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  1. Stormdragon

    An Easy Fix Towards a Better Conclave

    Might sound good until you realize it gives players an addicional resource to manage, and based on your wording i guess you don't want to see a stamina bar in pve, so this only creates a bigger disconnection between PvE and PvP gameplay. Matches should be defined by skill, not by who has grinded more. It would be really unfair for a player with mechabical skills obtained on another game to come here, try pvp, and find out that he doesn't stand a chance against other players despite being more skilled than them simply because he doesn't have min maxed builds that can tank whatever is shot at them without moving and can one shot anything with a stray bulley from an automatic rifle that has an endless mag and can shoot through walls. That's why conclave has been rebalanced and has access to its own set of mods. Even tough the best reason to play something is the enjoyment obtained from it, better rewards are always welcome. Fun is subjective. If you focus only on grinding to get the rewards asap, you most likely won't be having fun since you'll try to be as efficient as possible in a mode where the only way to get standing quickly is improving your own skills, which can take longer than getting the cosmetic stuff.
  2. What's your GPU? Did performance change before or after the latest warframe update? Are your drivers up to date? I'm asking mainly because i'm using nvidia and started having awful performance in every game after updating to its latest drivers and had to roll back to the previous ones.
  3. Stormdragon

    Conclave Royale!!!

    "New". I'm pretty sure i've seen this idea a lot of times before. There is no balance in PvE, so using its mods in pvp makes up for a really unbalanced game mode where a stray soma bullet can be as deadly as that of a sniper. Game performance can easily start struggling in a big map with 4 players, making use of, let's say Orb Vallis with anything beyond 8 players would require a really powerful host in order to provide a smooth experience for everyone (and after trying to play fortnite a couple of times and not liking it, i can telm that its map is, or at leas feels way bigger than OV, which is already bigger than PoE) There are ogjer ways to achieve this without creating a brand new mode, such as bringing back the old opticor variant where players had only their "fashionframe", 1.0 mobility, 100 HP, and a modified opticor (slightly faster rate of fire) without access to secondaries, warframe passives nor their powers. On one hand, DE already tried to jump on the hype train once u der player request back when rocket league was new and came with a novelty game mode which can be fun but has some issues of its own. On the other one, pvp in warframe doesn't need new modes that fragment its already small playerbase. Feedback subforums aren't meant for "fun posts"
  4. Stormdragon

    Remove Conclave from the Game

    Even if it was 10 players, there's still people having fun with it, it doesn't affect progression in anyway, the rewards are dumb cosemtics, and there is nearly no effort required on DE's end to keep it going while it also has the potential to attract more players and the offer of endless replayability. Btw, i get that you might still be salty flr the removal trials (as seen on your first comment in this thread), and i won't deny that even tough i didn't enjoy trials there were players for who this movement was awful. However, memeing around and being disrespectful towards other parts of the community won't help you make a point, and even less if these are based on playerbase numbers which were given by DE just once and showed both, the raiding and conclave communities at a really similar size (the unfairness in how was that data taken is an entirely different issue). It's bad to a big part of the community simply because it challenges players allergic to challenge to make use of game mechanics unlike 99% of the game that is "enjoyable" because of a power fantasy that makes trivial stuff such as failing a mission nearly impossible, while on the PvP side of things obviously you can't always be the winner. Yeah, fun is subjective. If you have fun with something, good for you. You won't see me run around asking DE to remove something others enjoy just because i can't enjoy it and can't get its rewards, and even less if the first thing making me unable to enjoy it is something that only I can fix. Not talking from a high horse. I mean, people shouldn't use "lag makes *that* part of the game bad" as an argument when they also recognize the issue is actually on their end which obvioulsy affect their experience not only in warframe. It's as dumb as if i wanted volleyball to be removed from the world because i want a world cup volleyball trophy but can't get it because i have a broken arm.
  5. Stormdragon

    Remove Conclave from the Game

    I think it's funny how on another thread you recognize the issue is actually on your end: No matter the game, latency issues will always plague every single match as long as you have a bad/slow internet. Go get a better internet connection, instead of asking for the removal of content just because you can't get some useless cosmetics while disregarding the fun this mode can provide to other people.
  6. Stormdragon

    How to make PvP great (you're welcome)

    Warframe abilities have already been reworked to fit a pvp environment while making sense for their theme, you can take abilities like terrify (halves enemy damage output temporarily), desecrate (allows you to see desecrated enemies through walls for 6 seconds), shadows of the dead (bypasses respawn timer), banshee's silence (dispels powers and prevents enemies from casting abilities while in its range) or even some passives like oberon's (impair immunity) amongst others for example of this. Reworking frames to the point of having a brand new set of powers takes too much resources and creates a greater sense of disconnect in gameplay. I beg to differ, decoy works like a turret that loks exactly like you, lasts 6 seconds in which it will continuously shoot whatever is your primary weapon at 50% damage and no respect for magazine restriction and can also get a 50% taken damage link with the augment. Too good for an easily spammable power. Weapons have already been rebalanced for pvp, you can see in the conclave arsenal how everything has smaller mags, less damage with the same fire rate and accuracy to make them feel similar to their pve counterparts despite the removal of stuff like status and critical chance to remove the randomness these added to the table. And remove bows, throwing knives, lanka, drakgoon, supras, deras, etc. Despite the fact that these can be as viable as hitscan stuff, or even better depending on the user's skill to line up with enemy trajectory and/or judge distance and speed to properly lead their shots? I see no reason for such change tbh. It would be nice to have more ability augments, but for the current abilities since only a few frames have access to them. Complete invisibility is unfair since it removes almost entirely the possibility of counterplay for the enemy, reason why these keep an outline and a blurry effect making the enemy really hard to see, and it's fine.
  7. Stormdragon

    Calling all Typhoons!

    I'm not sure about how many conclave players are still bothering with forums now given some circumstances in here that i guess it's not worth discussing in this thread, however, you can find plenty of clips under the tag warframepvp in gfycat. I guess you'd have a wider response in the conclave discord, to which you are cordially invited to join and so is anyone interested in conclave. Space magic. It probably sends the moon back to the void or something. Idk.
  8. Stormdragon

    PvP Suggestions

    To be fair, the idea sounds good on paper (less bulletjumps for my enemies!) But it's actually awful in practice since that means a brand new limitation to get used to, and one that i guess most players don't want to see added to the game. And yes, i'm saying to "to the game" as a whole since changes to core mechanics make sense only if done to both, PvP and PvE altogether, otherwise the only thing achieved is making the gameplay feel disconnected when transitioning between modes, and to make things worse, this is already part of the reasons why many players don't bother with conclave since everything, from mechanical skill (aiming, parkour) to actual knowledge of game mechanics (modding system, utility of different damage types, energy management, positioning, etc.) can be easily trivialized in PvE but is really important for PvP. Suddenly adding something new to the mix only makes that disconnection feel even bigger. To make it simple, imagine learning to make use of parkour through PvE gameplay until you feel comfortable enough to jump into conclave, only to find out that in there you can only bullet jump a couple of times before being stuck to the ground for a short time, or to see that now you have a brand new bar somewhere in the ui and you don't know what it means until you figure out it's actually stamina, a new resource to manage that doesn't exist in PvE.
  9. Stormdragon

    Conclave update suggestions for more enjoyable play

    After reading your post about arca plasmor being bugged (despite the bug being fixed when fortuna was released) and still yet to see any kind of backup to your point of snipers being the only viable weapons, I beg to differ and here are a few examples of why: And those are only gifs from mine, a random player who's not even close to the best ones around.
  10. Stormdragon

    Conclave update suggestions for more enjoyable play

    Not stalking anyone, if you skimmed through my comments you'd realize that i lurk this subforum most of the time and it's usually commenting about suggestions i see, be it to improve them or to explain why these would not fit the gameplay of warframe. So you call me to be constructive while all you have done in this thread is spread misinformation (such "only snipers are viable in pvp") based on a reduced gameplay experience and most likely on assumptions too. Perhaps not for your logic which seems to be based mainly on theory, but after a fair bit of kills and time spent in conclave you can be sure it makes sense when taken to the practice. That's a lovely way to escape from a discussion when your arguments have been proven wrong and you have no way to defend them but still too proud to accept such situation.
  11. Stormdragon

    PvP Suggestions

    Dojo duels don't have public matchmaking, you need to invite people to your dojo, take them to the dueling room and have them take a sit in front of you for a duel to start, so i wouldn't be surprised if you can sit for 60 hours waiting for someone to join and still have no response. Going back to conclave, personally i have never had to wait half an hour for a conclave match. This part of the comment only shows how far out of the loop you are. Clearly one of the main arguments from pve players is that they came here for a pve experience, so no matter how much conclave changes, a chunk of the community will still not bother with it. Doing other suggested stuff such as removing mobility is the same as turning warframe into csgo/cod or whatever, which is far different from warframe gameplay. I don't see how the account age bears some importance when providing feedback, and even less when you talk down to others using your "dedication" as an argument despite having a really low time played count that could be easily surpassed in around a month by someone actually dedicated.
  12. Stormdragon

    Conclave update suggestions for more enjoyable play

    The ttk of automatic rifles is balanced around 0.7 seconds assuming all of your shots hit, and there are players skilled enough to get kills nearly on that time. Longer ttk makes everything weaker and increases the skill required to get kills. I'm pretty sure that keeping track of an enemy for 2 seconds is harder than doing it for 1, or that landing 4 shots on an enemy is easier than landing 6, specially when we add warframe's mobility to the mix. About snipers being able to one tap you, you're most likely playing a light frame or a medium with -ehp mods since most of them need 1 headshot + 1 body shot to kill mediums or tanks. I won't deny that snipers need a change, but it should be done mainly by somehow reducing their fire rate so missing a shot becomes more punishing. They see it as "jumping simulator" because of 4 big reasons: -There's no actual reason to ever use mobility in pve unless you want to go from point A to B as fast as possible. -Movement in combat isn't needed thanks to damage reduction powers and how easily these can be kept up. -Enemies are slow and barely ever move vertically. -The few fast enemies with vertical movement will die to constant aoe spam, removing the need to aim for them. If it's so easy and takes 0 skill, why aren't you doing it? Your conclave rank is still neutral and i could assume you haven't disabled the Recruit Conditioning box to see how things actually are. Low mobility can be used to make long range high damage weapons struggle. If the enemy can hit you even when you move as fast as possible, then the best choice is to at least make them need more shots to kill you in order to increase your options to fight back. Melee has its own tools such as frontal damage reduction, damage multipliers on certain hits, gap closing movements, impair on a hit of certain combo, knockdown on slam and in a combo as well. It's a really viable playstyle and some players excel at it. Arca plasmor falloff has already been fixed, and even with the bug it was a 2 hits to kill weapon and could get up to 3 against shielded enemies (like a + shield frost prime)
  13. Stormdragon

    PvP Suggestions

    There's a big difference between maintaining content that breaks easily when something else is touched and conclave, which rarely ever gets bugs and most of the tweaks to it are balance passes, which is mostly tweaking a few numbers and that's it. There are already player hosted servers, however i agree, some servers already have questionable quality, so in order to provide a smooth experience on matches with more than 8 players, DE would have to either set their own servers (and some expensive ones while at it) ir at least set some minimum requirements to host. The ttk is fine when we keep in mind our high mobility, and as pointed before by Oru, reducing warframe mobility further doesn't make any sense. It has already been toned down to range between 0.8 (tanks) to 1.0 (lights) when unmodded, where 1.0 is pve base mobility. This is something i can totally agree with, we could go a bit further and request a match/server browser, which has been requested for years after player hosting was added due to it being the next logical step.
  14. Stormdragon

    Ideas on making conclave more attractive to players

    Exactly, it's PvE players locking themselves out of pvp rewards simply because they don't want to bother with pvp. Since the rewards are there to encourage players to participate in pvp, and anyone is able to get them anytime as long as they jump in pvp... do we really need an alternative route? I know players who started pmaying for skins and stayed because they enjoyed the gameplay, with an alternative route, players like them would probably not even give a try to pvp in the first place, which would only undermine the existence of conclave. I've seen that too, and still think that it would be really weird to be able to play Player Versus Player but without any other player. It doesn't make any sense since pvp requires interaction with at least one more player. You're missing the point of what does PvP stand for. I play pve mostly solo unless i'm going for relics, perhaps some other content too if i'm in the mood for carrying a team, want to goof around, or simply want to change the pace, so i know exactly what you mean. The most common ideas posted here are "warframe battle royale" and "turn warframe into csgo" aka "remove mobility", along some other ideas that change the gameplay too much for it to remain as warframe. Also, i wouldn't mind some other ways of pvp, but would really love it of those other competition modes had different rewards even if it means i never get them if i don't like the mode, for instance, i also think that Lunaro should have been a different syndicate with its own rewards because its current implementation created more issues than those it solved. And that's coming from someone who played a couple of lunaro matches, did not enjoy it, and decided not to play it. And then PvE powercreep encourages getting rid of older weapons so players have to worry about less weapon/frame slots, while in conclave players are better off keeping every single oiece of gear even when an upgrade to it is released, and that happens simply because the way weapons are balanced in pvp makes them sidegrades, allowing for further gameplay customization depending on the player's choice. Once again, that ocd is a personal issue. If you don't want the mods to stay dark you can always trade for them and still call it a day. Also i have a codex too and have no issue seeing many mods in the dark (like auras obtained from earth sanctuary specters) because i chose not to run around scanning flowers to farm for them and don't care enough to get them from someone else. Same rules apply for both PvE and PvP players. Want a market skin? Go get some plat and buy it. Want a conclave skin? Go play conclave until you can get it. The difference is not availability of the skins, but the mentality of the player getting them; PvP players will usually get the skins as rewards for playing normally while pve players will see it as a grind and usually do it in a bad mood or straight up look for workarounds to get them with minimal effort (not surprising in a game that encourages efficiency with a big part of its community being allergic to challenge). If DE added alternative pvp ways to get conclave rewards, I wouldn't mind tbh. It would feed some of the issues with the current system just like lunaro did, but many players "might" be happy with it while the hardcore vocal anti-pvp crowd might still come to the forums screaming "hurr durr, muh pve reources" as they do everytime conclave gets a balance tweak in the patch notes. However, i think it's rather childish to see how many community members seem to be fixated with the conclave skins simply for being the one thing out of their reach, to the point of asking for the removal of the fun of other players simply because they want its rewards without actually playing the content.
  15. Stormdragon

    Ideas on making conclave more attractive to players

    DE should not cater towards the completionist mentality, players should instead learn to live knowing that not everything will be at an arm's reach and move on or simply do what's required to get. The rewards are there available for anyone at any time while players decide to gate themselves away from it and blame DE. It's as silly as if i wanted the 3 ludoplex posters without scanning frame fighter data, without reaching the goals set for FlappyZephyr and Wyrmius and started blaming DE because I decided that i don't like those parts of the game and don't want to play them; similar thing for someone who wanted the john prodman poster without playing the Index, and i'm sure you could find plenty of other examples. Actually you're wrong. There's a difference between a pvp focused player (no interest in pve due to its lack of challenge, but still engaged on warframe thanks to things like the parkour system and its uses in combat) and someone who can enjoy the game as a whole disregarding some of its flaws on both, the PvE and PvP side. This could be fixed by adding alternative pvp ways to obtain gear that's already available in pve, like they did with the starter frames, but then we have jewels who refuse to go as far as letting conclave provide affinity in a thread where someone posted to have been told weapons don't rank up in pvp (which is a blatant lie told by some players with the sole purpose of discouraging others from playing pvp). Even tough all of this is still player decision, some ways to help with the retention of pvp focused players would be much appreciated. Didn't you just say that even eidolons can be played solo? And yeah, everything in pve can be obtained doing things without any help. However, i'm pretty sure that PvP (aka 1 player versus another player, or group of them) everyone needs other player to play, otherwise it becomes pve, which defeats the purpose of having pvp. Once again, realizing that not everything will be easy to reach would be a better choice. The rewards are mostly stuff available through pve (relics, exilus bp, starter frames) mods available for pve that are available through it, mods that can be used only in pvp, and a few cosmetics so you aren't missing out on much. You don't need these rewards, you only want them because you refuse to do what's needed to get them You said it yourself, the issue is player compulsion making people victimize themselves claiming that they are being forced to do something they don't want to get a reward they desire even if they avtually don't need it. I still say "no, thank you" because i can enjoy the game as a whole, so i don't care about having my hard drive disk with Fortuna and PoE in it even tough conclave is more challenging content. I also don't like the trend of battle royale and don't think it would fit well in warframe, so i'm fine with DE not investing in it. Luckily i have a quick computer that can close warframe and open something else quickly, but i also know of players with computers where restarting warframe takes longer than swapping between games in a PS2 when the disk is already old. Having everything in the same client is a nice QoL. To be honest, to see a player who has never touched conclave and still has a clean 0:0 kill record talk about its balance is as weird as a fifa player making bad reviews of a NHL game because it has different rules and he can't get into it. For fun? I could make a similar point of "why bother" with anything. "Videogames are a waste of time, so it's kinda like why bother." But that still won't make any of us to stop bothering with videogames... "so it's kinda like why bother." That's a really unfair comparison since warframe is far from a tcg, which would not make use of any of warframe's mechanics (just like frame fighter, flappy zephyr or wyrmius), whereas conclave is the only place of the game where making actual use of things like the parkour system, your weapons, energy management, saving your powers for the right moment and many other stuff that's easily trivialized in pve.