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  1. You wouldn't really need to swap them anyways, though.. just put Sacrifice in the upper left slot, it already has the correct polarity. Then it has top priority for the Sentinel.
  2. Swapping polarities doesn't consume Forma. It just needs to have had a Forma applied at any time, then you can freely move them around.
  3. Are you trying to equip it on Guandao Prime? If so, that's not a bug - its riven disposition is lower than on the non-prime version, which is why it is less effective on it.
  4. You are literally complaining about getting free stuff. How it is now: you get 3000 mastery exp, with up to 1000 additional if you invest Forma. How you want it: you get 3000 mastery exp. You see that? If you don't use any Forma on them, it already is the way you want it. Any Forma you invest just gets you a bonus. But hey, if you want to complain about getting free stuff...
  5. One thing I'd also like to see would be bodypart obstructed headshots. I feel like as long as the bullet goes through the head, it should count as a headshot, no matter if it hit the shoulder or whatever first.
  6. Is there a way the Treasurer's spawn system could get looked at - he could use the Acolyte spawn model, i.e. spawn multiple times per mission? It is extremely frustrating not being able to save all the Solaris because there are so many prisoners and only up to 1 Treasurer per mission (if you can even get your team to stay that long - most people are at extraction by the time the treasure would be ready, which prevents his spawn altogether.) Being unable to save all the Solaris kind of makes me dread going there, even though I otherwise love the tileset and saving the Solaris prisoners.
  7. How would it be too op? Every other frame can do it. (unsure about Inaros)
  8. Could we get this functionality for keyboard, too? I can rebind the Dismount key when in Railjack, but I can't rebind Reload to the button I normally use for the "Context Action/Use" functionality - which would be great, because I have set my options to "Context Action includes reload". The way it is set up now, I can't use Gunnery 9 (and initially I thought it was broken and/or bad until I figured out I can't trigger it properly)
  9. But Reactant gets shared globally in Railjack missions, so that isn't it. Also, it's working in the Grineer variant Railjack missions.
  10. This is a nice fix! However, the overlay map still has problems, as its setting as the preferred map still gets ignored every time a Railjack mission is started.
  11. TYPE: In-Game/UI DESCRIPTION: Railjack missions ignore the UI setting prefer overlay map VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: enable prefer overlay map in settings. Start a Railjack mission. EXPECTED RESULT: map should stay in overlay mode OBSERVED RESULT: map switches to corner minimap mode REPRODUCTION RATE: always (10/10)
  12. TYPE: In-Game/Mission/Void Storms/Volatile DESCRIPTION: corrupted enemies stop spawning in Void Storms on Volatile mission nodes VISUAL: (enjoy a video of 9+ minutes of no corrupted enemy/reactant spawns) REPRODUCTION: play a Void Storm mission on a Volatile mission node EXPECTED RESULT: corrupted enemies should not stop spawning, because we need the reactant OBSERVED RESULT: corrupted enemies stop spawning REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/20
  13. TYPE: In-Game/visual DESCRIPTION: entering the pilot console removes skin from primary weapon VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: equip a primary weapon with a skin, in this case: Kuva Tonkor with Desert Camo skin EXPECTED RESULT: entering pilot console should not have an effect on weapon skins OBSERVED RESULT: primary skin is removed REPRODUCTION RATE: always (10/10)
  14. Even if you still own Octavia, you still can't change it on subsumed frames. It sucks, and I really wish they'd change that. Having a dope bassline on my Mirage was pretty much the only reason I put it there
  15. That's a pretty old topic you found there. Why did you reply to that? The person in the original post had their combo duration reduced to 0, because they used two mods that each reduced combo duration by 50%. That's why they couldn't build any more combo, which was not a bug.
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