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  1. No, that's a bonus. My augment would allow the tributes to be picked by allies as well. I don't agree about having the tributes scaling on ability strength, but this augment would allow it and make Titania a beast of a supporter by letting the squad also pick the buffs. Nothing Wisp or Octavia don't do natively, for example, but as Titania clearly don't get the same attention and love they have, I'll be satisfied with at least an augment. No, she absolutely doesn't? They are borderline useless unless you are on really early game content or testing on enemies standing still on simulacrum. They are unreliable, the enemies flying all over the place are a mess, the aggro drawn barely works and that IF you're lucky and you can't possibly hope to use them as valid tactic when the highly armored enemies will kill you just by looking at you. They are actually some of the worst CC abilities in the game. On that we agree. But for some reason Titania is held on a completely different stand than other frames. How can someone look at Titania on a game full of Wisps, Mesas, Octavias, Saryns, Khoras and Volts and worry about the poor thing being "overpowered" is beyond me.
  2. An idea I have for a nice augment for Tribute: making tribute buffs be pickable by allies and scale with power strength. And no, not giving any "con" to the augment in order to balance the "pros" for a simple reason: Titania, more than any other frame, has to spend a lot of mod capacity to stay alive. In order to be viable on endgame content, Titania needs at least Vitality, Aviator, Adaptation/Quick Thinking and now Aerodynamics. Removing a single one of these is already a MASSIVE sacrifice for a Titania build and it WILL jeopardize her efficiency and durability. And even if the player keeps these mods and chose to trade an efficiency/strength/duration for the augment, it will directly affect the power and usability of the augment. I think that's a great idea because it automatically synergizes with the Queen 's kit. And about augment, Razorwing Blitz should not be an augment and I'm still puzzled as why, after all this years, it still is. It should be something native to her Razorwing mode and there's no reason for it not being. It would give the so needed synergy between her abilities, which barely exists within Titania's kit, and would also give her an up on power and survivability that we all know she desperately is in need of "But she will become too fast!" Gaus exists. I can end it here without bringing up Volt's and Wisp's abilities and we know how powerful these two frames are. "But she will become overpowered" I apologize in advance for my words, but that's absolute bulls*it and the very reason Titania is left on the meta-limbo she is now. As I said earlier, this unfounded fear of making her OvErPoWeReD (something completely absent in at least 20 frames I can name right now, mind you) is what gave us the no-vacuum, bump damage and buff stacking fiascos. There's no way to overpower Titania as she is now. You can give her immunity abilities like Rhino 's or Nezha's and it would drain in seconds thanks to her super low armor and health. You can give her Octavia 100% plus multishot buff she would still not have the aim Mesa has and would still be based around a completely different game mechanic which so many players dread or straight up don't have a clue how to control.
  3. Starsailors Let glory be our engines Let justice be our prime May freedom be our compass As we sail through the stars Where is the light guiding us from the cosmos? Embracing the chaos, adrift in the stars Mysteries of our past and future are wondrous Treasures we find between old and new wars Vastness in rails, enthralls me in chaos Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Mars We guide our ship, invading the veil We long to be found, so we shall then be lost Let glory be our engines Let justice be our prime May freedom be our compass As we sail through the stars Where is our mother? Where should we go? We learn to expect even Lotuses have thorns We farm and we sing and we fight and we dream We are navigators, we're Kings and we're Queens To the haul, warriors! Minstrels and gunners Tacticians and runners of the hyperspace Hunting the jewels on a desert of stardust Bless us, oh mother, in our pilgrimage Let glory be our engines Let justice be our prime May freedom be our compass As we sail through the stars By D.Chrisdensen
  4. Thank you. I shiver everytime someone complains about Titania's vacuum. It's absolutely necessary and a fundamental part of her survivability. If there are people who don't like, well, don't take away from the rest of us who absolutely need it.
  5. The idea of adding razorflies as an ability similar to Khora is imo one of the best of this whole thread! That's how razorflies should work right from the start, exactly like Venari. Exalted companion, therefore modable, with attack/protect/heal stances. Perfect and it fixes one of Titania's most glaring flaws, that's the uselessness of razorflies. It actually fixes other flaws too, as it would add survivability to one of the most squishy albeit aggressive frames in the game. "But 3 exalted's would make her OvErPoWeReD" The fear of making Titania "overpowered" is what destroyed her in first place. Remember how you would take damage for bumping at anything on Razorwing mode, the lack of vacuum fiasco and the tribute-stacking even bigger fiasco? The hindrances added to her kit are much stronger than the innate benefits...a mindset DE didn't care in the slightest for frames like Mesa, Saryn, Octavia and Wisp. So why with Titania??? Titania, for me, is just like Zelda on Smash Bros. She has potential. She always had, her design was made to be a character as good as Sheik, her top tier counterpart. But in order to "not make her too powerful" they added hindrance after hindrance and she is on her fourth game being a low/bottom tier character. They know how to fix her, we all know, they came close on Smash Ultimate but the fear of making her "oVeRpOwErEd" made her a low tier. Again. Palutena, on the other hand, also had potential. A lot! She was my main on 3DS/U era and my first impression when playing her was "this girl is gonna be the next Meta Knight". Unfortunately the monstrous amount of lag and the bad special attacks made Palutena a low tier on SmashU, but she had her hindrances fixed without fear of "overpowering" her on Ultimate and, well....top tier. Not overpowered, not the best in the game because, just as Titania, her kit has innerent flaws, but great. Even if DE got to the rework table with the "screw if Titania is overpowered" mindset, she would end up being not as good as Saryn or Octavia, but she would be a top/high tier along with them.
  6. Those are some incredible news, Reb. As a Titania main, I can't express how excited I am. I've always been annoyed by the damn bureaucracy with Titania's buffs. I mean, Wisp can cast endless reservoirs of health, speed and enemy stun that you can refresh anytime you like. Saryn with 3 times the amount of armor and energy Titania has can have damage boost, aggro removal, health restore and speed boost with just 2 abilities. Ivara has infinite invisibility, two ways to reduce aggro, a massive damage multiplier. Octavia can give us invisibility, multishot, damage multiplier, movement speed...and her mallet has damage scalling and is immortal while Titania's razorflies die as soon as they spawn because they don't scale with enemy level. This has to be fixed. Either let the Razorflies continuing to be weak, but make them immortal, so they can at least annoy the enemies and drag some aggro from us, or make them scale with enemy level / let us mod them as exalted companions. Another thing that has been brought to attention countless times by so many different people: Lantern and Spellbind should be fused into one ability. It was done on Vauban's rework with Bastille + Vortex, it's kinda shocking something so much more obvious like Titania's case hasn't been done yet. The Queen has so much potential. Don't let her just die on this state, please give her the attention and love you guys give to so many other frames 🙂
  7. Guys, you might check Orb Valis after this update. It is broken visually speaking. When you exit the elevator there's a pixelated "aura" around everything in the distance. It looks terrible.
  8. Atlas, Harrow, Wukong + Titania, Equinox + Excalibur It apparently isn't that simple as you are still complaining after having 4 male skins, 3 in a row, when the females got only 2. If having one more female to close the scores is such a bother and you hate them so much, just play with your macho league and don't complain. Let.the.girls.have.some.fun
  9. Is this a joke???? You guys had Atlas, Wukong and Harrow in a row, let them girls have some fun 🙄
  10. THIS! EXACTLY THIS. You described exactly what I had in mind. The fog (???) and lighting on the Railjack missions are in one word atrocious! That cube/edgy thing that should be the visual effects of the space scenario is disturbing. Empyrian is probably the ugliest thing I have ever seen on the Switch and that was absolutely unexpected from the most graphically stunning game on the very same platform. And the fps drops? God, on free flight the turret blasts were like 10/15 fps. I'll give the benefit of the doubt as the whole Empyrian update was rushed in all platforms and I imagine that optimizing it for the Switch would take longer than one month for a consistent build, imagine for the messy horror that Empyrean is atm. I think it may be too early to say "the Switch can't handle it, we reached the limit", but DE has to give us better than this on the next hotfixes and updates.
  11. Nice to know the update is out, thanks guys! 🙂 But quite a lot of visual bugs on the Empyrian nodes, it's very rough around the edges even for Switch standards. And about the overall visual quality...I don't wanna sound disrespectful, but is that just a "test" build to see how the Switch can handle Empyrian before a proper visual overhaul or will the proxima missions always look like...you know...this?
  12. As a Titania main with 1,8k hours in the game, almost 50% spent with the Fairy Queen, I'm so here for your ideas! However a 75% buff would turn her pretty much unkillable. With Aerodynamic + aviator, Queen Titania would receive a whole 91% damage reduction. You might say "well, Miss Gara has 90% and Miss Mesa has 95%" and, yes, you are right, but they don't have 87.5% evasion, which Titania would have with Dust on Razorwing mode. You might also say "well, Inaros, Rhino, Wukong and Nezha couldn't care about damage also". Yes, but they don't have the best exalted weapons and mobility in the game...and anyone that thinks Titania doesn't have these is completely delusional. The level of power creep Titania would achieve would be tremendous. Also, your analysis fails to take new players in mind. Sure, we veterans have enough Endo and credits for years, but that's we, veterans, with 1k+ hours on the game. Damn, I haven't maxed some very important mods yet because it would break many of my builds and I will need to dedicate some time to forma my frames and weapons. 2 of my umbral mods aren't maxed because I'm wait for Titania Prime so I can put all my 3 Umbra Formas on her. You can't take ways to farm these resources away from new players or you will create an even bigger gap between veterans and novices. A gap that would be borderline impossible to cross. And OMG, don't touch my relics! We should receive more of these damn things and you want to remove 'em? Girl.... Finally, you have to remind that Warframe is a free to play game and DE has to make money someway. Some of the changes you are suggesting would make achieving some goals simply too easy or straightforward. Trust me, I need more Orokin catalysts/reactors/forma as much as the next guy, but if you trivialize how to get them you simply kick DE in the finances hehe. Also, I don't know how much would it affect the player's long run and how we get attached to game.
  13. I see where you are coming from, but if you allow me, it is actually not a bad thing the update will be postponed to us. I can't believe DE released the update on the other consoles already with SO MUCH to be fixed. I'm a bit relieved the update we will receive will be much better than the one PS4 and XONE are receiving.
  14. Wow, really? I feel exactly the opposite, the graphics are the best they have ever looked on the Switch. My personal preference was the Saint of Altra build because I love shiny and glossy things, but the remaster plus light changes brought the game to a graphical quality I have never seen on the Switch. I was playing on Lua yesterday and I literally stopped a couple of times just to look around and go "wow" with what I was seeing
  15. LMAO, absolutely everyone but you????? Your "good number of people" is made of you and, if you're lucky, one or two other people. And btw : https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/cross-save?amp Good news all around. Can't wait to build the Railjack and play Empyrean!
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