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  1. Why can't the ships we kill drop reactants. I actually thought that was how it worked before trying the first mission. Void storms could convert the ships to corrupted ships. But no we get the Railjack as a taxi to the "real" mission. So disappoint!
  2. Why? If I wanted to watch America got talent I would watch that crap. It's good you try new things but forcing terribleness on us is NOT good.
  3. Something is still not right with the modular weapons. I have been using Rattleguts and Catchmoon a lot as secondary and those numbers looks good. But somehow both those weapons are among my most used primary weapons too. But I have not used any primary modular weapons more than to MR level them. But according to my equipment page I have used them for 172 hours. EDIT: All modular weapons have the exact same XP, kills, kill assist, accuracy and headshot kills in secondary and primary stats. When you fix something why don't you at least try to get it right the first time. Something l
  4. I don't remember when I reached MR30 it was only like 4 month ago (I reached it as soon as there were gear enough to level minus founder gear) so I have gone thru 2/3's of MR30 in just a few month and that under a time when DE isn't releasing gear as often as before. But who knows how many items they will release this year. In time it can take a while, in Mastery points it's not far off.
  5. If you think that much content is bad, is Warframe for you?
  6. Long way? I have 49k left and I'm not a founder. They have 40-ish left.
  7. Topic! Can't choose fishing spear, bait and other gear. I fished and conserved animals just a few days ago. Anyone have the same problem and/or a solution? https://ibb.co/vXLxbDd Would have loved it if your forum could insert pictures from other places than imgur, DE!
  8. Seems like almost no game company cares much for their own forum. Twitter is much more important.
  9. Can't you have a test server with all the old versions on it? "Fixed an issue where Bonewidow could Grab the Exploiter Orb. Oh lord! " I so want to see that bug...😆
  10. Good Yule and a happy New Year to everyone at DE and my fellow Warframe players. 🎅 I have been harsh over the years about the state of the game. But I have to say that I have had lots of fun this year. I have even had some fun in Railjack (probably because I reached a point where I can solo everything).
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