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  1. so there is absolutely no point in playing those missions right now... It's quite nice however that Sisters will drop something useful, but why only in the final confrontation? Liches also drop Kuva every time they are stabbed. If it took slightly more keys in general if we were making more steady progress towards holokeys when we were dealing with sisters.
  2. What happened to the colour saturation? Thought I messed up my settings, but my friend noticed it, too
  3. The main thing why I don't play her as much is because of the bugs related to her 4. -While rewinding, you somehow still pick up energy orbs, essentially just destroying them. -When you use Operator, it breaks the rewind, making it stop short.
  4. I don't think this "fix" does what you think it does. It seems like it produces the exact opposite results, with missions having already the time on the clock since the last end screen.
  5. It's fantastic to hear that the exploits are fixed and the playing field leveled this way. However, when I read "non-endless missions", I got excited for a moment and hoped you were addressing the problems that normal players face with these missions: that Acolytes don't spawn at all in these missions unless you wait for 3-5 minutes AFTER completing the mission. Just standing around near extraction, waiting... just standing around, bored, with nothing to do, until they finally show up. Currently, there is no benefit to doing non-endless missions on Steel Path, since without the Acolytes, there is no way to gain Steel Essence. They should simply spawn after the objective is completed, that way, the players can actually get something for playing the mission. (same goes for the Treasurer)
  6. 2 HP has also been long bugged with Operators. Even with full shields or with Quick Thinking and plenty of energy, they get sent back to frame. Issues are probably related and should be fixed together.
  7. I think I need to edit my post since people keep misunderstanding; equipping more than one instance of the same mod of course doesn't work. What I meant is that you cannot acquire more than one. It doesn't go to your mod inventory
  8. no, you misunderstood. I didn't mean equipping more than one... It's one Oull per player, if you collect any more, they don't go to your inventory, they just get wasted.
  9. apparently, you can only ever have one Oull mod at the same time? edit: As in, you cannot acquire more than one, because drops don't arrive in your collection edit2: seems like you do get it, but can't use it because it's bugged and goes to inventory instead of mods
  10. Could Treasurer spawns be looked at for this update? There are 5 Solaris Prisoners per mission, but only up to 1 Treasurer. Most of the time, randoms won't even wait long enough for the treasurer to spawn, forcing me to extract with them. It's going to get even worse with this update, because we will need the coins to spawn a Sister larvling, too. If Treasurers spawned indefinitely on endless nodes, and spawned upon completion of a non-endless objective, it wouldn't be so bad. Otherwise there is no way to save the poor Solaris, and I feel terrible leaving them hanging. I don't even care about the standing. I would literally shove platinum into the stupid coin slot for 0 standing if it worked, I just want to save a soul.
  11. I think I found the picture you were looking for. I started with a google search for "Warframe stained glass" until I found a picture that matched the description, and then used reverse image search to find better and better images until I found the source.
  12. Is there any reason why Galvanized Diffusion and Galvanized Hell are considerably worse comparatively to Galvanized Chamber when considering their base mods? 120% baseline Multishot -> 80% baseline Multishot for shotguns and secondaries, while Primaries just goes down from 90% to 80%?
  13. Op means something different. On other maps, you can enter through the double-keypad door and then there is an alternate route in there. (Through a side door, from below, whatever) On corpus ship on the other hand, you can oftentimes skip the double-keypad door entirely, which is quite unusual. (Once inside, there are also alternate routes again)
  14. There still seem to be some issues with Temporal AA. It heavily distorts faces, which is incredibly off-putting - the reason why I keep it turned off. Would like to use it, otherwise.
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