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  1. To be honest, the moment you're on every Eshop, you're as publicly as available to the public as any other game. The demos would likely have to be like a shorter play through, gauging how quickly players can get through the levels. If it's too fast, then like the veterans say, the AI mechanics will need to be revamped to match (or slide) to the varying skill sets of the players in the squad. If you gave a new player a full version of Warframe whose never seen it or any of the wikis before, it'd be overwhelmingly low on important tutorials. They'd instantly tell you that they hate everything, while veterans might not think any change is needed at all. Which is why I suggested from the start that there needs to be some new repeatable tutorials in place, rather than pushing players away to a Wikipedia for their every question or suggestion. Most gamers today don't read the manual, and expect to have information provided to them accordingly, through normal game play modes or tutorials. Some people don't like to be told what to do, others prefer being showed how to do it. So provide those different opportunities in the new repeatable tutorials. Every gamer struggles in different locations or with different things. Demos shorten time frame, but can provide an equal amount of experience as normal game play. While E3 isn't a focus group type of gallery, it does let the developers get a glimpse into the type of future audience they're going to be catering for. By listening to the current trends of competing games, DE can welcome more users into their fan base by providing more options to the "Ninjas Play Free" motto. Show game, provide test money, show cash shop, show survey. Listen to what's popular, what's not popular, and let that inspire you a bit to make improvements or changes. That's literally all you need to do at E3. Otherwise, you could find yourself in the dust. And I'm repeating that again, because everyone knows that 2019-2020 is going to drop some super advanced or more interesting games. The most famous thing Warframe got out of E3 2018 was a popular Fortuna Youtube video and some Fortuna memes. That's not exactly very profitable in comparison to DE's Eshop hosts. The competition will be dropping so much content on so many games in their lineup that DE could be left in the dust of a content drought again. And by could, I mean that there's always a possibility. We won't actually know until E3 officially reveals everything.
  2. I mentioned difficulty sliders for PvE alongside adjusted frame/weapon bonus status in order to match the selected cooperative difficulty. (If/when MR frame/weapon requites get removed/changed.) I never mentioned that the same AI tech wouldn't or couldn't be implemented in a PvP mode intended for competitive play instead. (It's DE's game to decide how balanced they want it.) Again, all I'm saying is that a majority of the forum player base is treating MR as if it has to be a competition won by skill, aka PvP. If it's merely an optional test to get the extra status bonus, then by all means it should be skip-able when a difficulty slider can scale PvE levels at will. The PvP game modes were suggested to quell the competitive fanbase on any PvE changes. As for the PvE focused fans, more PvP would presumably be entirely optional, as with the choice to play conclave.
  3. Though I have heard of the dev streams, what they seem to lack is the information or questions for the more competitive PvP inclined. While there has been a competitor laughed out of the box office for completely eliminating competition in a PvE game, it's importaint to remember that DE labels it's game as PvE. (Ninjas Play Free is the slogan as well.) Everyone is meant to be on the same team in Warframe, yet the seemingly only important thing to the hardcore audience about the MR unlock, is the status bonuses. If a difficulty slider AI can properly make automatic cap/mod adjustments to any frame/weapon, then you've successfully created enough balance to remove the MR requirement entirely. (The key word here is if.) The only difference between the MR now and my AI Advancement suggestion would be pretty much nothing, as the extra status could still be MR skill locked while everything else is automatically balanced for the PvE difficulty at hand. DE wouldn't even have to buff/nerf at that point, they could focus on other more important things. This is where the PvP conundrum occurs, the point to where DE has not much direction. (Dojo Wars was slaughtered due to poor design.) Players are too hyper focused on the value of the extra status unlocks, and ignore the skill wall of other more casual or less skilled players. I suggested having E3 demos ready precisely for this purpose. At E3 the demos are meant to gauge user interaction, and survey the live feedback so that adjustments can be made later upon release/update. Disclaimers are often added in order to confirm this factor, but most games generally don't adjust too much from the feature presentation. The demo could prove that there are hardcore gamers that want more achievement off of PvE, and that DE needs to add more competitive content. Of course, the E3 demo could always prove that maybe a little more laziness added into the MR test isn't as disagreeable as DE or other users might think. (This is why some games simulate a cash shop/odd features for open beta or presentation tests, to determine selling point and profit.) It could make current players upset to see a skip test button if it eventually passes, but DE would at least pique the interest of new and casual audiences alike. Having direction on where to move the PvP aspect of the current PvE into an actual PvP mode is where I personally think DE should be going next. If your audience is confused on where the competition in a cooperative game is/will be going/has gone, then you probably made the wrong genre of game mechanics. If that's the case, then DE's vision could be getting a forced change of perceptive from where they initially imagined it to be. If not, then explain on the dev stream why there's PvP in your PvE game.
  4. I was already aware that DE might change whatever they want, that's why I made the syrup metaphors. (I presumed they only did whatever the community wants or whines about hating. I simply wanted them to think about themselves first, as a company.) Thank you for your reply. To be honest, the MR Test Skip button wasn't that important to me. What was important was the thought of locking Primes behind player skill level, when the possibility of balancing through a difficulty slider would suffice the game play nerfs/buffs. (Though if DE did consider the Mastery Test Skip in the end for marketing's demand, I would still be appreciative.) What was most important to me was feeling as if I had no idea the direction DE wanted to go in for the next 5 years. Your post assures me of this matter, albeit slightly. The E3 comment may have seemed out of the blue, but it is quite literally right around the corner. You kinda have to have the demos ready to go by now. If DE hadn't been planning anything this year, they could easily have been overshadowed by someone else. All the replies to my OP simply came back to haunt this thread, as no one seems to have read the terms, "In theory," in my AI explanation example. It's a theory because DE hasn't commented or committed to mine or any other player made concept, except the fact that the AI must be improved. While your insight on the lack of AI capability has me a bit disheartened, I still hold hope that DE at least improves that combat system AI to match the veteran demands of challenge, and newer/unskilled players of less difficulty. There have been AIs known to copy and/or counter player tactics, so I wouldn't put it past DE to figure that one out in their own way.
  5. Indeed. It's as if having outdated AI and Technology is what you guys want Warframe to maintain. It's called development, you have to explain why AI is important to incorporate into everything these days through examples. (Which I provided.) Either you improve the enemy and zone AI for skilled players, or dumb it down for unskilled players. Either you take a look at Mastery Rank fairness and importance to a new difficulty scaling system, or you maintain everything as is. If you don't do anything, then you literally can't improve anything for both new and veteran players. (Unskilled and skilled alike.) You people will keep stalking my feedback threads because you think I'm not of profit to DE for being unskilled or lazy. This thread was heartfelt, and contains as much information as possible. You just have to read the entire thing to get the entire picture of how I believe Warframe doesn't exactly think of thier road map properly as a business. (They're thinking of community approved wins, but should be thinking of impressing at the scale of an E3 win.) Doesn't matter if I have ideas you hate, I'm a paying customer as well. My ideas were merely incorporated as examples for a possible scenario. It in no way reflects what DE's marketing or development team might progress with. There's no need to be so attached to the "your ideas suck" bandwagon. We all have ideas, so why not say yours instead of bashing mine all the time? Please remember to be respectful and follow the forum ToS. Your criticism of me is never constructive for DE. You might like the Maple Syrup and want it passed to you, but maybe you might also want that Maple Syrup mixed into your Berry Syrup. The test drive part possibly describes the MR system best. If time gates could be removed, then maybe my suggestions won't be needed at all. As stated above, it wasn't a sneaky attempt to reintroduce my ideas, I just had no other ideas to introduce for possible solutions to the newbie/veteran problems at hand. Please by all means, share yours. I mean that in a positive way. Edit: The syrup jokes are an attempt at a Canadian metaphor. Clearly NA east coast Ihop inspired ones don't make sense to anyone. -Don't sit there holding a gallon of maple syrup for your pancakes= Don't just sit there with ideas waiting for something to happen, or someone to tell you to do it. (If you like the syrup/ideas, go ahead and put as much in as you want, it's your pancakes/game.) -You might like the Maple Syrup, but maybe you might also want it into your Berry Syrup= Don't knock it until you let DE release a test node for new NPC and difficulty AI/MR rescaling. (You might like it better that way, you never know.)
  6. This thread is here to let DE know that there is indeed, a way to make more concise and clear ways which encourage new players to play on the same level as veteran players. As the current difficultly level stands, it's very easy for new players to become confused as to why their max level 30 Warframe is able to participate (and die) in an up to level 100 sortie. The fact remains that there are features within the game that are not quite elaborated on, such as increasing the mod point cap, specific movements or tactics, or the useless level indication system. Some features such as "level" are often misleading for newer players, and are best to be polished with a different sorting system name or function. (Such as Combat Power in other games.) There's a multitude of player Youtube tutorials already out there, no doubt, but every player likes to do their status (mods) in their own and more personal way. A tutorial in which the player can freely experiment on enemy AI, within a demonstration of selecting from a complete list of possible mods for their warframe could get players more excited to farm. Tenshin is like the noble teacher to the Operator, I should hardly doubt that he would hesitate to offer the Tenno any new repeatable tutorial quests. (Which are also located within the codex.) The importance of adding in new or polished tutorials is the factor in which developers must recall that no two players will learn or play the game in the same way. Some players might not even master the entire game, which brings us back to the Mastery Ranks. Mastery Rank Tests have often been disputed within the community. (Going as far back as 2016) These disputes are as to whether they are even required to "master the game," or if they're simply achievements that lock Warframe Primes behind an unfair difference in user skill. If Warframe values "Ninjas Play Free," then what about those who can't master a Mastery Test? Can they never complete the locked Prime Warframe/Weapon for free as well? Prime Access certainly isn't a cost free package, I can assure you of that. Unless additional tutorials designed to assist in MR preparedness are introduced, we're left with a Mastery Rank Test Skip button. There is no doubt that the most common complaint from veteran players about a theoretical Skip Mastery Rank Test button, is the possibility of an unfair advantage to new users. If the removal of Mastery Rank requirements is implemented correctly alongside a mission difficulty slider, then unfairness should not be the case, and should not interfere with veteran PvE game play in the least. This is where the next topic comes to hand. I'm here to assure you, that if DE inquires NVIDIA on the topic of AI, they will most definitely find that AI development has drastically advanced within the 6 years of developing Warframe. An advanced AI in the right programmer's hands won't take up too much memory or processing for XB1/PS4/PC/NSW if an update is agreed upon by the DE dev team. This AI is not only developed for the NPC action AI, but can also be used for quick and simple biome generation. This means more content areas for new items at a faster development rate. By pushing the boundaries, advanced AI can be utilized to make a slider that reaches from easy to near infinite difficulty. Maybe DE could even utilize the varying difficulties and zone generators to implement a brand new zone generator for any future open world experience. This way, veteran players can always be on their toes, and maybe they'll get excited to see new scenery. Which leads us onto the next topic. Difficulty scaling via a Difficulty Slider is a new and more modern feature of competing games on the NSW/PC, which puts Warframe behind in the development race at E3 next month. This difficulty scaling is best described as a player selected slider or button, with a reward pool that also scales in accordance to the selected difficulty. If you pick easy, you get normal drops at a higher rate than rares. You go to nightmare and beyond, then the rare drops with appear more often. A difficulty slider might be capable of providing new players the same experience as a veteran player at a more "nerfed," yet easier and lower value reward pool. One argument is that going into every pre-established node to add in a difficulty slider would take too much time or money. The value in cost of time or money is purely up to DE to decide whether or not it should be added into new content, or old content. Therefore, as a precaution, I would recommend DE pick certain missions for players to experiment with, once a difficulty slider is agreed upon and ready for public testing. Another argument is that if the Mastery Rank becomes a simple achievement for the highly skilled to show off, and difficulty sliders are implemented with the destruction of MR requirements... Then by theory, any new player can unlock a prime warframe/weapon for free just like a veteran player. Yet this argument appears to most often promote the irritated view of "unfair hand holding" in the eyes of the veteran player. (Irregardless of either F2P or Platinum mechanics.) However, if the difficulty is easier with less and lower value drops, then it might take the new player double the time to clear something like an Eidelon on a much easier mode, compared to the veteran player who has more experience and a faster clear time. Meanwhile, a truly skilled veteran player might be running the Infinite Nightmare mode to reach a target personal best, landing on an official Ranking Board to get a complete Prime Warframe/Weapon or some other new/recycled content. The only difference between the Prime weapons from the veteran player to the new player, isn't that the new player would have paid to skip the mastery test, it's the fact that the AI automatically adjusts the status of specific MR unlocked weapons/Warframes on certain lower difficulties to match the status of the recommended MR weapons/frames. Skills between players are indeed different, but finding that PvE balance with a new AI technology can make "Ninjas Play Free," without sacrificing any bragging rights. Those of a higher personal skill will get to participate in the highest difficulties through a more enticing rankings board. (IE- Not just defending your rank in solo achievements on an infinity difficulty, but defending your squad achievement ranks as well.) DE, please consider all of what the new and more advanced technology can offer both you and the players. Especially when reviewing the Mastery Rank Tests and old tutorial quests for revamp consideration. A difficulty slider will help to polish the new player experience, and help keep the veterans happy with more difficulty. However, it's still up to you to develop the new content. Warframe is unique, as with all videogames in it's genre like to say. However, after DE's 6 years of Warframe, I still see the same trend of forum posts on Warframe Google searches. Most are to ask how to pass a Mastery Rank Test, or how to skip one. How DE decides to develop Warframe from now on will be most important. Not as "Ninjas Play Free," but as a company with a business to run. Currently the only way to bypass a Mastery Rank requirement, is to purchase the Prime Warframe or Prime Weapon directly off a Market bundle. This generates revenue, yet it's not considered pay to win by the community, but rather pay to skip. If a player is incapable/too lazy to clear a Mastery Rank test, and instead decides that they're willing to pay $10 for a MR Test Skip Ticket, or $40 for a Prime Warframe beyond the normal unlocks methods, then doesn't that match the previous statement? Shouldn't there always be more options for everything? Nightwave is certainly a good start, but it won't solve a Mastery Rank Test Skip request. All Nightwave provides is more content via automatic rotating challenges. You can't even manually refresh it for more challenges, but veteran players don't seem to be complaining. Your player base simply cannot compromise for themselves on how to fix or improve anything, so this is where you would normally step in as a company after six years. If the Mastery Rank Tests truly need as much of a reveamp for new players as the old tutorials, then wouldn't implementing a temporary Platinum MR Test Skip button be capable of generating the same type of revenue as Prime Access or Cosmetics? You'd still have to do the leveling like everyone else, but like paying for Prime Access, you won't be doing the hard work yourself. Couldn't that generated revenue also be used to fund the implementation of the new changes, challenges, and improvements to Warframe? Would marketing even consider the fact that veterans might feel a lack of challenge due to outdated, and less complex AI? Could DE possibly turn a profit off any of these player suggested changes or improvements? These are all legitimate business concerns, in my opinion. I would heavily consider your options, DE. Are you E3 spotlight material for next year, or will you win the most washed up award? Either way, there's no use sitting there ignoring your community while you hold a gallon of maple syrup for your pancakes. You say you've set a road map, certain goals. Just what are they, really? Do you intend to wait on the community to 48%-100% come to an agreement on anything before saying something in reply? It almost seems as if your veteran player base does not want anything updated after 6 years, and simply wants new content at an opposite difficulty level from the new player content. Every time something new is too hard for the new players, then they complain as well. It's almost as if there is no balance, despite Warframe being a pure PvE experience. So why not at least let marketing take the development of a difficulty slider into consideration? It solves all your problems in one go, and will succeed in the right hands. Or you know... just sit here for 5 more years and not decide on anything yourself, because your players continue to argue about what they presume you think is best for yourself as a company. After all, you do still have the trump card of GvG needing polish ten times over, and Fortnite isn't getting any less popular. You gotta polish something, anything that can make a bang. Make Ninjas Play Free not just a statement, but something epic, and something no one else could possibly compete against. Or continue to fail in juggling the difference of the delicate content balance scale, set between the skill sets of noisy veterans and shy newer players. That's really all a company is about, open competition and compromise between the player community. I've tried giving feedback before, and no one likes it. I try to suggest improvements to my suggestions, and no one likes those either. I honestly can't give much more advice to you, DE. I can't even ask for the community to try and agree to a compromise for a simple Skip Mastery Test button, either. I think that just about ends this list.
  7. That actually is the simplest solution. However... you can probably already deduce how the community might react to the fact that their "git gud" unlocked "achievements" were invalidated after all these years. It won't be pleasant. Sometimes feature unlocking reworks are easier than removing those features entirely. As a matter of fact, in addition to the skip button, I have a new idea. DE could revamp the Mastery Rank Tests as a leader board mini game function instead. You still get bragging rights for clearing it that way, right?
  8. Really? Because the zones look awfully familiar in design to any other tutorial mechanics I've seen in literally any other FPS. (Ghost In The Shell Online, before that poofed.) Which brings us back to the questions of: Why can't players have more options? If an option is an option, then what's there to dislike about the option to opt out? Is the option to skip really that detrimental to the current PvE design for Warframe, despite an added penalty of not gaining the bonus status? If Splatoon 2 can properly implement the skip button as a feature that doesn't interrupt gameplay, then logically... shouldn't Warframe be capable of the same? I mean... DE did develop the game, so nothing is impossible for them to figure out. I gotta be honest. Everything up to MR6 was super lax, I really don't know why there isn't a skip button in the first place. You could quite literally skip the hacking test by using the decoders, and it was done within seconds. If someone like me (short temper, no self control) has trouble with MR6 and is frustrated to the point of wanting a skip button, it shouldn't be a problem to have a skip button up to a certain point. If penalties for skipping is going to make other players continue to whine about an unfair advantage, a Skip button cap of up to MR 8-10 might seem more fair. I say 8-10 due to the fact that I think it should be fair for everyone to be able to craft a Prime Warframe without being locked behind a skill wall. (Weapons can always be moved to the higher MR requisites if they're that game breaking.)
  9. So tell me, then. Why do they look like your standardized tutorial test? To the above comments: I've said before about the forum ToS and respecting different skill levels. Yes your experiences are different, however pointing it out as I need to "git gud" isn't contributing to the conversation of a skip button at hand. Either you accept that I'm less skilled despite my Autism spectrum being so different from your own problems, or we all get warnings. I don't like the vmods here either, just reiterating the Warframe ToS.
  10. If the point of Mastery Tests is to teach you the game, then why aren't they as optional as tutorials? Just saying.
  11. As someone said in an old forum, there could be a penalty system in addition to the new skip button. One such penalty could be that you don't gain certain bonuses, and only certain warframes or weapons can be crafted utilizing the skip system. An alternative penalty could be the capability to craft a Mastery Rank warframe or weapon, just not the capability to actually equip the Mastery Rank requisite item in certain locations. Seems pretty fair enough to add a no equip penalty, can't help but wonder what all the fuss is about.
  12. Again, I can't be bothered because of the difficulty level. If I get too frustrated, you know what used to happen to me as a kid due to my Autism? I used to destroy my own property, because I was angry. Now I simply deal with whatever makes me angry by not doing anything that would continue to make me frustrated. So yes, if the game won't add a skip button, then I won't make Chroma Prime. I don't even have to continue playing after making Chroma and getting Vuban parts. Warframe is a game, after all. Things like people not wanting to manually clear a task or requirement happens. However, I would like to keep playing, and keep unlocking higher mastery rank weapons. Either you respect that fact, or you on stay on the forums crying about someone offering to pay DE real live money for a skip button feature. (DE is a company that runs on money, a small fee for a Skip Mastery Test button isn't going to hurt them. It's going to give them money, end of story.) Eh, shotguns still require speedy aim. My options are severely limited due to lack of extra weapon slots. Also tried a shotgun, did not work. Will have to try more of my stuff later, but I seem to recall all of them being terrible for both aim and DPS. (That's why I go for Tonkor blasts every mission I can clear.)
  13. Really? Then why can't you respect that I'm just not skilled enough to pass it on my own?
  14. Are you trying to say that someone with Autism can't try sarcasm like you guys are doing? Or is that just not allowed? A skip button isn't a one shot kill mode, it's a completely optional button for people who don't want to clear a level manually. (Such as Mastery Rank or Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion.) Oh wow, saying it's my attitude that gets people to gang up on me. What am I, a murder victim? Seriously, what part of "I want the implementation of an optional skip button" is so difficult to comprehend? I'm starting to wonder what part of the ToS says "skill level?" Oh right, that's the Respect part. No matter the advice you give to someone like me with Autism, we will never be good enough to pass an aiming test with such a short time limit. If you can't respect that, then maybe there's something wrong with the way the community reads their own forum ToS.
  15. You said Ninjas Play Free when I complained about there not being any way to get Platinum through normal everyday tasks like Nightwave. So how is a skip button any different if it's implemented as free?
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