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  1. Let's see, @rinaxln says they used MUDBOX. To move away from the negativity of hopelessness, I tried searching what you used to get a bit of a feel for it. I found a guide on Autodesk MUDBOX 2014, and I believe that utilizing the wireframe polygon model may be the simplest solution to the "showing your work" issue with DE's more obvious lack of variant mesh. If you can add that style of visual in under your current 3D model, it could possibly be of some assistance to DE during the development process. I know 2014 is rather old, so if your program is a bit more modern, I can understand how this may be of no further use to you. Otherwise, I think DE can manage your concept art.
  2. Mesh can always have lower polygons, you just need to take the time to practice and learn how to do it. There's literally the entire internet to help teach you the basics of modifying mesh work. I was just confused as to if DE defined more details as polygon information so that they could adapt it at will. You don't have to take my questions so offensively, it's an honest question. I never once claimed that DE was any less capable than Fornite, just that they contained less mesh work variants to play around with. I've already gone on about how if displaying the mesh work is too difficult, then OP could stick with a 360 3D T-Pose concept art. I personally found no problem with the 3D render. But if you keep whining about how DE can't use it, then that makes the OP's post redundant, and it'll be rather painful for them to hear that it'll never get used. I don't like seeing communities speak for developers in such a way as you do, rather than looking at the alternatives that the OP may take to assist them with the development process. Concept art like the OP's, where you claim the mesh work will be too much, is better to contain that visible mesh work, so that the developers may confirm that fact themselves. You speak from experience, yes, but not from the actual side of development.
  3. There's no shame in making your own versions of things, this is generally how alternate skins are born anyways. If Fortnite can make a multitude of different meshed skins for a handful of characters, then DE could use the practice in trying something new to keep up with the competition. So from my understanding, the OP needs a full 360 degree view of (for lack of better words) a fully detailed T-Pose model with Visible/Invisible Mesh, in a software compatible with what DE has provided, or has canonically announced as having access to in the office. Am I correct so far? If you want to fudge it, you could possibly utilize something free or cheap that a small business can temporarily invest in for the trial period required to transfer, eyeball, or modify your mesh data. While the MUDBOX model seems like it could be transferred over in the right hands, I'm no expert on how an entire view could be of assistance. If the OP can deliver some mesh images, then regardless of assistance, it'll at least save DE some time figuring out how the OP set things up on their end. Although, if you're using completely different programs and mesh sizes, it's probably much better to just polish the concept art into 3D visual 360 viewpoints. I have to agree that as an entire professionally done rework, this skin will definitely have sell for a much higher value in some at least kind of bundle to make up for lost time. As for profitability or investment, that's always up to the company's personal interest at the time of viewing. If the OP wants to make accessories to go with it, or recruit another user to assist in helping this UGC work for DE's modeling, they totally can help DE make something that can sell. (Everyone gets credit anyways, so all's fair in a collaborative work.) But DE isn't here to pitch UGC as time used or profit gained, they're here to be inspired by us as players. Remember that Tennogen can also be labeled as Deluxe Skins, so nothing is impossible. Deluxe is simply another skin label which is short for higher quality and more expensive, I honestly don't think it would be unwise to mark such a large project as one. (If that's what this Octavia skin turns out to be.)
  4. If the UGC mesh cannot be modified, then this would be the point where DE would make the necessary mesh adjustments if they so desired to. Or another user would pop by this thread, and could offer to do a redesign request for the OP for a chance at participation in a Tennogen bundle deal. Like I said, it's art, not rocket science. Meshwork can be simplified or complex, it all comes down to software compatibility, multiple software transfers, and personal skill.
  5. Art is art, anything can be copied onto a different medium by a skilled artist. I wouldn't be that quick to dismiss DE accepting this Tennogen if they really like it. But those heels, so smooth. I don't even have an extra slot to make an Octavia, and this design looks interesting enough to fit the "space ninja" lore. (Those sleeves look like a kimono, and the chest area was a nice way to accentuate it.)
  6. Who knows what the loot box federal investigation could dig up, it could be literally anything that the tech industry can monopolize. (Like the advertisements that you guys keep bringing up.) We as players won't know if privacy violations are indeed in the pool for presumably at least two to four years. (Or it could all be settled under the rug.)
  7. You mean like wait until patchwork and bug fixes are complete to start making compatibility plans? Cause with DE's current stance, that appears to be the only option at the moment.
  8. You do realize that E3 is the king of demo releases, right? The input lag could always be polished by 2020, you never know until release.
  9. To be fair, google glass was a bit too sci-fi and no doubt too costly with the current reaches of technology. Advertisements are what they are, simply something to generate ad revenue. In all likelihood, advertisements might only occur on mobile, with a micro-transaction to get rid of it. It's an age old marketing tactic, so if it in all realms of possibility does happen... then drop the few dollars it might cost. It's not going to harm the servers in any way, but instead generate a stable revenue.
  10. Not something you'll want to be doing in 2020, when literally every company in the world will want to be making history by winning E3 2020.
  11. DDoS attacks are a fact of service providing. If you're not prepared for any and every level of it, then you shouldn't be providing a service in the first place. Business is as business does. It's that simple. Personally I have no issue with any current or potential latency, just the whole Fashion Frame focus. It's like Fashionogi (Mabinogi gachapon spam) all over again. However, if cloud services allow for account information to be merged or transferred much more quickly, then it would definitely be a benefit to any company. It was so funny to watch literally nothing happen on the Warframe E3 press stream. I warned them to have something ready to garner interest, and Fortnite up and followed with a celebrity appearance. (Strike one off the bingo board.)
  12. DE has remained radio silent about this 2019 New Player experience or what it will pertain, for seemingly no reason at all. It feels ignored, out of frame, and not in development at all. The only thing presented as seemingly important, was more Warframe choices. Consumer confusion is not a great road to go down, and considering all the feedback previously stated about how the Market presents itself... It's only natural that your new players aren't all that enticed. They're probably not that into Warframe because the Market doesn't categorize the frames at all. If changes are coming, then what are they? Are they from repeating feedback topics that date back to 2016, or... what? What else could there possibly be for new players? If the changes are the development of more "new and helpful" weapons, then it's likely that no new player would even have the slots for them anyways. Get out there and explain the reasoning for changes to "New Player" stuff, so that your new players can remain invested. Don't just skip over discussing the subject because it's not all finalized. That sort of attitude can be interpreted as either laziness, or an unfair avoidance for the sake of your veteran audience. When you say that the entire art team comes together to work on one area, it kinda makes you look... I don't know, rather lacking. Other companies who could potentially be considering to work with you might not be so impressed. As they say, studio size does matter. Maybe not mention that next time to save some face? Again, these are all just my opinions, no one needs to read into them or anything.
  13. All I have are mods, Forma gets spent on Dojo until Research nodes are placed. The other junk is wasted on saving for Chroma Prime crafting or weapons. (I'm out of weapon slots now. Nothing is useful at the 40 level.)
  14. I'd have to agree this is a huge disappointment, was hoping to craft Vuban. Turns out I'm trapped at level 11 until the refresh/end date. I have 2 Elite Weekly, both are garbage tier impossible tasks for me as level 30. (5k points each) My only options are to hope I can figure out what 3 rare fish are, and to waste precious time crafting Forma for 3k points each. After that, I'll still be at less than the 10k point requirement. (Presuming the next daily has 2 plausible completions, it would be complete by then.)
  15. Actually, since you can't manually refresh any weeklys at this point, it is required to clear everything to level.
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