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  1. Not a big surprise, I was waiting for this to happen. 😒 If anyone has noticed a pattern.
  2. Also the resource cost is just ridiculous compared to earlier stuff.
  3. Revenant secondary energy color got bugged/ doesn't work and prisma weapons only show secondary energy color (Prisma Hecate shows 2 energy colors nicely). Nekros' Irkalla skin doesn't show secondary color in the flames either.
  4. Her 4th is really bad, it's almost like an "I concede"-button as it drains your shields in matter of seconds and keeps draining your shields if you go into operator mode while it's on. It's almost like you're supposed to unbind your 4th (to not accidentally press it) when using Hildryn, if you don't use a max efficiency/ range build, that is.
  5. Yet it is soloable, maybe try some other frame? High HP inaros with adaptation or Chroma (you need to cheese with operator dash).
  6. The fight time limit at the end is BS!!! Had to forfeit 4th phase, because arc gun downtime made the fight impossible to complete! So much time wasted, WTF! (in solo) EDIT: Actually, you can get arch gun ammo from enemies to reset the timer.
  7. Please fix Vigorous Swap! It keeps breaking constantly with switching to non-weapons like fishing spear and synthesis scanner. 😒 Actually... I found out that one occasion when this happens is while you quickly switch weapons just after un-equipping a gear time. Nvm, quick switching also breaks it in other occasions.
  8. Switching to a fishing pole will break Vigorous Swap's damage buff.
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