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  1. I was not prepared for the void-storm jumpscares within the missions. Could definitely do with less of that.
  2. It feels like this bug has been around for months (years?)
  3. Today's sortie, third mission (assassinate the Sergeant on Phobos) crashes on attempt to load the mission. Happened 3 times in a row. edit: 5 times now. Other missions work. edit 2: after hitting 7 game freeze/crashes I tried verifying the files, which froze/crashed the launcher repeatedly. Just gave up and uninstalled/reinstalled.
  4. For real. Anytime I do a non-Jupiter Disruption mission, or Profit-taker, I turn Transmissions volume to zero. And Nora volume is zero permanently.
  5. Just played and this bug is still occuring
  6. Since the new update today (Feb 11), my game crashed in a mission, and when attempting to restart the game, got stuck on the loading screen. Restarting the game, Steam, and my computer all led to the same result. I verified and optimized the download cache (9 gigs) and it worked for a couple missions, then crashed again. When restarting, the same infinite loading screen.
  7. Glassmaker enemies spawning while I'm trying to stealth or hunt or fish.... At least I discovered the audio toggle to turn off Nora's constant yammering. The Nihil boss fight. Ugh. The snail-speed crimescene explorations.
  8. Literally me. Then I saw your avatar and thought, "wait, that's me, but it's not me." 🤨 But yes, faster, less clunky, no grind needed.
  9. You can just use your operator. I did for all 3 missions (because I'm not keen on the Necramechs). It's normal ship maps where you can use your warframe, then a boss appears with a radius of influence that forces you out of your frame and into operator mode or a Necramech.
  10. I got through all three missions just using my Warframe and Operator. Only annoying bit was accidentally void-dashing into the random necramechs and waiting for the animation to transfer back out of it.
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