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  1. I'm on PC too and can find matches most of the time. I'd argue for DE to improve, promote and encourage conclave gameplay instead of arguing for its rewards to be made available somewhere else and the syandana's upkeep getting removed. Getting more to people to play is always better in the long term than catering to those who only care about get and forget rewards.
  2. Will these be enabled on forums? A lot of the newest glyphs haven't been added yet despite being already old at this point or even paid exclusives (like wukong prime glyphs). I'm currently making a list to gather as many of them as possible and some players have been quite helpful with it, so here it is for easier access: It might not be complete simce i don't know about Atlas Prime glyph (at least i haven't seen it on forums yet)
  3. First of all, thank you very much for adding Atlas prime to conclave. How will these changes be handled for pvp? For example, while Wukong was disabled from conclave, Nezha and Saryn got tweaks that carried over to it and haven't been rebalanced yet such as Miasma requiring 75 energy to cast (unlike the rest of fourth abilities), Nezha's divine spears getting an instant cast despite being a heavy damaging ability, or his warding halo offering a short immunity window and exploding to deal fire damage to enemies when destroyed. Which makes it kinda concerning when frames rebalanced for PvP get PvE tweaks. On a sidenote, the last warframe added to conclave was Khora, which means that Revenant, Garuda, Baruuk, Hildryn, Wisp, and now Gauss aren't enabled for it and that no frames have gotten rebalanced for PvP in over a year, which gives no reason to bother with getting them other than mastery to people who prefers the PvP side of the game over the PvE one. Can we have a weapon rebalance for PvP? It was really well tuned until the PvE changes around the release of the Plains of Eidolon that turned snipers into low recoil, fast firing - heavy caliber weapons and then 2018's PvE balance pass increases some damages, accuracies, and reduced recoils of powerful weapons that were balanced mostly for being harder to use, making them an obvious choice for PvP. Will @[DE]joebuck ever be able to work again on the long forgotten conclave roadmap? Will PvE ever be balanced so that the game gets some sort of challenge again? Back in 2013 we had a defined power ceiling that made the game harder and it helped a lot with its replayability despite having a small fraction of the content that warframe has nowadays and i can't remember people talking about "content drought" back then, but it happens now that there is a lot more to do and i guess it mostly comes from how easily can everything be trivialized now and makes every mission feel the same. Why hasn't it been addressed yet? People who want to live a power fantasy will always be able to do it on low/mid level missions, but not even higher level content atm is hard enough to justify using all of our power, let alone the mechanics already existing in the game such as parkour as a positioning tool in a fight, for example.
  4. As much as i like to see this change, the lootframe meta wouldn't be as needed as it is without high resource costs (*cough* hema research *cough*) or mods with awfully low drop chances with a reduced amount of sources. Any chance for these issues to be addresed at some point too?
  5. Yeah balanced around 3 classes that depend on the frame's base mobility. However, every frame having "exactly the same shields, health and armor values", and frames "being balanced against each other" isn't the same. I'd argue the opposite, that balance with no ways to make a warframe scale into the insane amounts of EHP that we can get in PvE is exactly the reason why DE could make Rumbled work without breaking the PvP version of the augment, and this by simply making it keep the same scaling as the base ability since in PvP there are no mods to increase armor, power duration or aoe size of powers, and the ones that increase damage output require specific circumstances to trigger and still don't do enough to make it unbalanced in PvP. I've thought about what it entails and pointed it in the post you're quoting there, it just got conveniently lost in your cherry picking. I don't like Mesa's Waltz either (i think it should have been part of the base skill so it could have an actual augment like many other augments) but a lot of PvE players pushed for it to be her PvE augment and DE delivered. With that out of the way, i think that allowing Rumbled into pve without removing Titanic Rumbler would open the gates for more abilities to have 2 different augments (pointed above and lost in your cherrypicking) while changing Titanic Rumbler for a different augment (like Rumbled) would open the gates for lackluster augments to be completely changed in the future. Atlas is just another frame that wields the same weapons as any other frame. I would stay away from the uniquess argument since rumbled enables a unique gameplay where you become a titan that throws stones and mashes the ground to get rid of his enemies while Rumblers/Titanic Rumble just summon new entities, something that other frames can already do and much better (Celestial Twin exists, for example). Titanic rumbler doesn't change how Atlas plays, and it's kinda odd to see you talkimg about how Rumbled doesn't change the way Atlas plays while disregarding that it gives him basically an exalted stone armor with access to both, ranged and melee attacks (throwing stones and slamming the ground respectively), turning Atlas into an actual stone titan instead of being just another tanky frame. If you're so sure that Rumbled doesn't change how Atlas plays and would prefer another augment to do that, could you at least mention your ideas? No need to be extensive about it, a link to a post in a feedback thread where it has been mentioned before would be enough, even better if the post happens to be yours.
  6. I wonder if someone would miss Titanic rumbler. At least i wouldn't since, imo, getting to be a rumbler is way more fun and engaging than just creating a new entity that acts on its own and can be forgotten. If Rumblers got both augments available in PvE, it could also open the way for other abilities with lackluster augments to get a better one, allowing more gameplay choices in a game where customization is quite a big deal. As pointed above by Renegade343, warframes in conclave have different health, shield and armor values and frames with more EHP (effective hit/health points) are balanced by being slower than those with less EHP. Also, I'm yet to see a Nidus or an Inaros with shields in PvP which would be the case if everyone had the same health, shields and armor. Based on my experience with Rumbled in PvP it shouldn't be much work since it already scales with power strength (tested with Final Act), and there are no power range mods to tweak the aoe size of his exploding rock throws and ground slams, no mods to improve energy efficiency enough to let him cast other powers while rumbled, and no mods to increase how long does the rumbled armor last. There are also no armor mods in conclave, and the rubble mechanic is disabled there, so these could also be used to make rumbled scale further without touching the PvP side of it, if the issue is the damage output, they could just make it scale with weapon mods of either primary, secondary, or melee and call it a day since there are no dmg buffing mods in pvp either (barring double/triple/final tap that trigger under specific circumstances and rumbled's attack speed isn't fast enough to do it) However, i think they would have to work on other improvements such as allowing rumbled to bullet jump even if it's at half mobility in order to make him a bit more maneuverable while keeping him with a heavy feel without disabling parkour. I don't think it would be too much work, specially if we keep in mind that part of Atlas' kit could use some tweaks (looking mostly at Tectonics), that DE has already made some big changes to other frames before (remember excalibur's super jump? Ember's overheat?, wukong's iron jab and his old defy?) And even tweaks to augments where the last one was kind of a missed opportunity to make Titanic Rumbler a fun augment (imo).
  7. On one hand: >Reservoirs could be capped to 3 that last 15-30 seconds with their respectivr buffs remaining on wisp for 5-10 seconds (health regen stops on health damage) and players are also allowed to destroy them (like vauban's teslas). >Will o wisp could get a bullet attractor (similar to saryn's molt to work like a moving version of it) and just get invisibility and invulnerability removed. >Breach surge could mark enemies to increase the damage they take and spreads to other targets for the remaining duration of the power on headshot kills. Teleporting to a resevoir increases marking area and destroys the reservoir >Sol gate could be just a big beam of doom with high energy consumption, limited range (7-10 meters could be fine, using the shoot button increases range in exchange for reduced energy efficiency) >Her passive just gets reworked or "temporarily" removed. On the other hand, revenant still doesn't get his balance pass and he was added to the game over a year ago; the same applies to every warframe added after him and before Wisp (Garuda, Baruuk, Hildryn) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Really looking forwards to changes to PAA boosters since its quite easy to reach a point of the game where both of those just run in the background and feel like a loss of money, specially when these can also be obtained from other sources such as login rewards. Also this: at least to me, that alone can make the difference between buying this PA with money, getting it from someone else through trading, or farming for it. If he gets added to conclave, hopefully he ends up being an actual sidegrade to Vanilla Atlas unlike Mesa Prime, who in conclave is more like a downgrade of vanilla Mesa despite how long it took to get her added. On a sidenote: will we ever be able to do this in PvE too? Getting Rumbled to slam the ground and throw stones is way more fun and engaging than creating a new entity only to forget about it.
  9. I realize and have addressed that issue on other posts, yet you keep avoiding it in your nitpicks in order to bruteforce the same argument. Not meant as a way to say "git gud". I think a huge part of the issue lies on how warframe is a game that doesn't encourage (let alone require) mechanical progression in order to be successful in its PvE despite its mechanics being far deeper than what one will ever get to use in it. I can't deny that the mode itself has its flaws, but you're misplacing them. Well, that's on your own since nobody but yourself decided that completionism would be your goal. Who is any of us to decide how long is "long enough"? We are mere players, none of us gets to arbitrarily decide how long is "long enough" and DE seems to disagree with your statement. Pointed above and plenty of times before, after DE's decision with UMs it might be more fruitful to argue for tools to streamline finding matches than self victimizing in an attempt to appeal to DE's feelings to argue for the reversal of such decision. Also keep in mind that DE mentioned a racing pvp mode that might get a new burst of players that you and many others could use to get matches. Well, with match finding tools cheaters would have a much harder time cheating the system since people willing to play legit would have an easier way to find them. But hey! I guess it's gonna get lost in your next nitpick (again) since it addresses the issue and offers a solution to it that isn't just allowing progression in the PvP syndicate through PvE.
  10. My experience is quite different since i can reach the daily cap in around 3 to 4 matches and i waste 132K standing (in mods i don't need + either a captura scene or 6 relic packs), around 3 or 4 times a week. As pointed in the part that got lost in your nitpick, it's all tied to player performance and even tough i don't need it i agree with a buff to standing gains. I've never said RC is matchmaking done right, but it's the only thing DE has done about it so far. No, but a skill based matchmaking requires numbers to support it otherwise it just achieves to split the playerbase even further. There are already issues since the current matchmaking is RNG based and looks for players only in 1 out of 48 possible pools while also accounting for the inaccurate ping limiter, so if some sort of intermediate level got added before reaching typhoon (as another unoptimal way to split players akin to RC) then it would immediately become 72 player tools. There are ways for DE to help with this, suggestions have been made for years, but stuff like playing the shawzin gets to be feature creeped and released in a couple of months while a lot of QoL improvements for different parts of the game only get to remain in the coldest ends of the backburner. Actually no, players in the early and mid stages of the game have a lot of stuff to do, while those complaining about content drought are usually those that have already gotten everything PvE has to offer and want the next big update asap, but are also usually the same players who despise pvp "in warframe" because they can't be bothered with learning something like aiming while moving since that's not needed for PvE where a warframe can sniff and delete an entire army even before getting to see it. As poor as an excuse content drought is, you will always see people using it in an attempt to get DE to rush the next big updates. the reason why i said it with quotation marks is because i've never had experienced a content drought myself since i can always go back to conclave after getting done with a big update. So do I, and not only for PvP games but also for PvE ones, warframe just happens to be amongst my favorite ones atm. Lack of tools to find other players is the actual issue, the current system even allows players to hide from others if they don't want to be found, that behavior is also part of the issue and DE has done nothing about it, not even after a partner made a video about how to exploit this flaw of the matchmaking system. Nobody forces anyone to do anything other than the player him/herself since nobody is missing out on power or progression, making the rewards not actually needed for anything, and i'm sure the ghost of forced gameplay isn't preventing anyone from sleeping until they get all of the conclave skins... at least not again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wouldn't mind changes to the reward system, i would actually like something like that and specially if it comes with the premise of other improvements being added later down the road, or even better, some of those improvements coming hand in hand with that change.
  11. DE could fix that by letting our weapons punch through allies instead and call it day. There's a precedent for it since in Team Death Match people can used to be able to shoot through a friendly Gara to take down enemies, so the same idea could apply in PvE with no need of removing self damage. Huh, i'm yet to find a bug that makes projectiles explode on my own face and take me down even when i'm being careful. Some sort of proof about something like that would be needed like footage and the line from the ee.log file confirming that you were taken down by yourself, but at that point the post would be better in the bug report section asking for a fix rather than for the removal of self damage. I'd stay away from the "fun" argument since that's subjective, if you don't like it, that's fine, i personally have more fun when even i can be a risk to myself and make missions demand more awareness since lack of it can make me get downed. The weird thing about your post using tonkor as an example is that it didn't have self damage because it had the rocket jumping gimmick, which became redundant with the release of parkour 2.0. Without self damage tonkor became a 360° shotgun and there was no lobby without at least one player using it. The post gets even weirder if you keep in mind that Tonkor doesn't have the other 2 issues listed so far since its grenades won't explode if they hit something before travelling far enough to not blow up its user (6 meters iirc). The whole point of the mod system is to make us choose what upgrades we want in our weapons to make them work as we want, having some mods being obvious choices to the point of being "mandatory", and having enough of these mandatory mods to copy exactly the same build on nearly every single weapon with no room for other mods is a completely different issue that won't get fixed by removing self damage.
  12. The grind isn't that unreasonable when you keep in mind that standing gains depend of your performance in the match, increase with your syndicate rank, can be increased further by staying on consecutive matches, that doing the daily tasks gives additional standing and completing all 3 weeklies grants 50K conclave standing (which should be given through PvP medallions to prevent issues created by inbox messages self opening but Teshin doesn't even have an UI to redeem medallions and it hasn't been addressed by DE in years). A standing gain buff would be neat, specially for players who have a harder time scoring kills, but it would also be forgetting that end of mission standing gain used to be higher but got nerfed and moved to player performance to encourage active gameplay thanks to people afk botting to progress in the mode. Yeah, but having non-pvp ways to progress in conclave creates other issues such as locking players with lottle to no PvP experience out of Recruit Conditioning which is intended to keep new players apart from old ones, for example. Yeah, that's partly because there's too much stuff to do and grind for in PvE to bother with playing a part of the game that doesn't affect progression in any way in a game where progression is all about getting stronger just for the sake of being even stronger. I've seen quite a lot of people say otherwise, you can refer to Redrum_Wraith's reply right above mine for the latest example of it. The thing is, what's a reward system that feels reasonable for PvE players but also makes sense for a PvP environment? What's an enjoyable PvP for a community built around a game where PvE is currently a winning simulator?
  13. Ye, still that hasn't prevented it from working a lot of features that weren't there back in 2013 such as PvP, pets, changing the parkour system, reworking the melee system, space combat, big open maps, going from PC only to consoles, etc. While we now wait for space exploration. I was there, i have seen the game grow too and i think that using the way it started to make a point doesn't make much sense when you look at how much has warframe changed since late 2012. And nobody is asking DE to throw the PvE side of the game through a window in order to turn warframe into a pure PvP game, just for some needed fixes, some integration with the rest of the game and some changes to make it more accessible for casual players. If you really want to be that strict about warframe, it's a game made by a lot of afterthoughts taped together that somehow manages to work. You know, some people wanted space combat and DE added Archwing; some people wanted a sport way to get pvp rewards and DE made Lunaro; people wanted dogs, DE added kubrows; people started asking for cats, DE added Kavats; people wanted open worlds, so the PoE and Fortuna updates were born; and i'm sure the list becomes far bigger when you compare 2013's warframe to the current build. Is that based on the same chart showing junctions being more popular than raids? Or you know, they could improve it to give people something to do during the so called "content droughts" and make the audience target of warframe even wider than it already is. And i respect your opinion, specially since you're being consequent between your negativity against PvP and the whole medallion thing, i wish i could say the same about the people who became walking salt pillars because of that chain yank.
  14. Yet still none of the other frames that can be used in conclave are available from it, making PvE the only way to obtain gear to use in PvP aside from those 3 frames and some weapons available for credits in the market. Mods and captura scenes can be traded, so anyone willing to get them for completionism have the choice of buying them from someone else if they don't want to grind. I won't deny it has its flaws, however, stuff like UM's do nothing to fix them and these flaws should be addressed directly just like the lack of variety of content for syndicates. Well, back when conclave was reworked and turned into a syndicate most PvE players asked for this separation and argued against PvP offering any sort of exclusive meaningful reward while saying that exclusive cosmetics were fine. DE listened, delivered and that decision led us to the current arbitrary and pointless PvP/PvE separation. That would be bliss, but part of the issue is how a lot of players think of "desirable gameplay" as "removing warframe gameplay from its pvp and turn it into another game" (and that's barring the players who wouldn't touch it no matter what and players who only play as long as there is some loot to obtain, both respectable decisions even if i think differently to them) Not sure about that since back in the days there used to be a more positive atmosphere towards conclave: Reb and Megan would play it on Prime Time sometimes, and it also wasn't rare to see someone with a [DE] tag join the lobby, all of it after the conclave rework that made it a syndicate and added the skins as rewards. There has also been a lot of feedback on how to improve conclave, not only in terms of balance but also providing ways to make it more accessible to casual players and reduce the grind for its rewards; DE doing nothing with that feedback is another issue. On a sidenote, as long as PvE remains mandatory to get gear to use in PvP, making grow the dedicated core of PvP players will be an uphill battle against the game itself. Good to see we agree on that one, i'd like to have better integration too and see no reason to "at least" not to offer a PvP alternative way to progress in nightwave challenges (something along the lines of "Kill profit taker OR do [X] thing in PvP" would be fine but this is beside the point) Well, i guess we'll have to agree to disagree and move on with this part of the argument. Couldn't have explained any better, and i'm sure i've mentioned something similar to the issue with future factions even tough it might have been on a different thread. Yeah, however i think it would be neat if that consistency came hand in hand with some of the QoL features long requested to improve conclave dor everyone willing to play it no matter the motivations. No need to "feature-creep" anything like they did with the ability to play the Shawzin, let alone for a magical hotfix that adresses absolutely everything after all.
  15. The warframes aren't exclusive to PvP since these are the 3 starter frames that are also available through other grinds (Volt is available in dojo, Mag parts drop from The Sergeant and Excalibur's from Lt. Lech Kril). Cosmetics and Captura scenes simply don't contribute to progression in any way: not having them won't make you less powerful than someone who does have them just like you won't miss out on any mastery. About the mods, most of them can't be used in PvE, and those that can be used in both modes have also been made available through PvE in order to prevent making PvP mandatory. Granted, it has a progression system, but not progressing in it won't affect your PvE power which seems to be what most players care about. You claimed that it's less functional than fishing/mining. Either way, won't disxuss much about since part of what you meant might have gotten lost in translation (i'm not an english native). I also don't see the point to start using my post history to make your point since, on one hand i'm sure we've been through that same talk in the past, while on the other i play more PvP than PvE since i like warframe's mechnics but dislike the lack of challenge imposed by PvE, so i'm obviously gonna omit most of the threads talking exclusively about PvE. This is not a conclave thread, for sure, however, you're still using DE's stance on reducing some other PvE grinds in an attempt to make a point for PvP to be completely bypassed through PvE gameplay. The reasons why it might be hard to find players (mainly small playerbase split across too many possible player pools with no reliable way to find which one has people) are besides the point of this post and have been discussed a lot on the relevant feedback subforum. To be fair, i wouldn't mind universal medallions working in conclave if it also meant that the game mode gets to see the improvements it needs along becoming more integrated in the game world, its economy and player progession. But after having Orokin Catalysts and Reactors taken away from conclave rewards due to negative feedback of PvE players despite these being as useful in PvP as in PvE, i see that integration highly unlikely to happen. Yeah, we don't know, they could pull out an Exploiter orb and make a boss drop Universal Medallions worth 12K standing just like they could leave them in their current state forever after seeing the discussion around them or people stocking them to progress in any faction that gets added in the future. We can only speculate about those plans and that's why i think it's not worth using their current rarity and value as an argument atm. I completely agree with this part, however, i don't like the concept of Universal Medallions.
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