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  1. I was running the Europa Hijack part of today's Sortie when I noticed my companion, Wyrm Prime, was leveling up every half-minute or so. The final tally? 1.2 million XP. I'm not sure why it happened, but it occurred while I was riding inside the target's Nullifier Bubble. Perhaps one of Wyrm's mods went off infinitely?
  2. We were running an Endless Survival Void Fissure at 10 AM EST today when our host tried to refine a relic at the 20-Minute mark with 3 seconds left on the clock. Somehow, this caused him to freeze so he couldn't move or anything. To fix it, he DCed while the rest of us were still on the Void Relic menu. The resulting host migration froze the entire team on the Void Relic menu too. We waited for 5 minutes for it to unfreeze, but it didn't. Somehow, we could still open the menu up from it, which we used to abort the mission. It still removed the Relics we used from our inventory and gave us XP, but didn't give us any of the rewards we had earned (including a rare Stalker drop). I would like these reimbursed since we lost them to a softlock.
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