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  1. you seem to have transfered it the wrong way around. Instead of transfering the electric bonus to the old chakkhurr, you have transferred the toxic bonus to the new one. (at least that is what would have happened with the way you described your actions - you wrote it is still electric, are you sure about that?) support may be able to help you with that, send them a ticket!
  2. we don't see that they had prior knowledge. We only have the "after" screenshot. It is safe to assume they did not have prior knowledge, otherwise it wouldn't be anything special.
  3. The question did not warrant this amount of condescension. Also, you misremembered how it worked before; it was not 6000% of 10%, but 6000% of 100%. Which is still kinda crap. The main problem with this is health and armor scaling. Enemies are built like tanks and hit like wet noodles, while Warframes hit like nukes and are made out of paper maché. This is the reason why self damage oneshots you, and also the reason why this mod was bad in high level play. Was probably fine for low to mid level. There would have been ways to mitigate this (inbuilt level scaling for the mod, or just fixing the damn health and armor system), but DE opted to change the mods function completely - likely because the felt that in its current form, the mod was ill-supported and they playstyle it tried to enable just not worth it. Maybe someday, we will see health and armor scaling revised, and self damage as well as reflect damage will finally make sense again.
  4. just to be sure, you are 100% certain that you didn't use an Aura Forma last time? Happened to me, I forgot that I already used one on one of my frames.
  5. You need to go to Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress for actual Kuva Survival. What you tried was a survival mission with a Kuva Siphon, which is different and won't work. They really need to do a better job of explaining that, I have seen this misconception so many times...
  6. yeah, I know all of this. I am just saying they should change the description then, because having to calculated 50% of a value that does under no circumstances, ever, change, is not very logical. just write the mod as -2.5s then, and we are dandy, no functionality change, it just looks nicer and is less confusing. Alternatively, they meant it to be 50% of the end result, but I already see that you have made up your minds about what the devs think. discussion over.
  7. So it is the other combo duration mods that are wrong then? They can't both be right. I know that it is that way for other mods, but we already have flat +combo duration mods that do the exact same thing as the one %-based one. There is no reason to express something as percentage based if it always goes off the same base. Besides, all of this is speculation unless DE answers/fixes this error
  8. That won't work since there won't be an active pet present, since Regen only fits on Sentinels.
  9. I wouldn't be so sure about that. It is strange that some of them are phrased as +x seconds and just this one as -50%. If it is working as intended, then the wording should be clarified, as in it should just show -2.5 seconds like the other mods.
  10. You can't equip two of the same mod, that's why it is showing it like that. This is completely normal, nothing to worry about. you can easily test this with 2 Rank 0 Vitality mods on your warframe.
  11. Well, but where to equip the riven then? Kubrows and Kavats don't use Companion Weapons. Those challenges were patched out for Companion Weapon Rivens, but they were mistakenly reintroduced with melee 3.0. For now, you could equip it on a MOA's Weapon.
  12. Is this still being worked on? Because it is still broken, even after multiple mainline updates.
  13. Since this exact same bug was fixed for Nova, it should be easy to fix it for Mirage, too, right? Mirage can't cast her Eclipse for a few seconds after casting Hall of Mirrors if she isn't hosting.
  14. Did you mostly use your warframe abilities (in this case, your regulators) to get the kills? Because if you do, all the EXP goes to your warframe, even if it is already maxed.
  15. The binding for Heavy Attacks does not work if the melee weapon is currently holstered - which happens often, for example just aim gliding for a second holsters the melee weapon. Please fix this to make heavy attacks reliable. (and yes, I have secondary fire and heavy attacks mapped to different keys, so this should work)
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