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  1. So i got the skin. I think the skin texture is great, personally, but i Don't like the weird patch of missing 'hair' around the back of his head, personally would've look much better to me if it had covered the whole of his head. I think the texture on the syndana and the whip skin should've matched the texture of the main skin itself, it looks sloppy in comparison. I like the skin but i feel it needs work.
  2. Yea that's a fair point. At least they could for all the rifles/Pistols. That's my feels anyway. Any idea about the fizzing particles?
  3. Hello all, Loving Wisp so far, I've read peoples feedbacks and tbh i'm not really finding any issues. Her 4th ability is a little overwhelming but she's channeling the sun so I kinda think it should be blinding when it's unleashed, it's showing the power of it? One thing i have found though, the 'fizzing' particles animation when she jumps and floats invisible has disappeared? Has this been taken out of the game or has mine just bugged somehow?? Otherwise i'm really enjoying using her and finding some great uses for all abilities so far to Crowd Control and buff team, really like
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