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  1. Not intending to be mean or anything, but you should flesh out the idea and clean it up before posting, not after. With that in mind, for the objectives you propose (mainly defense ones) it should be something that lives up to the mobility system instead of making the players stay somewhere; that's the only thing that Cephalon Capture gets right (imo), and the closest similar thing i can see already in the game is The Index (a pvp version of it could be fun IF done right). Using hazards to group players in smaller areas sounds suspiciously familiar, and keeping in mind the sort of ga
  2. Iirc, DE said from the start that Frame Fighter was nothing but a fun side project that wouldn't get any support beyond being added to the game. That said, i wouldn't be opposed to it getting its own rewards, but for it to happen i think that DE should make some improvements, like a different way to handle data (for better sync between the players on both ends) and better interactions between hitboxes and hurtboxes (to make matches as fair as possible). That's before we start talking of other issues like RNG matchmaking and lack of unique movesets for each character with balanced fra
  3. Looks like a balance decision; since you're getting the benefit of all 3 motes, so it makes sense for the universal mote to use 3 slots. I dislike augments that work as bandaids, but this one seems to be just one of these intended to make casting all 3 motes in a single place a bit faster/easier.
  4. Checked last night and Oneiro Noble's idle with bows wasn't there on PC either, however, it seems to have been added on today's update (30.2.0)
  5. WHOOS WHOOSH! IT'S ALREADY DONE! (Mostly) Currently in conclave all variants of a weapon are balanced in such a way that makes them sidegrades to each other. For example: 1) Prime frames are a bit tankier than their normal counterparts but lose 0.1 mobility in exchange (*) while Excalibur Umbra and Prime are exactly the same 2) Prime weapons usually feature better accuracy, increased fire rate, less recoil and slightly bigger mags in exchange for reduced damage and slightly slower reloads (*). Prisma, Wraith, Vandal and syndicate weapons work in a similar way. 3) Syn
  6. First of all, i fail to see any reason -other than self entitlement- why any sort of Player versus Environment gameplay should reward Player versus Player score/points/standing/progression/whatever you want to call it. I agree that conclave needs to be helped by the devs, but in a way that encourages people to actually engage with it, but even though you explicitly say that your idea "[...]helps revive (and recycle) a gamemode[...]" it does it in the opposite way since allowing people to completely bypass a mode removes players from it, making it a step in the opposite direction of the expe
  7. I'd be happy if we could change the warframe's dodge animation, no matter if we have to buy them like we do with their idles. This way DE can do all the rolls they want and we can choose to either use them everywhere, where it makes sense, or simply pass on them depending of how much we like each of them.
  8. For the first part, when you find a conclave lobby you can add the people in it to your friends list so you can join their lobbies from there when you see them playing conclave again in the future. About getting trounced, that's entirwly a you issue that's bound to happen to newer players vut gets fixed over time as you keep playing, get more experience and both, your game sense and mechanical skills grow. Letting go the "i'm an invincible god that can't fail, let alone die" feel created by PvE -where we rarely ever fail or die- is the first step. The biggest issue is that PvE pla
  9. If that's legit then whoever evaluated that paper should have made you fail hard, but i guess they didn't know about stuff such as the warframe community's kneejerk reactions going from the bullying to the player who tweeted about universal medallions, goes through harassing an indie dev to prevent him from making a tabletop game inspired inwarframe as a love letter to it, and goes as far as death threats to the devs over some changes to the game's core mechanics (iirc it was a slash nerf that devs decided to hold back because of said threats). Let's not even get started on the reactions of pe
  10. Yes! And while at it fix the bug that makes several shotguns and snipers deal their PvE damage after falloff instead of their intended pvp damage since shield gating is the only thing reducing the chances of being randomly insta-killed by some of them. Also fix electric status and remove Telos Boltace (or at least disable Stormpath) since both of these are also quite dumb due to reasons explained endlessly before in other ancient threads.
  11. Core mechanics should be consistent between PvE and PvP, otherwise the disconnection feel between both goes even further. We already have a similar issue with powers since energy management is quite tight in PvP to the point of making energy orbs meaningful, no matter if it's for personal use or simply to deny them to enemies who use powers more often; while in PvE it gets easily bypassed by several mechanics (Energizing dash, rage, hunter adrenaline, arcane energize, etc), allowing players to mindlessly spam powers (nukes, damage reductions, heals) left and right with nothing to hold the
  12. Because currently progression is meaningless, borderline nonexistant. How do you know that a shallow game is what the devs intended? Specially since you can look at past updates and should be able to see the different times when DE has tried to add some depth to the game (and failed thanks to powercreep being out of hand). For example, there is a reason why devs went from "raw damage + elemental procs" and 3 types of enemies (naked, shielded and armored) to damage being split across 3 physical types + 4 primary elements + 6 mixed elements that interact with different types of heal
  13. I agree with gunnery rank 10 being useful for people playing with controllers and even for those with disabilities, because of that ot shouldn't be locked behind a grind of any sort and should be a toggle in settings instead (either tie it to "enable controller aim assist" or give it its own toggle). Aim assist can be a huge annoyance for people who can (and/or want) to aim manually, so putting it on a lower rank would only make the complaints against it even worse since then you'd be locking half a behind an unwanted feature instead of cutting only its last rank. TLDR: If legal aim
  14. I can sympathize with mew players as well, but when the "hardest" part of the game can be reached and even beaten by people who are "still trying to figure the game out" you know there is something wrong. Proper balance would be a good way to introduce progression and keep areas for both, new players to figure the game and late game players to have proper challenge. Old players who refuse to take on the challenge can always stick to low and/or mid level areas depending of where is their comfort zone. It's almost as if a vocal part of the playerbase had gotten spoiled and doesn't play a
  15. No. The context of talking about weapon balance should be keeping in mind the game as a whole, defining a power floor and ceiling for players in different stages of progression AND the enemies they will encounter. Talking about balance using SP, an outlier created by DE in response to their own powercreep issues and inability to actually fix the current balance issues, can only make these balance issues grow bigger than these already are since everything else in the game becomes even easier, the outlier becomes baseline, and then we're back to the point where even these "hardened" enemies
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