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  1. Seems like I may have jumped to conclusions, I am fairly new to this game and haven't received many Axi relics. Looking through the other syndicates and I will need the Kronen prime blade for Arbiters of Hexis, that looks even more difficult since it is uncommon from an Axi. The Perrin Sequence looks the hardest, that is a rare from an Axi for Gram Prime handle. All the others are available in Lith, doesn't seem balanced.
  2. Haha nice. Will try and find you in game later.
  3. No worries, I probably posted this is in the wrong section. Wasn't really looking for help it's more of a discussion over poor design.
  4. You obviously didn't read my OP because I already stated what you just said. Having just these (difficult) options just to progress with a syndicate is bad design. Which was my point made in the OP.
  5. What I see in my game is reflected in the wiki
  6. So I'm progressing with Cephalon Suda but have hit a wall at rank 4. The sacrifice required is Lex Prime Receiver and I ignored it for a while thinking I will eventually get it. Just looked into it further and all the relics that have the item are now vaulted. Except for a single Axi relic and a couple of Baro exclusives. I think this is very poor design.
  7. Got rank 12 just now and did not get the 50x creds.
  8. Last night I completed rank 11 for an Orokin Reactor but again I have not received it. Is it meant to be crafted or just a blueprint? Either way I didn't get it.
  9. I've been completing Nightwave tasks and everything seems to be progressing properly but I take note of my resources and have not been given a few of the milestone rewards: Tier 6 milestone did not give me 50x cred Then tier 8 did not give me any Forma (3x promised) Anything I can do to fix this?
  10. YES, I need this. Can't see if I have already mastered a weapon when purchasing blueprints from market OR dojo.
  11. I'm fairly new to the game, up to nearly 140 for the daily tribute. Just got to MR14 so I can build the Tiberon Prime which I was lucky to get a Riven for. I've rolled it 5 times and settled on this for now: 92% Multishot 79% Status Chance Should I roll it some more? Any other changes I should make to this build? I am probably missing a few mods, any advice for mods I should farm for?
  12. Haha they linked my thread in Wukong Prime: Hotfix 25.3.2 Not sure how they fixed it though? Wonder where the Denial Bursas are now?
  13. Others have identified the same issue:
  14. Since the recent update (The Jovian Concord: Update 25) Denial Bursa are no longer spawning. I have read all the guides and wasted hours trying to progress in this quest. So far I have found zero Denial Bursa. With this recent update whatever method previously caused the Bursa to appear now has Amalgams appear instead. I need to kill 5 Denial Bursa to progress in the Sands of Inaros quest but cannot get any to spawn. I am unable to progress and craft my Inaros warframe.
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