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  1. Canisters phase through the boss, raknoids are leaping literally across the map, 200m+. It makes the fight impossible. 🙄 Edit: just did another one and didn't have the problems. I suppose it was just a random bugged fight.
  2. I just passed my MR 14 test and it didn't register that I completed it. Now it's saying I need to wait another 24 hours to try again. The test is easy as piss so I 100% didn't fail it. Someone fix this. I don't want to wait another freaking 24 hours because this game wants to bug out all the time.
  3. Ahh thank you. Well if a mod can delete this thread, problem solved
  4. Just bought a couple helmet skins for nightwave and it won't let me use them. Still says I need to pay plat for them.
  5. ^^^ THIS oh my God. Can't tell you how many times this as already happened and now, especially during the acolyte event where the lich is stealing all my S#&$ is BEYOND frustrating.
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