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  1. Stormdragon

    A Conclave casual's concerns

    This has been requested for a really long time but nothing has been done and no reply from devs has been given on the matter. It was a tactical alert and i'd like to see it back or even added in rotation with other similar modes like opticor variant (instagib with modified opticors) and Hearts&Arrows (instagib with paris). However the hardcore anti pvp side of the community went way too loud hating on it to the point where the devs simply haven't made it return despite the mode being actually fun. Same as above, let's thank this wonderful community for not allowing the devs give us nice things that they could simply not to play if they don't want to. That would only lock PvP behind a lot of PvE walls which doesn't make any sense. Should players have to wait at least until TSD where operator is unlocked? Would it be a better idea to make them wait until TWW where their operator starts moving on its own? Or perhaps lock it behind Saya's vigil so players can jump in pvp with the mote amp. Rules are mostly the same as in PvE: same parkour system (slightly toned down so it's easier to shoot at other players); same modding systems but with different mods; even weapons are balanced mainly by the removal of status and crit chances plus damage and magazine tweaks in order to keep their mechanical feel similar to their PvE counterparts, while making use of the same damage system we all have known from years ago. The only difference is that you're not playing against AI that walks in conga lines to your bullets, but instead against players who want to win as well and will adapt their loadouts, positioning, energy management, etc. according to your strategies, making you adapt again in an actual learning process much deeper than watching a youtube guide for a meta build and mash 1234 in the right order to beat everything. If we keep in mind stuff such as focus schools, waybound passives, void mode and the evergrowing amount of amp combinations, it would probably end up being way harder to balance than what you think.
  2. Stormdragon

    Stalker mode ideas

    I'm quite curious about how legit is this statement since, afaik, DE only showed records of "player support" once (hence no hostirical records), from data taken on a single weekend and even there the difference between both was around 0.5% despite the negative propaganda from players to conclave and how even partners used to praise trials. And let's not forget that the main reason why trials were removed wasn't just "lack of players", but actually these being way too resource intensive for the small amount of players they had due to how much bugs they had, how easily a fix could be undone or create even more bugs, and a small part of their community would vocally demand DE to fix stuff in every single opportunity they had even if it was a thread totally unrelated (won't tdeny the existence of civil helpful players, kudos to them for giving their best) and how mad they could get when an exploitable bug to make trials faster managed to be fixed. On the other hand, the "dedicated updates" you mention for conclave have been mostly balance passes (aka small number tweaks), other than that we got Compound with the earth remaster (2017), a Kuva Fortress themed map with The War Within (back in 2016), Lunaro (which should have a been separate from conclave since it brought more issues than those it fixed, but that's another topic) and the biggest thing would be Dedicated servers back in 2016 as well. Other than that, neither revenant nor the frames released after him have been rebalanced for conclave, and as you can see in these subforums there's plenty of well documented feedback threads regarding balance, requests to fix certain weapons or straight up disable them for conclave due to how hard these are to rebalance, threads as old as PoE in which not even a dev response has been seen, let alone action about what those concerns and the mode still manages to have people playing it despite the aforementioned bad propaganda from players and the dev's neglect. TLDR: Comparing trials and conclave based only on that pie chart shown once and claiming that they "historically had more player support" is nothing but an unfair comparison, just confirmation bias since it's purposefully dismissing official info in order to make your point.
  3. Stormdragon

    harrow rework?

    If we tried to get a compromise to get Penance and Thurible's effect from kills made by allies, i'd suggest Condemned enemies providing part of the heal and energy buffs to do it since, as Harrow, you are at least helping your allies to get such kills. Perhaps a fixed 30% or a 20-25% scaling with power strength could be good enough to achieve this. The charm on Harrow is that his kit becomes more powerful along the gunplay of his user, which is the best thing of his design and part of why harrows (let alone good ones) aren't such a common sight in public runs. He doesn't actually need any tweak other than perhaps a buff to how do shields work. Don't try to fix what is not broken.
  4. Stormdragon

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    It's always nice to make such claims with updated official information to back it up, otherwise you are just jumping into assumptions. I won't deny that the population in conclave is small, but that's an issue mainly because of how badly DE has handled its implementation and how long it has been neglected. For instance, conclave rewards are mostly "get and forget" stuff (except for the syandana) and haven't been updated since Lunaro was released. We haven't even gotten new augments to play with. If DE wasn't interested in PvP they wouldn't even have mentioned to want a PvPvE race mode for warframe during devstream 122. If they invest nearly no resources and the game still manages to have a small but loyal playerbase, then they most likely still see it as a positive return on investment, hence worth keeping in the game.
  5. Stormdragon

    Make pvp playable or atleast be able to gain standing

    Conclave rewards haven't been updated since the armor sets were added on Lunaro. As pointed before, it would be really nice if end of mission and the weekly reward pools included a chance to get resources from the Plains, Orb Vallis and Kuva. Not sure about relics at all since Teshin already offers the same relic packs as the other syndicates and i usually spend 120K (6 packs) in them around once (perhaps even twice) a week depending on how much time i decide to spend on warframe.
  6. Stormdragon


    Tu mejor opción es enviar un ticket a soporte explicando tu situación ya que los baneos son asunto privado entre DE y el jugador afectado, además no hay nada que los jugadores en el foro podamos hacer para ayudarte. Suerte!
  7. Stormdragon

    Conclave Skins for Plat?

    So you're saying that rewards that don't affect gameplay in any way but exist with the main purpose of getting people to play conclave should be available for plat so there is one less reason for a potential conclave player to even give the mode a try in the first place. For players like you who doesn't care about the mode and doesn't want to play it to get its rewards, sure. Care to elaborate? I'm kind of curious of what misinformed argument thrown around by plenty of people who hasn't ever set foot in pvp would you pick to back up such statement and how easily it can be shot down. For fun? The same reason why we are both playing warframe in the first place. There are already plenty of other PvE games, yet you choose to be here just like there are lots of other pvp games but players like me enjoy the gameplay of warframe's conclave. I respect the fact that you don't like the content i enjoy and won't try to change that (let alone ask you to go play something else), and that's in the same way that you don't get to dictate what is a game with mechanics that I (or other players) will enjoy. I agree with there being better ways to advertise conclave, but unless DE decides to improve and advertise it again, then there's nothing else to fulfill such purpose.
  8. Stormdragon

    Conclave Skins for Plat?

    That would achieve nothing but undermine the existence of conclave since many players give it a first try to get the skins and some of them stay after finding that they can enjoy it.
  9. Stormdragon

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    Warframe already has a pvp mode, so here i am. Don't tell me, nor others to play or support something else based on your opinions. Pvp doesn't affect progression in any way, so you're not "forced" to play it. Speak for yourself, i enjoy warframe's pvp and would love it if DE advertised it and revitalized it.
  10. Stormdragon

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    That point is moot since PvP balance already exists and doesn't affect PvE's lack of it. On topic, it would be nice if DE gave more coverage to conclave like they did back when community managers would play it on stream or, as pointed by OP, they somehow encouraged streamers to learn about conclave and play it so more people got a better look at it, and the best thing about OP's idea is that it doesn't require as much resources from DE like actualy changing the mode, but might have an impact good enough to make them go back to work in some really needed pvp improvements, things such as a match/server browser, fine tuning balance, or even an actual skill based matchmaking since RC's current implentation is a joke.
  11. Stormdragon

    Switch 50 day bonus just didn't happen

    There have been instances of the daily login screen not being displayed where the reward is delivered anyways, so i'd advice to check for additional boosters or a new sigil to equip (login ones are usually round with patterns inside) on your warframe. If there is nothing about it, send a ticket to support and explain them the situation, if you have a screenshot of the issue attach it to the ticket as well (i guess a pic of the login screen with a blank on day 50 should do the trick) and then wait for support's response. Keep in mind that support's response can take a while to arrive, so refrain from opening new tickets about the same issue in the meantime since it only achieves to slow things down for everyone.
  12. Stormdragon

    Mesa Prime: Toggle Prime Details Missing

    It was removed due to issues caused by the differences between normal and prime model, however, it should be back soon. Source.
  13. Man, some people were vocally asking for a sports-like approach to get conclave stuff without killing other players, that's the main reason why DE jumped in the rocket league bandwagon. That was in parallel to players asking for a moba-like approach, an idea that can pop up again once in a while only to be shot down.
  14. That point is completely moot since PvP balance doesn't affect PvE's lack of it (while PvE reworks tend to break pvp balance until DE goes back to fine tuning reworked stuff). No need to fear for your 10 forma favorite gun to become weak just because it's OP in pvp. Indeed, after conclave was reworked, warframe used to rely in a single dev (Joebuck) to work in conclave specific mechanics and rebalances until he was moved to work on dual wielding with glaives and then melee 3.0 (it was said during an old devstream, can't remember which one). Then we had 1 dev who made number tweaks for balance and perhaps 1 more dev for bugfixing, and now conclave is still going on with nothing but bug fixes IF a bug appears in it. Fun enough, map assets, UI tweaks and changes to how the sound works can also be applied to improve the PvE experience as a whole. The meta can be tracked by DE simply keeping an eye on the feedback subforum and doing some brief testing on their own. Other than that, players who enjoy conclave will play it even without new additions such as modes, maps, mods, gear or even rewards as has been the scenario for a while. Fun enough, Lunaro came because the playerbase was asking for a mode similar to rocket league in warframe to farm conclave rewards without playing conclave in a similar way to how players are now being vocal about a Battle Royale mode (idea which i don't like despite being one of those players who enjoy conclave more than PvE)
  15. Stormdragon

    Tennogen round 14

    As you can see by Taylor's words, they may take a while to take this round to consoles but will release it in there anyways. Source.