akzani, etc) with high mobility who only picks on already weakened enemies and running away as
  3. awww, today i learnt that not even posts in the public test cluster are actually read by the devs -.-
  4. It's a bug that could allow players to have more EHP or simply deal more damage than the rest of people in the match simply for being in a relay when it was blessed. Definitely not balanced and easy to see that it was an unintended interaction.
  5. Thank you very much for these! On another note, what's up with Telos Boltace being bugged in conclave for an entire year without being fixed, disabled (easiest soultion) or at least addresed in all of this time? Same for certain passive that got very easy to abuse after the status rework early this year.
  6. Well, it was yesterday... (Hurra!) Being able to say that your company stays in touch with its players. I really miss the times when @[DE]joebuck worked on conclave balance, @[DE]Rebecca and @[DE]Megan would play it on stream with random people, while @[DE]Saskeand @[DE]Aidanwould stay in touch with the community, sometimes even asking for our collaboration in the discord server in order to reproduce the bugs in order to get them fixed asap since these can be very detrimental to a pvp experience, even more when these can be easily abused as proven by this entire year of unaddre
  7. Those tell exactly the same story as most riven disposition nerfs, any warframe rework that sounds like a nerf, weapon rebalances and the addition of mildly challenging enemies to the game despite none of these thing being related to pvp or competition in any way.
  8. Already said above, i think things wouldn't change much with the community since only a small amount of very loud players would be the ones getting triggered.
  9. The PvE community is already quite toxic towards anyone who doesn't follow the hivemind, even towards DE when they make unpopular decisions or add anything mildly challenging to PvE, so i doubt things would change much if DE suddenly went back to do minor work on pvp content.
  10. That's part of the political side of the game mode i mentioned above. Also, given how warframe has spoiled its playerbase enough to become a game where players care more about rewards than the game itself, of course these same players will try to break any system as soon as they feel slightly challenged by it (which isn't as noticeable in PvE mostly because our power is the same as playing other games with cheatcodes enabled all of the time and losing is sometimes a bigger challenge than conpleting a mission). The biggest issue there was DE not having measures to prevent what was basicall
  11. Huh, that's just a part of the hosting and matchmaking issues which wouldn't even be a thing in the mode with dedicated servers Meh, just a minor annoyance in a mode that was disabled long ago and, as pointed above, wouldn't be an issue in the current pvp setup. That's just a cheap excuse to justify the toxicity towards a mode you don't like. ----- I guess it's safe to assume you agree with the parts of the post that weren't even mentioned in your reply.
  12. Indeed, it's mostly toxic members from the PvE side of the warframe community that keep doing as much as possible to prevent the growth of warframe's PvP and are constantly calling for its removal as an "easy" way to get access to a few skins. Btw, i've had a very long time taking part in competitive communities and based on that experience i've noticed that people with "a colorful language" are usually those who care more about getting rewards or prestige than about actually improving and having fun giving their best, a really common thing in the PvE side of the warframe community.
  13. Easy fixes aren't always the best ones, specially when the system is perceived as broken simply because it makes players use all of the game mechanics that exist in the entire game, like energy management, positioning, dodging, animation cancelling, aiming (in a shooter, lmao); but can be totally bypassed in PvE since in there we get practically unlimited energy, huge damage reductions, powerful heals (some are instant), the ability to disable the enemy AI and huge aoe nukes that simply shred enemies even without line of sight. The rewards are there for anyone to take, people being used t
  14. The last warframe added to conclave was Khora so the list includes any frame released after her, the 3 old ones that got big PvE reworks and looks like this: Revenant, Garuda, Baruuk, Hildryn, Wisp, Gauss, Grendel, Protea, Xaku, Wukong, Ember and Vauban Titania Prime and Inaros Prime are also disabled in conclave because of reasons even though their skills are already rebalanced for conclave (barring Titania's Tribute which seems to do nothing after the rework) and could have been released with exactly the same stats as their non-prime counterparts.
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