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  1. Neat! Can you fix the Aklex conclave skin? Mags are sideways and make it look odd. While at it, removing Telos Boltace from conclave, a weapon that has been bugged for almost a year so far would be much appreciated, specially since you recently removed Inaros Prime from it despite this one being properly balanced.
  2. It makes sense when the vast majority is used to mind numbing gameplay and tends to complain when anything that requires a decent amount of engagement to be beaten is added. Totally agree, and matchmaking fixes could even be used to improve the PvE experience, specially for people who wants to play out of the meta lootcaves or wants to go into other less popular modes. "Ruined" is just subjective, i like mine with either 2 or 3 levels lit since otherwise it covers too much screen and getting the 4th one for playing what i like "ruins" it to me. Also, the requirement is li
  3. It wouldn't be an issue with match finding tools, but the current RNG matchmaking has 48 different discrete player pools (6 regions × 4 × game modes × 2 "tiers") where the only way to navigate them all is manually going to the game's settings and even then the ping limiter can prevent you from being put in an ongoing match with available spots. Also, having a YT video encouraging people to exploit the flaws of the current RNG matchmaking system in order to get conclave standing without ever having to actually play against other people looking for matches only made things easier, specially
  4. Idk, i keep finding matches in EU and NA regions most of the time and these are usually full. If the issue is finding matches, i'd advocate for DE to provide ways to make that easier, fixing the mode (bugs, balance, rewards, etc) and start promoting it instead of taking away reasons to play it. [...] let Teshin trade conclave standing for steel essence? At least that's a reward that can be turned into useful stuff (kuva) unlike conclave standing which eventually becomes nothing but 6 relic packs that won't even be used since the new prime stuff isn't being added to conclave. Ju
  5. Even though the cap is 20 loadout slots, only 10 are supported by the UI and those 10 are all the choices we can take for every session.
  6. Totally agree but not because of the reasons stated. Wouldn't mind to see the requirements being toned down if DE at least was listening to the conclave subforums feedback and fixing its issues accordingly (reporting bugs and other gameplay related issues but never getting them fixed or at least a response achieves nothing but to frustrate players who do carr about it and send us away from a mode that's in need of a playerbase increase) Fixing bugs, balancing the mode, advertising the pvp and adding some actually useful rewards and make it efficient at that in order to encourage people to
  7. Yeah, but its effect ends as soon as the Nyx damages the controlled player. Takeover = Mind Control? I can't remember any augment with such name and Mind Control has no conclave augment eiher (just went in game to check) Even though it costs 25 energy, you can't cast Absorb without a full energy pool, so it's not spammable in anyway. It also requires bulding up damage, so it becomes useless if the enemy doesn't shoot at it or shoots it from out of its range to increase the energy drain, making it a double edged sword. It has an interesting effect indeed since, compared
  8. Not sure if you're saying that out of your own experience, theorycrafting, or just parroting someone else, but since you seem to go a bit deeper into details i think it's time to clarify some things (or ask for further details if needed) Is that because of absorb? the area of effect is quite small, the sphere is big enough to be easily seen and she gets locked in recovery animation after the bubble explodes. If the Nyx uses absorb you can simply not to shoot it (or shoot it from out its range to make her energy drain faster) and casting absorb will become her doom since she gets
  9. Kind of odd to see that since A) Warframe abilities are rebalanced for conclave to prevent them from being either totally useless or straight up overpowered. B) Managing our energy economy actually exists (unlike in PvE where our energy is virtually endless) C) Even parkour speeds are balanced according to each warframe's EHP in order to keep some semblance of balance between Light/Squishy frames and Heavy/Tank ones so we don't have tanks moving at the speed of light or slow frames dying just because someone looked at them in an odd way. The biggest issue with that appro
  10. About tapping the melee button, that's enough to trigger the reload while holstered mods/set (and also triggers Sword Alone's effect) so i guess the buff gets canceled in that scenario. However, since the mod reads "each hit", using Multishot and/or Punch Through should improve its scaling since you'd be getting more hits per shot. I think it's worth mentioning that i don't have the mod (yet) so i haven't tested it, however, this works on Latron's Double Tap which shouldn't behave that different.
  11. Ehh, would prefer a prex card with a leverian entry so we can learn about their lore (like with gauss, grendel, ivara, atlas, etc) and obtain it at any time over making a time gated tennogen prex card locked behind a campaign intended solely to boost twitch views be the "official" one.
  12. Fix the token system, the ability to stockpile tokens endlessly for the future can be beat and all, but it's immediately overshadowed by the inability do exactly that by providing whatever resource we already had before being changed to time gated rng tokens that require specific resources instead, which is clearly intended to slow down player progression. Btw, still no fix for the 10 months old bug of Telos Boltace ragdolling players in conclave nor for any of these:
  13. Yeah, however, balance is also an ongoing task. Balancing the entire game "once" is pointless if changes keep breaking balance randomly and these minor unbalances don't get fixed or rebalanced and start to pile up. The current iteration of conclave is already having issues thanks to DE's habit of doing something cool and then forgetting about it indefinitely while changes around it start to make it tear slowly. Role locking? Ngl, that killed overwatch to me since if the player(s) on any role aren't good at fulfilling their tasks the entire team is pretty much screwed since nobody can j
  14. Aren't you the one assuming that "26 millions of registered players" equals to "26 millions of active players"? There is a huge difference between both since the former one refers to the amount of accounts created regardless of how active is the user, so that "26 million players" includes alt accounts and people who doesn't play anymore (even if they made it past the tutorial) AND active players. Even though you're right on warframe being available out of steam, there is no way for us players to know out what's the activity on the standalone PC client as far as i know, so keeping in mi
  15. I'd advice to try looking for Annihilation matches in North America and Europe regions (gotta swap through the gamd's settings). So... players who enjoy conclave aren't people? Good to know, i guess.
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