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  1. This! There were plenty of ways to keep it there while also giving the player ways to get out of it. An "easy" way would have been replacing the death with either putting the frame in downed state or by knockdown with extended duration to make it look like the lich is strong enough to damage the frame and make it need to recover. I'd personally have liked some sort of quick event where you are first shown a key for a brief time to allows the player to dodge the grab if pressed right, otherwise you're grabbed and get another quick event where you get presented either a sequence of keys, a movement of the analog/mouse to replicate or a simple "Mash [command]" to release yourself from the grab. The quick events get harder in higher level liches and failing both would be the only way to get hit by the backbreaker. Some people would complain about the quick events themselves (probably for being "too hard") but at least there would have been a way to avoid the backbreaker while liches manage to remain threatening.
  2. Wouldn't mind the exclusivity of cosmetics being removed, however, i also think that with the amount of different stuff to grind in warframe all content that expects to be played need to offer "something" to the player in terms of rewards or other than the fun to be had it will stay in its current state of being "a waste of time" for the player due to the lack of progression. Imo, DE can do whatever with the skins (if the exclusivity gets removed they should improve their texture works and could even create some more following the same aesthetics with no fear of PvE players screeching at them because of it), but in exchange it should be made lucrative somewhere else and give it useful rewards like: >Forma BP (already available in many other PvE places) >Catalyst/Reactor BP (crafted ones already available through the Nightwave shop anyways) >A single use consumable item that allows the player to get 1 nightwave challenge done with a standing cost that varies depending of the NW challenge tier. >Make him offer caches of any resource available where cost and quantity depend of the resource's rarity (this includes credits because why not) >Make him accept AND also sell Universal medallions so anyone can get a piece of his rewards while he also allows players who focus on conclave to progress on other syndicates. The list could go on and on (these are just examples and not all of them might be good to add at once or in the same place) but i guess the intention is clear: make conclave meaningful to the rest of the game's economy, it would be a lot better than keeping it with the current one-and-done cosmetic rewards that could be sold for 1 credit in the market for all i care. This way PvE players can get access to their "Fashionframe" and a new player who wants to focus solely on PvP can do it without going through a mind numbing PvE experience to progress (which is the reason why many PvP focused players who come to wf end up leaving it regardless of how much they like warframe's pace and mobility).
  3. Idk, i keep finding lobbies consistently on PC when i want to play. Makes sense to have a small community when a big chunk of the PvE playerbase keeps telling us "go play something else" whenever we ask for a bug to get fixed; the new player experience for PvP players is far worse than the PvE one (which already says a lot); progression systems are entirely based on an unchallenging and mind numbing PvE experience; and Devs don't anything to advertise it, fix it, let alone to improve it. I do, and that's mostly because the PvE side of the game got boring to me long ago for being too repetitive while every update seems to keep adding more and more of the same with a few steps changed and more layers of RNG because the devs keep failing to provide a challenge thanks to a powercreep that lets us clear anything game without ever learning warframe's (unique) mechanics. There is a community built around PvP and you can be sure that many others are on similar situation after getting spoiled by warframe's unique movement system. But hey! I guess the game will keep going strong as long as the devs keep adding more shiny capes, fancy ephemeras and some skins since dress-up-frame seems to be enough to keep players happy.
  4. Awww, another year without the Hearts & Arrows event. Hoping for it and the other seasonal events (QuickSteel and Snowday Showdown) to make a comeback at some point.
  5. It's probably just a line that reads something like "availableinpvp=1" that should be changed into "availableinpvp=0" and that's enough to disable any weapon in PvP. I can't remember the actual line that was shown by dataminers back in the day, but it doesn't really matter since still all it takes is changing a 1 to a 0 in order to disable stuff from pvp. About stats being dealt with manually (assuming that's what you were asking), that's also wrong since pvp weapon damage is calculated based on a multiplier from PvE stats, reason why most PvE buffs and nerfs end up carrying over to conclave. No mention of it in the patchnotes and PvE stats make it look like a clear bug that should be fixed asap. Looks like private lobbies will be the way to go again for a while.
  6. That's not an IP ban, there have been a lot of colombian tenno reporting connectivity issues since Empyrean was launched. DE is currently looking for info about the issue so i'd qdvice you to check the link below and send it to any colombian tenno having connectivity issues.
  7. Didn't play overwatch for long (gave it a try for a couple of months and didn't like it) and LoL never sparked any interest on me despite giving it a try with friends for a lot longer than i'd like to accept. Still you can see some of the communities i've been part of in one of my posts above. However, those games share a couple of things such as being team based PvP and having a big competitive scene, which added to how toxicity says a lot about the maturity levels of people, i wouldn't be surprised if competitive matchmaking on both games was filled by people with low tolerance to frustration and unable to see their own mistakes expecting to win 100% of their matches. People with these traits can get easily toxic even when playing solo games, but if you also add a will to reach the e-sport scene "in order to make a living out of playing [X]" and dependence on cooperation to win then that people is bound to face a lot more situations that release their frustration in the shape of toxicity. I could probably go a lot longer on the entire toxicity topic but i guess to leave it there with a TLDR: Toxicity comes mostly from lack of maturity and frustration. Toxic people will be toxic in any environment, even when totally alone. Nop, you can see people getting toxic in normal missions even for minor things such as having a player (or group) that wants to take the mission slowly to explore and/or loot when they just wanted to get things done asap (or backwards); when a limbo joins the squad; when a Nova slows down enemies in certain missioks or speeds them up in some others; etc, i guess you can see the point. The reason why toxicity isn't as much of an issue in PvE is how a single player can normally be enough to make up for the mistakes of the other 3/4 of the squad and how failing a mission (a frustrating situation that can get people to release toxicityread reply above) can be a bigger challenge than completing them. Once again that "pressure" just shows a lack of maturity. Does my rank define me as a player? No, and even less in warframe where PvP ranks are based on the syndicate system instead of results, so players don't get deranked despite how bad one can do in a match. Does a huge KD make anyone a better player? No, there are plenty of ways to farm KD ratio such as stomping on newbies but leaving as soon as someone who can give you a run for your money joins, this is even more noticeable in wf where players can decide to stay in the new player pool endlessly in order to never face the people out of it. Why you people love slippery slopes so much. Things can obviously get heated in competitions, the important thing is to be able to let that heat in the match/yard/etc and remain friendly out of it. That's what makes a community after all since its members have gathered around a common interest. I think it's important to draw a line between someone "who makes [X]" and someone "who is part of [X]'s community". The former can just do the thing and never get involved with other people around it when not doing it (think of people who just plays warframe but never discusses about it anywhere) while the latter can stop doing [X] but still be in touch with it (like old players who aren't playing but stay up to date in mechanics and keep giving advice to new people through discord, forums, etc). I think that arbitrarily removing content for no real reason is bad for the game as a whole, no matter how much i dislike it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Agree, and it's an issue older than Liches tbh. It probably relates to DE's plans being too big to be done in a reasonable time with such a small studio. I disagree, back when updates were released on a faster pace and had better quality than now (as pointed by yourself) DE also had people actually doing stuff for PvP unlike now when updates have become slower. PvP maintenance is also a lot less demanding than PvE's where people keeps demanding new content constantly, usually a couple of weeks after a big update. "One of the nicest gaming communities in the world" is so nice that refuses to accept people who enjoys the game in a different way to it and asks the devs to remove the part of the game we enjoy in their attempt to make us play something else. That's far from nice and makes it look more like a sugarcoated toxic hivemind.
  8. Pointed it above but going a bit more into detail: In online games and before i started playing warframe, i've been mostly on communities from other genres like fighting games (mainly Tekken and Soul Calibur), Strategy games (AoEII, Supreme Commander, Starcraft). After i decided to start playing PvP in warframe i've been on communities of games like Quake Champions or Toxikk (but briefly since warframe's parkour is unique and has spoiled me) And out of the game i've been on Basketball and Rugby leagues for around 20 years (getting to be part of the team and winning against others are 2 different ways of competition in sports) and i have also been part of the community of a local TCG (Myths and Legends). Well, we all play games to have fun, and fun is subjective so i totally agree with your view. However, get ready to see a lot of what i mentioned above in any conclave related thread. Hell, you can even see some people bringing that up in some totally unrelated threads and some WF partners tend to take the lead in this behavior. Thank you very much for this, hopefully more people gets this mindset at some point instead of being blinded by the current "Rewardlust" (not sure how else to call it) that seems to be spread in the community and makes some people argue for the removal of content just for easy access to its rewards. Don't worry, it's easy to get pessimistic when a highly vocal part of the community is against PvP and devs nothing to improve it or at least advertise that it exists. With that out of the way, thank you very much for the good wishes.
  9. DE already stablished a base for it years ago, they would just have to work on it again and add stuff like a weapon rebalance (they aren't short of feedback on it, still nothing has been done since PvE weapon changes made around the release of PoE started destroying a finely tuned balance), Match/Server browser (RNG matchmaking can be good enough for PvE, not for PvP), a way to force people out of RC after some point and/or a better tier system (with some way to encourage climbing into the highest tiers while also rewarding people in the lowest ones). Those 3 things are probably a lot less effort and resource investment than developing Lunaro, the unreleased "Stalker Mode" or the upcoming "warframe kart". As someone who has been in different competitive communities (a bit more about it later in this post) i totally disagree, specially if you're basing your experience on the fame of communities like LoL, DotA, CoD, Fortnite, etc. Most of my PvP experience -prior to warframe- comes from fighting games, mostly Tekken for over a decade; a bit of RTS games (Starcraft, AoE, Supreme Commander, etc) and ~20 years playing both, Basketball and Rugby (not sure if you want to count those too since it's competition but not in videogames, so will still leave it there). So jumping into conclave when i started playing it wasn't easy since RC wasn't a thing, there were many more good players back when DE worked on pvp and advertised it (and many of them have moved on to other games seeing DE's lack of attention to the mode) and i wasn't used to shooter's mechanics. And while playing wf i've tried some other games like a few from the Quake series (mostly champions), and if something i've found consistently in all of the communities i've been is that people at the top encourages those in the bottom to become stronger opponents and promote a healthy environment while most of the toxicity comes from people at the bottom who wants to reach the top somehow but without putting the effort it requires, which usually gets them filtered out quickly or a behavior change. And i don't care if it gets seen as controversial, but this is also consistent with that part of the warframe PvE comunity that's constantly being toxic towards PvP and calling for conclave to be turned into a generic tactical shooter (or basically anything that isn't warframe) or removed while asking us, those who enjoy warframe's PvP even with its flaws, to "go play something else".
  10. There are 2 ways to get around the "sparsely populated"problem. One of them is to do nothing and keep the statu quo, the other one is figuting out what's wrong with it and doing your best to change that situation. The latter one benefits everyone since this way there is more stuff to do and with a better quality while with the former the content just lies there with low player engagement and going in a downward spiral because of developer's inaction. I've seen a lot more toxicity in PvE than in PvP and that's despite the "cooperative" nature of PvE missions. PvP players just want other players to get good in order to have fun matches with equal people while respecting our enemies and even helping them so they keep coming back and getting stronger every time they do. With that out of the way, most (if not all) of the toxicity i've seen in conclave comes from PvE players who don't care about the mode but want the rewards without any effort or improvement. It would also be a one time big effort since after that PvP requires really low maintenance unlike PvE. It actually isn't as hard as many people claim and it can be seen when new players come from other games like Quake, UT, Tribes (these were probably expected), CSGO or OW where players develop some fundamental skills. From this and your statement you should see the real issue: Warframe's PvE doesn't encourage the player to improve in a mechanical way. There is no need to learn parkour when powers can be used to go from point A to B faster (like wormhole or the pre-nerf CloudWalker); No need to dodge when you can simply be immune to damage or have health regen strong enough to surpass any damage dealt by enemies (Inaros and Hildryn with the respective double HP or shields regen arcane sets come to mind); And no need to aim when you just nuke everything by pressing a single key or certain sequence (add to this last point that warframe has an awfully high sens scaling that most players don't touch and that DE keeps messing randomly and there is another reason why the skill floor is perceived as higher than it actually is) Which i guess explains why you also say stuff like: Base warframe only requires the player to get bigger numbers to beat "harder" content and there is no real challenge in the game once you reach certain point which isn't even the highest possible numbers available for us in the game, which in turn makes anything that requires a small amount of mechanical skill feel a lot harder than it would in any other game.
  11. Changing the multiplier of slide attacks back to 1x like it used to be before The Old Blood dropped should be enough to fix spin2win.
  12. Sadly it has been like this since The Old Blood update dropped, and despite the amount of feedback posted in the "official" forums DE hasn't done anything about it. But hey! When the issue is something really gamebreaking and posted out of the forums to a platform where its users can decide what gets to be seen and what doesn't, using memes to back up the point it gets fixed quite quickly and even gets replies from people in the staff. @[DE]Steve, @[DE]joebuck, @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Megan, @[DE]Danielle, @[DE]Saske, @[DE]Pablo, @[DE]Taylor, @[DE]Helen, not sure about who to ping for conclave related stuff since we haven't had any DE replying here in years, some people has bots replying to inbox messsages, support just tells us to post in this forums that nobody seems to check, leading to issues that could be easily fixed (disable telos boltace/stormpath, and setting all melee multipliers to 1x for conclave instead of whatever these are now in PvE, like it used to be before The Old Blood, shouldn't be that hard) sending players like OP away from a mode that already struggles to spring interest on players just because of YOUR (DE staff) inaction.
  13. It would be much better to see DE working on pvp improvements and ways to encourage playing it than just putting the rewards somewhere else in an attempt to cater to people who simply wants pvp rewards without playing conclave. But hey! I'm sure someone else will come to throw the usual "majority", "toxiciity", "PvP bad", "collectionists" or "casual PvE game" arguments as it happens every single time someone mentions improving PvP (specially since you've already used the "ghost town" meme in your post).
  14. "There can't be balance issues if there is no balance". However, you forget that balance is important for any sort of competition in order to give everyone similar chances to win. Picking up weapons sounds like a neat idea, but i'm not sure about warframe powers working that way. I think that bringing back Opticor variant would be a much better way to provide that arena feel since powers were removed and everyone was wielding an instakill weapon. I think that Cephalon Capture could use a rework or be disabled since it has too many flaws, i would actually love to see it replaced by Opticor Variant tbh, even if it's "temporarily" *wink* while DE works on improving it. Sounds like simulacrum with friendly fire enabled to me. Being able to spawn mpre maps there would be amazing, tough. I'm curious about how would stuff like Shadows of Dead, Celestial Twin, Wukong's passive or powers with crowd control (Bastille, Chaos, Mind Control, Strangle Dome, etc) work in your all out concept. They already rebalanced everything without touching PvE's lack of balance, so no need to worry much about it. I saw the video and the idea is awful. RNG individual objectives that, when completed, put a RNG buff to your team and/or an RNG debuff to enemies and even tough he talks about having a casual and competitive mode he also wants parkour powers disabled from the competitive mode when it should be the one embracing it instead, and the same for mobility related powers but doesn't offer a way to compensate frames with these to make up for their loss, and tbh, i can't take seriously anyone who talks about removing parkour while ptactically not using it in a ~10 minutes long video. Some sort of MOBA approach similar to solar rail conflicts but with the current PvP balance would be miles better than the usual PvE with additional steps ideas that tend to pop up often.
  15. Additional ways to get ephemeras through a progression or achievement system would be much appreciated since currently a player can bash his head endlessly against the RNG wall locking them and have nothing to show for it, no matter how dedicated he is while someone else can get lucky and finish the grind really early on (fwiw, i got the Tenebrous Ephemera like on my 3rd sentient ship while i've seen people run every single ship they find without luck) Fun is subjective, do you really expect everyone to agree with your definition of fun and stick to it while playing?
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