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  1. Damn I was kinda exited that y’all were bringing back the arcane helmets. Welp oh well
  2. For the last two hours or so, every time I was invited to join a party, the game said that the host was unreachable. I assumed that this was an issue with either mine or the hosts clients, so both of us restarted Warframe. When we got back on, the issue persisted so I decided to try hosting. When I sent the invite, the invitation did not even reach the player, as the game somehow thought that the player was offline. I was messaging them during the entire process, so I know for a fact that were, indeed, online rather then offline. I could not for the life of me use your insert image
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I was doing orphix venom endurance and completed 36, but after the mission, my necramech, archgun, and exaulted weapon didn't keep any affinity VISUAL: I only have screenshots of after the fact https://imgur.com/a/IoLaJam https://imgur.com/a/ajfG0pp REPRODUCTION: No idea how it happened EXPECTED RESULT: I should have maxed both the archgun and exalted weapon and leveled my necramech OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing gained any affinity REPRODUCTION RATE: Its only happened once, and I've done 36 before and gained
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