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  1. I recently played in a flotilla that was awfully close to running out of time on the Murexes. We were at 98/100, with multiple space squads still receiving. It was incredbile close, but we were doing it, and showing those Sentients who's boss. It was an incredibly hype moment, the kind of moment I feel that this system was built for... until it wasn't. We were cut off mid-transmission. Timer ended, lets pack it up, everybody. Nobody gets anything. In that one moment, all that hype that was built up turned just into disappointment. Being defeated not by the Sentients, but the game's coding itself. We should be able to at least finish the Murex/Condrix we are working on without getting booted out of the mission. There's 10 minutes cooldown in between waves, that's plenty of time to at least finish the one we already started. Make it so no new squads can start, but let the ones already working finish what they started, to create epic moments like these, but ... with a better ending. You can see the moment our hearts break. Instead, imagine a whole flotilla cheering on the space squads that drive off the last Murex in the nick of time, send them running, like big damn heroes.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Operator/Warframe spawns in an already knocked down state because they remain vulnerable to knockdowns after switching VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use transference - while in Operator mode, the warframe is still susceptible to knockdowns. Use transference again - while in Warframe, the Operator is invisible, but still susceptible to knockdowns. EXPECTED RESULT: No knockdowns should occur on a despawned Operator or uninhabited warframe OBSERVED RESULT: Knockdowns occur even when not inhabiting warframe and on despawned Operator, which leads to spawning in an already knocked down state REPRODUCTION RATE: very high
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Merely walking forward while shooting an Amp with the Shraksun scaffold causes self-stagger VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Shoot Shraksun while walking forward EXPECTED RESULT: No self-stagger should occur without hitting anything OBSERVED RESULT: Even without hitting anything, the explosion is large enough to incur self-stagger when walking forwards REPRODUCTION RATE: always
  4. TYPE: Weapon Status Chance DESCRIPTION: Sweeper's status chance was reduced from 14% to 2.3%, and Sweeper Prime's status chance was reduced from 15% to 2.5% With the new changes affecting weapons with innate multishot, it should have been 7% per projectile for Sweeper, and 7.5% per projectile for Sweeper Prime. It appears they were simply missed when updating the status chances. REPRODUCTION: Look at Sweeper/Sweeper Prime's stats in the arsenal EXPECTED RESULT: 7% Status Chance / 7.5% Status Chance (Prime) OBSERVED RESULT: 2.3% Status Chance / 2.5% Status Chance (Prime) REPRODUCTION RATE: always
  5. A Living Data Warframe that can transform herself into a pure datastream in order to mindjack/body-hop robotics, cameras, security consoles, etc as a form of movement+damage ability. Being able to interact with the environment in this novel way would make for an interesting change of pace and make the player look at existing tilesets with new eyes. As a hacking specialist, the frame excels at subterfuge, but can use her abilities to turn the tide of battle - choosing to either stealthily mind-hop to another target or, while inside a target, choose to violently overload an enemy's circuits to make a dramatic entrance.
  6. TYPE: Weapon Status Chance DESCRIPTION: Ballistica Prime's status chance was reduced from 20% to 5%. With the new changes affecting weapons with innate multishot, it should have been 15% per projectile. It appears it was simply missed when updating the status chances. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Look at Ballistica Prime's stats in the arsenal EXPECTED RESULT: 15% Status Chance OBSERVED RESULT: 5% Status Chance REPRODUCTION RATE: always
  7. This has nothing to do with adaptation. Also, yours is a different, though related bug, that happens with or without adaptation. The mininmum steps to reproduce are the following: Have quick thinking be at 2 HP get Viral procced on you boom, instadeath. Tested this by removing literally everything except Quick Thinking: https://youtu.be/Bosix08CsbA
  8. Finally, more information on this elusive bug! In today's Sortie, my frame was oneshot multiple times (on a tanky frame) without any bleedout timer. Not only did apperently something deal damage in excess of 5300 effective health, but the bleedout timer was also completely bypassed, which is not supposed to happen. Today's Sortie (first stage) has the modifier "Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Viral" I was client to another host player. Enemy faction was Grineer. Frame was Garuda equipped with Quick Thinking. Sentinel was Wyrm equipped with Negate. The death log said the following: I recorded all three deaths on video for further examination: Youtube video of death #1 Youtube video of death #2 Youtube video of death #3 Frame-by-frame analysis of the footage: In two of those instances (#1, #3) my Wyrm negated a status effect (using the mod Negate) directly (1-2 frames) before the instadeath. (In Video #1 the negated status effect was visible for 1 frame: Viral) in the other instance (#2) my Wyrm also negated a status effect, but a few seconds before the death. It could not possibly have negated another status effect at the exact moment of my death. So there seems to be some relationship between the Viral status and instadeath (without bleedout, no less). Wyrm's negate mod could potentially play a role here, too, as it might somehow not negate Viral entirely, somehow enabling enemies to apply the Viral status twice for a max health of -100%; though this is speculation. Edit: new info from Reddit about this: Apperently it is really easy to reproduce and simply involves getting the Viral status effect while at 2 HP. This will instakill the frame and skip the bleedout. edit2: minimum steps to reproduce: Have quick thinking be at 2 HP get Viral procced on you boom, instadeath. I hope this information is useful for resolving this bug.
  9. Is anyone at DE still working on this bug? This is pretty much my #1 reason for deaths and close calls in high level content. It has been almost half a year and multiplte mainline patches since this bug was reported. Could we please get an update?
  10. What about Exilus Adapters for Sentinel Weapons? My Wyrm deserves to be happy!
  11. it already has its own assignable button. By default, the two are the same, but you can change it. the problem with this is however that it looses its functionality if the melee weapon is holstered. This also needs to be fixed - I sure hope DE thought of that.
  12. This frustrating bug is still happening. I am beginning to lose hope that we will ever see a fix for this 😞
  13. I oftentimes cannot use my Operators Void Dash while on the Railjack. Instead, I will just lurch forward a few centimeters without proccing any of its effects. This starts when loading in, and it won't fix itself for the whole mission. This is extremely disheartening. Void Dash is integral to my playstyle (Zenurik and, despite its terrible and infuriating bugs: Quick Thinking). After trying multiple times to get in a mission where it works, I just Alt+F4ed. (No video for this bug, since it didn't seem to help much with the other bugs I reported)
  14. here are a few things I noticed that could be improved upon: while Railjack piloting has proper free rotation (similar to old experimental flight), the Gunnery turrets and archwing lack this. This is highly frustrating when you try to track a target and just can't turn any further, and instead you nead to rotate around a completely different axis instead. Please enable free rotation for Archwing and Gunnery Turrets! compounding on the still tiny archwing vacuum, if you use your archwing blink through an item, the item does not get picked up at all - which means you have got to double back again to get the drops, making it even more time consuming. Crewship damage is ridiculously high compared to Archwing survivability, and their projectiles cannot be properly shaken with the Archwing abilities that were specifically disgned to do just that. Please de-couple Warframe Auras and especcially Arcane Enhancments from Archwing. Please, just let us choose them seperately for Warframes and Archwings. Having to choose a non-optimal Warframe setup just to properly setup the Archwing is infuriating.
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