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  1. But DE, you're selling a "free" good on a global market... Is it so bad to get your toes wet with creating Tenno themed events which mimic events or holidays celebrated in other countries?
  2. Unless DE has worked with Capcom before, it's highly unlikely that either side would risk it. Also, DE being a Canadian company, and Capcom being a Japanese company, there's a barrier that only other Japan based companies can cross. (Legally and language wise.)
  3. I played the game for maybe 200 hours? Unlocked the Operator, and was disappointed by the vast amount of grind for so very little dress up options. May sound silly, but there's a reason that Mabinogi is nicknamed "Fashionogi," as most players simply enjoy the dress up and trading/Auction House systems. I honestly don't know what Railjack is for, aside from the announced PvP. Would've been interesting to hear if there were new cosmetic or more slot rewards from taking out smugglers or smuggler bosses in weekly event exclusive missions.
  4. Still waiting for an optional button to skip Mastery Test, so I can finally craft my Chroma Prime. Don't really have space for grinding for anything else anyways. (My slots are all full. Frames and everything.) So, was hoping that an Achievement System would make the best of both worlds. (Paid over manual test pass= No bonus prizes or Achievement Points.) I honestly feel like I've already played the entire game at MR5, though. Doesn't really feel like I'm waiting for content to be developed, more like I'm waiting for something different to be announced. (More mini games or something? I dunno.)
  5. Until the big companies allow for the Warframe devs to develop crossplay, and I presume that without crossplay, account data transfer will never be possible. Think of it as Fornite, but not actually as profitable or cross hotfix enough for them to say yes.
  6. Glitching means bugs that need to be worked out in a post launch hotfix patch. So if there's bugs and a lack of tutorial, then I'd have to agree that Railjack isn't very intuitive design work. I can't help but wonder if that explains why the original tease was less than a minute of a frame just sitting in a spaceship.
  7. Exactly my experience in these forums. Story Time: As soon as I had suggested a hypothetical scenario (Small Plat fee for skipping a Rank Test), people began freaking out over the loss of fantasy- the loss of their "accomplishment." The threads I had made went on and on with people arguing, and in the end, all I got was 3 warnings. No attempts from mods to smooth things over, just endless arguments from everyone involved. Some people don't stop and listen, much to the dismay of others who try to explain themselves to the best of their ability. Story time over... I loved Wild Star, was sad to see that game go, but if you never change a game, that's exactly what happens. Things become stale, and the game eventually loses edge to the casual consumer. If staleness is the state that the Warframe community as a whole chooses, then you can choose not to indulge in conversing with the community as well. Only my ten cents here, not much else to contribute. I personally prefer staying away from Warframe at the moment, especially the forum community. Just thought I'd come back to see the state of things. I'm sorry to the OP, but as much as we like a certain game, some communities can be better than others. It's as simple as that.
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