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  1. This event was an great idea. Stupid things are great and fun (no sarcasm). But why didn't we get the squirt gun as a reward? Would have be such a great "nerfgun", shooting water at mission mobs. BUGS! Why are the mobs teleporting back and forth, running while not moving and more movement bugs. No it's not because of bad connection to the host or host having a potato for PC. It also happened while I was host. EDIT! I just visited Nakak and all the fun of this event went out the door. Who decided that I need around 4000 pearls to get all the non mod stuff from Nakak? From mission 1, 2, 3 and two mission 4, I got 170 pearls. Why are you DE coming up with so many great things and then just destroys our fun with stupid decisions. No I will not spend 10 hours farming mission 4 to get the fluff, even thou I want it all.
  2. "Nightwave: Intermission is now live on all platforms until July 5th at 11:59 PM ET." That is great information, I love you for your ability to learn from past mistakes (I lost the Umbra forma missing 2k standing). But please put the information on the Nightwave screen in-game. Far from everyone reades these posts.
  3. Where was this information conveyed?
  4. It's not ok coming with the season end date 5 days before the end date! A competent dev-team would present a new game mechanic that is divided into separate season with a specific start date and A SPECIFIC END DATE!!! before the season starts.
  5. I had a plan to collect a riven for every weapon in the game. When I reached 90 rivens the game told me I couldn't buy more slots, what is your thinking DE? You want us to use one of your 300+ crappy weapons at the same time I can't collect rivens for them????!!!!!!
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