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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: A Kuva Lich was created from a Larvling without the usual prompt. Given the long time it takes to kill a lich, this bug is extremely frustrating and highly time consuming when it occurs. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: unknown. The mission was a capture mission. I was standing really close to the Larvling while I shot her. EXPECTED RESULT: There should be a prompt (Hold X to spawn Lich) OBSERVED RESULT: Instead it instantly spawned as Lich. "This little maneuver is gonna cost us 3 hours" REPRODUCTION RATE: unknown
  2. Is a fix planned for the issue of the hosts Operator not oneshotting Orphix resonators? It seems very strange that only clients are able to do this. Also: the problem of the Unreal Tournament skin for the Stahlta not exploding when used by Mirage with Hall of Mirrors still persists!
  3. As Host, Operators cannot oneshot Orphix Resonators; while as client, it always works. Will this eventually be fixed?
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Xata's whisper doesn't use the correct Status Chance with Cedo. (It appears that it uses the Status Chance of the primary fire, even if it is the secondary fire that damages an enemy) The video shows what happens with 215% Status Chance. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Use Cedo's secondary fire while using Xata's Whisper EXPECTED RESULT: Void Status should proc often OBSERVED RESULT: Void Status should procs almost never REPRODUCTION RATE: well... the chance is always messed up, so 100%?
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Operator does not destroy Orphix Resonators as host in 1 hit (as a client would) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: As host, attempt to hit a Resonator with Void Blast or Amp. EXPECTED RESULT: Operator should oneshot Orphix Resonators, the same way that clients do. OBSERVED RESULT: Operator doesn't oneshot Orphix Resonators as host. REPRODUCTION RATE: always (10/10)
  6. Or there is an entirely different reason for it. Who knows? Limiting the number of rivens a player can have has some market implications. It provides an upper limit for the total amount of rivens in game, encourages trading, and acts as a "riven-sink" as people need to dissolve or transmute their rivens if they can't sell them. I doubt the problem is that someone has too many riven slots, but rather, that, in the absence of the necessity to use the riven-sink that is transmuters, the rivens would continue to accumulate (on a global scale). This would devalue rivens and might actuall
  7. It's not that bad... the uniqueness of a riven fits neatly into just 28 bytes. Round it up to 32 for good measure. That means a full riven inventory is less than 5kb. That is less than 1% of the size of a the rest of one player's warframe save game on DE's servers.
  8. I don't understand what the momentum has to do with it. You had those momentum problems no matter if you turned Experimental Flight on or off, so why are you bringing it up again? Pretty much everyone agrees that the momentum sucked.
  9. There seems to be some confusion about what Experimental Flight was. Experimental Flight had nothing to do with momentum. To put it simply: With Experimental Flight OFF, if you keep aiming upwards further and further, you will get stuck and cannot turn further. With Experimental Flight ON, if you keep aiming upwards further and further, you can simply keep turning as far as you want, essentially doing a somersault.
  10. This is amazing! Love the idea, and the Solari have a special place in my heart.
  11. I too miss experimental flight. It's so awkward feeling "stuck" on your own axis of rotation when tracking an enemy. And the strange thing is... Railjack uses the experimental flight system, so it's not even consistent.
  12. Did you already max out your daily standing? Syndicate missions give bonus standing over the daily standing limit, and this can further be enhanced by wearing the matching Sigil (or the Sigil of their partner), in this case Arbiters and Suda. The other Sigils will only give standing in an Arbiters/Suda mission if you still have daily standing left.
  13. I'd be fine if the real time clock was even just crammed in with the FPS counter. That way it would take almost no DEV work at all, just reformatting a string.
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